Following a detailed analysis by AnandTech which exposed the A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 as bein comprised of custom ARMv7 design rather than stock Cortex-A15 cores, someone has posted an iPhone 5 benchmark on Geekbench.

Now, the handset will hit store shelves on Friday so there’s no way to verify the authenticity of this poster (and Geekbench scores could be easily faked). If you believe the results though, the iPhone 5,2 hardware has a Geekbench score of 1601.

The test also shows an ARMv7 processor design with two cores clocked at 1.02GHz each, with 32KB of L1 instruction/data cache, 1MB of L2 cache and 1GB of RAM (Samsung’s print ad has helped reveal that tidbit)…

John Poole of PrimateLabs has analyzed the results (via MacRumors) and noted that the average score for the iPhone 4S is 629 and the average score for the iPad 3 is 766.

In other words, the A6-powered iPhone 5 in Geekbench tests more than doubles the third-generation iPad’s score and comes in at two and a half times faster than the iPhone 4S.

Some of that speed gain certainly comes from twice the RAM, which allows for smoother mutitasking and faster overall performance. The A6 chip packs in 1GB of RAM versus 512MB on the A5 chip found inside the iPhone 4S.

Furthermore, RAM inside the A6 chip is also clocked twice as fast: per chip verbiage, it’s 1066MHz versus RAM on the A5 chip, clocked at 533 MHz. In case you were wondering, the A6 chip uses a dual-channel LPDDR2 package with 32-bit channels.

AnandTech explains the benefits of faster-clocked RAM:

Roughly 33% more peak memory bandwidth than the iPhone 4S, which can definitely help feed the faster GPU and drive the higher resolution display.

Many vendors have been shipping LPDDR2-1066 so there’s nothing too surprising here. There’s understandably less bandwidth than in the 3rd gen iPad of course as the display/GPU requirements aren’t nearly as high.

Another factor is clock speed: the iPhone 4S CPU core is clocked at 800MHz and the iPhone 5 CPU is 1.02GHz, a substantial difference.

Finally, rather than using stock ARM Cortex-A15 cores, Apple has done some serious optimization of the ARMv7 platform. Apple purchased Intrinsity, a privately held Austin, Texas based fabless semiconductor company, on April 27,  2010.

Intrinsity’s expertise is designing high performance microprocessors with fewer transistors and low power consumption. Apple bought the company for its engineering talent and the Intrinsity team joined Apple’s semiconductor unit to help the company custom-designed mobile processors for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The A6 chip is 22 percent smaller than the A5, consumes less power and likely supports the new tweaked instruction set, ARMv7s, with support for the SIMD VFPv4 extensions.

9to5Mac has some interesting competitive observations:

No iOS device has ever crossed 800 before so the 1601 score is a significant leap. Even the 2004′s most powerful Apple computer, the Power Mac G5 only scored 1571.

Think about that.

And here’s how the iPhone 5 compares to previous iOS devices in terms of Geekbench scores.

And here’s competitive landscape.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet runs Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor and has a Geekbench score of 1591, less than the iPhone 5. As for Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which runs a quad-core Exynos chip, it comes in at a score of 1560.

With each passing day it seems that Apple is moving towards becoming a semiconductor company as well.

Maybe it won’t build chip itself, but knowing Apple – I wouldn’t entirely rule out this possibility.


  • For some reason this doesn’t seem legit….

    • yeah but I hope it is but we’ll just wait til it comes out

  • Metroview

    *Grabs the popcorn, waits for the fandroids*

    Oh wait… they’re probably going to STFU now. BTW, Samsung, you should update your ad and get kicked down some more.

    • This comment and this post made my day 😀

    • Why would anyone consider these news to be a bad thing? The A6 is amazing! I see at least two things coming out of this. First, undoubtedly, iPhone 5 owners will be extremely satisfied. And second, this will encourage others to improve. I can’t wait to see how will they respond. Competition for the win!

    • You celebrate too early and have been mislead by that pic. That pic lists the Galaxy S3’s score as in the 1500’s and is completely *wrong*
      Go and visit Geekbench yourself if you don’t believe me. A Samsung Galaxy S3 will easily score in the 1800+ range.

      Fact is the iPhone 5 released almost 6 months later and was still weaker than the Galaxy S3.

      • squall_boy25

        Considering the fact that the iPhone 5 is only running a dual core processor, it’s pretty shameful that your Quad-core plastic was almost bested.

      • Who cares? The only relevant issue is how powerful it is. One massive core, 8 tiny cores – irrelevant.

        The Galaxy S3 factually beats the iPhone 5 at this benchmark. By several hundred points infact.

      • Ummmm… The GS3 sold in the US is dual core…

      • Only the Sprint LTE is Dualcore, but has a 1,5 ghz processor

      • squall_boy25

        you’re only digging yourself a deeper hole..

      • I am not an apple fanboy, just pointing out what I’ve read about the GS3 here in the states. I thought because it has LTE, it could not have a quad core processor. Is that info wrong?

      • Brandon

        (almost) still beats it right? thank you because that’s the whole point it still beat it and there will be other Android phones that are yet to be released that will beat the iPhone 5 outright where as you have to wait another year for the iPhone 6 😛

      • DJ

        You Fandroids really need to stop talking shit due to the fact you only talk about the inside of a smartphone and nothing else also meaning you are not satisfied with your purchase and come ripping on an apple blog pointing the finger at apple saying it’s there fault for revolutionizing the phone maybe just ask Samsung to not copy off the iPhone.

      • That’s not why I bought the iPhone 5. It’s a remarkable device to say the least. First, I bought it because of the investment I’ve put in the software: 600+ apps and counting. Obviously those aren’t all on the phone. But financially I couldn’t afford to replace those on a new device. I’m am early adopter, you see. I bought the original iPhone. And yes, I’m aware that the 3G was the first to see an App Store (give ore take a day) but I had one of those, too. Second, iOS in all actuality is made for 3 devices as opposed to a diaspora of gadgets.

      • mehrab

        My iphine 4s is faster then the lag s3

    • Kok Hean

      Comments by actual people from an Android blog.

      “Does it really matter. Both great phones. Stop fussing over which is better. That really just sad. Grow up and get a life.”

      “I would like to hope that most of you realize that benchmarks like these really mean absolutely nothing in a real-world enviroment. All these are really good for is gloating to all you friends about whose phone is technically more powerful, and as most of you should know, the iPhone doesn’t need as must power as Android devices because it uses very little system resources.”

      “To be fair, the iPhone’s hardware has never been the issue. It’s always been the software.”

      “iphone doesn’t have NFC …. the screen size is still smaller than S3. It doesn’t do HDMI out ….. that lightning port is USB 2.0 speed based …… still stuck on 1gb of ram when S3 has some models offering 2gb; no replaceable battery allowed ….. IPS versus Amoled (i leave this up to users to decide which they prefer)……as nice as having 3 micrphones, sadly it doesn’t support Sprint’s HD Voice …. last i checked i don’t think it has a barometer which the S3 does; No expandable EXT SD card slot (which S3 has up to 64gb); the secondary camera is 1.2mp vs S3’s 1.9mp …. No radio …… battery size not as big as S3.

      These are all hard facts … this is what is considered a fair criticism of what the Iphone 5 lacks in terms of hardware features.

      So lets not kid ourselves, the apples hardware also has a lot of criticisms especially their proprietary port which is an attempt to lock down it’s user base to apple products only ….. at least if it had been thunderbolt technology people could understand the need for the proprietary port, but lightning isn’t that… it’s based on usb 2.0 and using a proprietary non standard port at that.

      In short, we cannot sum up that all faults with Iphone 5 is software based only … the hardware has lots of faults when comparing to it’s closest competitors, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, and the newer Motorola Razr series.

      For a further hardware comparison go check on GSMARENA’s website.

      PS: the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola Razr may not be 100% fault proof either, but when you compare the overall package, i think they are way better than what Iphone 5 offers, from all the hardware/software reviews i’ve seen to date.”

      “I dont understand these. Correct me if I am wrong. Arent these benchmarks based on what the cpu can do? If so how can a jellybean running s3 beat iphone5? Secondly its useless to argue which phone rules the world hardware wise. IOS is totally different then Android. Android has mobility is based on java hence eats up ram where as IOS is a whole different architecture. While both are based on *inx they vary. Iphone 5 as I see it will sell like crazy even though it lacks the features of s3. Iphone 5 will be bought by ppl who are brand conscious, s3 by android fanboys. Iphone is great for people who dont want to put too much thought into their phone and what it can do for them. They will be happy with running one app at a time. While that will be great for many it will not be enough for the people who love to multitask. I love android, own a tf201, tf300 and xperia arc s. I do believe android is still very young and since its open source it will improve faster, while apple well they dont want to change much so you will stick to very few new features but then again that is fine for its users.”

      “Okay cool…now let’s see it multitask :)”

      “iphone is just another smartphone.. it will be outdated in a few months and then apple buyers will then still have to wait a whole year again for whatever scraps apple decides to throw them.. :-P”

      “and im sure the next android super phone will beat the iphone 5’s score..”

      They’re like: “But.. but.. my phone has a quad core and twice the RAM so it beats yours!”

      Comaparing a dual core chip with 1 GB of RAM to another chip with literally twice the specs without having double the score -_-

    • kevin

      thank you sir

  • sackboy

    And numbers and specs don’t matter?


    • Metroview

      It does to fandroids, obviously. Now they can read this and weep. It goes to show it’s not all about specs and more about skill in engineering.

      • My point exactly but still u can use what ever u like i mean i don’t understand why people come and show there hatred on the internet it just doesn’t make sense!

      • sackboy

        Exactly, that’s my point. Now the iSheep do the same.

      • javierE186

        Well the truth is that Android always talked about specs and the horsepower it brought it the OS. Now the iPhone has always had a lower power when it comes to raw power, however iOS was smoother than Andorid overall. The reason this is huge is because Andorid always said their phone as better because of the power of their CPUs and GPUs, alas if this is to be believed than Android fans cannot use that excuse in their battle vs iOS users. Since iOS was smoother while it was slower then now it will be infinitely smoother and faster.

  • canucks23

    this thing is going to be a beast!! especially once jailbroken 😉

  • WatchTheThrone

    Android fans….where is your god now 😀 lol but seriously the iPhone 5 is the top dogg right now until next years iPhone lol

  • jay Sharp

    Very well wrote..

  • Even though ihope it’s true, but it seems much likely to be fake, :(. Probably just to drive sales of iPhone 5. Iphone4s is easily good for another year !

  • Anyone looking at those charts and thinking that an iPhone 5 will outperform a Galaxy S3 has been mislead.

    I cannot post a link in the comments section but if you actually go to Geekbench you’ll see that a Galaxy S3 will actually easily score in the 1800’s and higher.

    There is no way you can score so LOW as 1500 with a Galaxy S3 without turning on Power Saving.

    The Fact is that the iPhone 5 came out 6 months later than the Galaxy S3 and was still weaker.

    • gtfo fandroid.

      • Brandon

        iDownloadblog must be where all the crApple users must hang out GSMarena atleast posts better articles

    • mehrab

      Specs are norhing the gs3 gpu is horrible ghei phine 5″s gpu is 4x the gs3 and ios is more optimized

  • My iphone 4s gives me a 817 points in geekbench why?

  • thedarkknight80

    I freakin love that this keynote was considered underrated and didn’t do justice for the iphone 5 ! Can’t wait for friday to confirm this test and watch the iphone 5 blow competition out of the water .

    Nothing but respect and class for Apple for keeping it humble and cool , while they possibly have in their hands the most powerful device to date .

    • Knowing Apple, that may have been an accident.

  • i think iphone5 can be put in front pocket of my jeans pent iphone 5 is thinner and not biger then s3 or android .

  • My iPhone 4S gives my a score of 854, but here on this article it says 629, i wonder why?

  • My iPhone 4S says 854?

  • iPhone never been about the fastest , biggest spec components but performance. My iPhone4S was no slouch when it came to performance but my o my this thing is fast.Beating the photocopiers (samsung) quadcore processors with a dual core nice.

  • The iPhone 4S’s 600 scores are from the ones that were running iOS 5.0, the 850 scores are from the ones running 5.1.1.

  • Brandon

    I just tested my Samsung Galaxy S3 on GeekBench 2 and i scored 1786 😛 what a fake article so childish

    • mehrab

      Its all about the benchmark? In real world performance the 4s beats the shitty crap out of the gs3 why? Apple has insanely powerful gpu”s and ios is optimized very very well you freaktard

      • Brandon

        hello,11months later? Aren’t we late to the party. Android far out classes iOS in terms of what you can do with it, multi windows, sbeam, widgets, better multi tasking,etc. True the gpu’s are more powerful, oh and update my S3’s highest score was 1901 🙂 so overall it’s the better phone

      • mehrab

        Its laggy. Mutiple festures does not mean shit with horrible implementation. Widgets are useless after 1-2 hours of them being put up. Muiti windiws is useless too. I never used on my note2/gs4. Specs dont matter its the actualy core expiricne inside apps where ios is superior. Android is very fragmentated and barely has apps. My ipad mini outperforms the 2013 nexus 7 in real world app lauches gaming and muititasking. While on paper and benchmalrs the nexus 7 is 3.5 times faster. Android is great on benchmarks and paper in real usage not so much. The gs3 has a horrid display design and camera doing more with your phone does not mean its better especailly when the implementstion is wrong. The iphine 4s is faster the. The gs3 the gs4/htc one fails to beat the iphone 5 in gaming app lauches and web browisng if you dknt believe me goto youthbe and see. A powerful endgine is nothing without fine tuning. Source-i am an owner of both flagships tabs and smarphones from ios and android. I owned many androids. My fav android is the nexus 4 for its android expirircne but my favourite phone and the most usefull best one is my iphone 5 GREAT SCREEN EVEN THO NOT 1080 still shalrp bright and accurately display colors. Fast fluid amazing mutitasking takes better vid the. Htc one and gs4 and betterp pics jn brigth day the. Htc one and better the. Gs4 in low light. Great ecosystem too. What else would you need? Apps for ios are desgined for the hardware on the iphone. While on googole play store its not thats why even 8 core lags inside Apps. I have the iphone 5 note 2 nexus 4 nexus 72012,2012 and a htc one and an ipad 4. Trust me i know my shit. If you dont believe me goto youtube

      • Brandon

        I guess, however Apple hasn’t innovated anything in a very long time. Lets face it their maps are terrible. You might just be the type that doesn’t like complicated design in OS’s pretty much everyone I know that had an iPhone switched away from it because it was boring, repeatative and bland. I’ve used iOS and it’s just not for me. If any Apple phone/pad messes up you need itunes to fix the issue.

  • Whos_Jeff


  • Not sure how accurate this bench test is as according to it ipad 3 gives a score of 791 which is totally wrong i ran the test 3 times on my ipad 3 i am getting easy 1040 score on it.

  • WatchTheThrone

    Ya it’s older than the iPhone 5 but that didn’t stop Fandroids from comparing the s3 to the much older 4S either!! You don’t know how long it took to create the chip do stop making excuses to justify buying an android phone!!

  • jabulan11

    Yet the quad core S3 is regularly getting over 1800…but we won’t talk about that!

  • Brandon

    And if you aren’t by a pc with itunes? you’re screwed. Never needed to use a pc to fix my android 🙂 but my parents ipad needed a pc every time. Not going to argue with this anymore, you like what you like.

    • mehrab

      I have never seen a ipad/iphone which needed to be repaired for software related problems. You dont know what you”re talking about you can fix your iphine by giving it a hard reboot and if you have malfucntions on the software you do a software reinstallation which btw android needs a pc too. Itunes is safer easier and overally much better then the cheP repair services android has. Btw hows that super uber freaking slow gs3 of yours? It lags even when scrolling thru the benchmarks scroes lol. The iphne 4s has 3x the gpu of it btw no wknder its smoother faster and runs games at higher graphics and fps and does better muititasking. Ios barely needs ram/cpu.

      • Brandon

        I really hope you aren’t typing these annoying messages on your Apple products, auto correct must really suck or it’s just you. Lag? yeah my SGS3 has given me lag once in a blue moon but that’s something I can live with. iPhone 5 doesn’t even hold a candle to the latest android phone.

      • mehrab

        Its just me if i had auto correct on. It would correct me. The galaxy s3 is amazingly laggy. Theres no denying it. The iphine 5″s gpu is the best in the world ios is the most optimized appstore apps are very optimized too. Just see speed/perfromNce tests about the iphone 5 vs the htc one/gs4 see it. And you”ll get how much smoother and faster the iphone 5 is.