The iOS 6 GM dropped a little while ago, and with it comes the new Panorama camera mode touted during the iPhone 5 media event earlier today.

We were able to take Panorama mode for a spin on our iPhone 4S, and this is what we found.

  • About time they got it right. They teased us back with the iPhone 4

    • yeah I remember that, back then it was horrible

  • jeff you’re supposed to rotate your iPhone. not move it… the phone has to stay in one place…

  • It seems quite similar, yet much slower, than the Firebreak Panorama mode hidden in iOS 5.0.1. Am I wrong? I’ve been using it so much that I never updated to 5.1.1.

    • It is the same one, but new UI.

  • Justin Blatchley

    Does this work on iPhone 4 or iPad 3

    • ali_plus

      If it works on iPhone 4S than it should work on iPhone 4. Maybe jeff can answer better or we have to wait till 19 September.

      • It will not work on the iPhone 4 for two reasons. The iPhone 4 only has the A4 chipset in it, and the camera is not an 8MP, like the one used in both the iPhone 4S and 5. That is why apple is not supporting it. It probably would have worked, but may have caused other issues.

      • jaybeans821

        i know this is a month late, i had panorama on my iph4, it was a tweak of course(firebreak), and it worked but it was terrible frames missing or overlapped, now where near as good as on the 4s & 5, i agree the A5/A6chip and the 8mp are needed..

    • sasan akbari

      It works on iphone 4S. Iphone 4 is not supported.

  • KC

    Thanks, Jeff – I was curious to see it actually being used in the real world. I don’t get the hype around it personally, but I might find myself using it now and again, once iOS 6 drops.

  • cani canii

    what are u thing can work this panorama on IPHONE 4 IOS 6 ?

  • On my 3GS, I can’t figure out how to “enable it”. Is there an additional step that you skipped?

  • emir Bytes

    Im a developer and tested ios6 gm in my iphone4. sadly to say there are no panorama feature in it.

    • methamp

      You’re doing it wrong.