Skeptical about trying to create your own Nano SIM without a SIM cutter? Would you like a more structured way of creating a Nano SIM from a larger SIM spec?

The folks over at YoYoBase claim to have the solution, with one of the first available iPhone 5 SIM card cutters.

The SIM cutter promises to be able to cut any GSM SIM card, which means it should handle both Micro SIM cards, and regular SIM cards as well.

I have to admit though, I am skeptical, since Nano SIMs are reportedly 15% thinner. How is the cutter going to go about shaving a regular or Micro SIM card? Unfortunately, the product page doesn’t actually touch on how this is accomplished.

The good news, though, is that at least the site appears to acknowledge this 15% difference in the product shots (see image below), so I’m guessing that the device goes about shaving off the extra 15% using some method. Sadly, since I’m not great with Chinese characters, it’s hard to discern how this is accomplished.

A single until will set you back $23.99, so it’s not exactly cheap, but it will save you from having to perform surgery yourself.

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth it to have a Nano SIM cutter on hand?

Thanks to UnlockBoot for the tip.

  • JerseyD

    Why would you cut a sim yourself? I’ve needed new sims in the past and AT&T always provides them for free

    • Because if your iPhone is unlocked and say you use t-mobile you will need to cut the sim card to fit your iPhone.

      • johndhynes

        T-Mobile will be giving out nano-SIMs in October.

      • well im sure other carriers such as simple mobile and straighttalk wont be giving out such nano sims so you will need to cut them yourself

      • loopyduck

        That’s for postpaid plans. There’s no indication that they’ll be offering nano-SIMs for their Monthly 4G prepaid plans. One of their M4G plans is 100 minutes/5 GB HSPA+ data for $30, which is a steal if you don’t make that many calls.

    • Where I live, you can get a new SIM card for under $10. No matter what provider you have.

      • englishmike

        Check your facts before posting. The only company with Nano sims are AT&T. Red Pocket, Straight Talk, H2O, etc. don’t have them yet!!

      • Kok Hean

        The world revolves around the US only, right?

      • englishmike

        I hope not!

      • Where I live they cut the sim cards for free

  • You can find those cutters on ebay for less money.

    • alexanderlyd

      it says that this is the first NANO sim cutter not micro

      • Mathias Wiklund

        So im just gonna order my Nano sim cutter on eBay as we speak for 12$. @alexanderlyd:disqus You could have checked eBay before making that comment…

  • Guest

    That should help a few people …

  • they’ll be on ebay for 5 bucks in a month or two

  • Will you guys purchase to see if it works?

  • johndhynes

    Why not just get a new SIM for a lot cheaper? I can see this if you service lots of phones, but for the average person I don’t see an advantage, unless maybe you’re in a country where nano-SIMs were not available.

  • codedit

    For $6 you can get a USB sim card reader/writer. With that thing you can copy your existing regular or micro sim to any Nano sim card.

  • Appletiser

    righty Jeff, in your “How to convert a Micro SIM into a Nano SIM” you stressed several times to be careful not to cut into the chip yet clearly this cutting gadget has. so what gives?

    • englishmike

      I have already tested it on a UK Sim and cut into the chip it and tested it and works fine

      • You cut into a nano sim and it worked fine, or are you mistakenly referring to a micro sim? How would you have tested it to work fine since the iPhone 5 hasn’t been released yet?

      • englishmike

        Cut a Micro Sim down, so I actually cut into the chip then tried it in a Nokia 6100 and works fine! Never once did I mention I tested it on an iPhone 5. But Jeff said don’t cut into the chip or it won’t work but as I proved, it does!

    • Yeah, I cut into mine too when I was converting it to a microsim. Had no negative effect as they said that part was thel ground connection. I’m gonna need a new mini sim to try this.

  • Or you save yourself about 13.99 and just pick up a new sim for 5-10$… Also in the picture it looks like its taken out two of the side pins…

  • try carriers first. A cut sim may have signal related issues although the phone may be able to identify it.

  • i have iphone 4s without contract n i paid 25 dlls with att of curse prepay … n i need cut my microsim to my new iphone 5 so thx for u picture n information too

  • First iPhone 5 nano sim cutter!! Really? I have seen those (yes nano not micro) on eBay on the same day when iPhone 5 released…just search on eBay

  • Aaron de Silva

    I don’t recall apple announcing nano sim at the keynote

  • A single until?

  • mrbwler

    In Germany, the iPhone is unlocked. The Problem is, that only Deutsche Telekom ans Vodafone have the nano SIM. The Others will Support it next Year! So you Must Cut ist yourself.

  • captions on the pictures does not say anything at all…..i loosely translate it as below

    picture 1) this shows how a typical sim card evolved to become a nano sim card,
    the size being reduced is quite a fair bit

    picture 2) the size of the new nano sim is much smaller in size, not sure when
    would the operators update to this as well

  • Mervyn

    i dont understand why bother making these!!! u can jus go to the store and ask for replacement sim in nano size and there u have it!! nano sim!! for FREEEEE!!!!

  • I am on At&T but I also have an O2 sim for the UK. If I want to use the UK sim and keep the same number (pay as you go) I would need to cut my sim.

    • Muzzy

      o2 stores stock nano sim cards, you can simply go in store and ask for replacement rather then cutting.

  • Not sure if I’ll laugh at it or take it seriously.

  • Rob2111

    You try getting a micro SIM in many Asia countries, almost impossible. You need to carry your own micro SIM cutter. Now you will need a nano SIM cutter too if buying an iPhone 5. So hopefully there will be combo micro SIM and nano SIM cutters available soon. It would now appear that its not critical to trim the thickness as well.

  • jason

    I have got it from yoyobase dot com, it works flawlessly.
    we also discovered that the iPhone 5’sSIM tray is quite forgiving–the thicker card fit in with no issues.

  • William Delgado

    I think it probably will not work, if you cut the microchip is not going to run the sim, see the first image….. If you see the second image the microchip is smaller than the other one…….

  • And Apple a day…

    Currenty buying one in South Africa right now from expansys. I bought a micro sim cutter in the past and honestly it worked 100% perfectly every time. None of that BS about signal issues etc.

  • Priya Interpret

    i have it; but whenever i inserted in my iPhone it never works, i think the chip has been wrongly got cut off.