Apple just finished introducing its next iPhone (yeah, they went with the iPhone 5 moniker) by saying that iOS 6 will be released for public consumption on September 19, a week from now and three days before the iPhone 5 is due to hit store shelves. The sixth major revision to Apple’s mobile operating system is a free upgrade to owners of the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, fourth-generation iPod touch and iPad 2 and 3. Not all features are supported on all devices so you’ll want to check out our handy compatibility matrix..

As for the iPhone, Apple is taking pre-orders beginning this Friday, September 14. The device will begin shipping in the Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore on September 21.

This means you will have three days between iOS 6 and iPhone 5 availability to update your existing devices.

Is history is an indication, you won’t want to update to iOS 6 on the launch day as Apple’s activation servers could easily experience heavy load.

By the way, the 16GB iPhone 4S just dropped to $99 and the 8GB iPhone 4 is free, both with a qualifying two-year contract.

The iPhone 3GS?

It’s a goner.

Will you be updating to iOS 6 on next Wednesday?

  • I can already hear all the comments. “When’s the jailbreak coming out?”
    Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Why are these events just not as exciting as they used to be?

    • Shadowlink

      Because its the same boring ui design that makes the phone look like its not even new and because everything is leaked before so you know what its gonna look like and therefore not be surprised.

      • Agreed. I told myself when the iPhone 4S was being released I wasn’t following leaks and rumors any more. I fell into the trap again.

      • I still remember the good times! This is the first time i don’t feel like upgrading. I think they lost it. Now i wonder if apple can handle it without JS. Before i told myself that they can but now? I don’t think so.

    • Mahjikk

      Because almost every detail of this event was available to the public months ago simply by googling “iPhone 5 rumors”. I was expecting a surprise, like a fake prototype being leaked and thus all the rumors were wrong. But it’s like Apple doesn’t care about the “shock and awe” aspect of marketing as it used to. You can’t have something “revolutionary” and “innovative” if everyone knows about it MONTHS in advance. This is sad, coming from a company that basically has a trademark on those two words. It’s easy to say that one man was responsible for keeping things together and exciting, but now that I see this, I wouldn’t hesitate to believe that was true.

      • It’s funny, cuz I was thinking how annoyed I was that I wasn’t shocked to see the final product because we’d already seen it. I was really annoyed at Rene Ritchie but I guess, if we don’t wanna see the rumors we shouldn’t come to the sites and read the articles but it is almost impossible to not see it.

    • I think it’s because everybody seen all the leak pictures of the iPhone 5 and in some ways or a bit disappointed with it. Was hoping for slightly wider ( 5 icons horizontally )screen not taller. I also feel that the iPhone 4 and 4S are thin enough I was hoping for a bigger battery not thinner iPhone. Plus there’s no killer feature this time around. Everyone know Siri should be on the iPhone 4 also. It’s disappointing.

      • I think you’re right. The only BIG feature, software wise this time I would say is Maps. I generally use Maps to look up phone numbers, not much else so I’m not completely jumping up and down about that. I’m not gonna pretend I’m not buying it, I will, just not right away. When the 4 came out, I HAD to have it. I’ve thought time and time again about possibly switching BACK to Android but I can’t do it. The GSIII is a beautiful phone but I just don’t trust Android for some reason, could be I had a bad first experience but… I’m not sure. Siri will be new to me as I only have a 4, so I’m sure once I hold it in my hand, I’ll be happy with it.

      • LTE is best feature the iPhone 5 has. Using an iPhone over WiFi is beautiful the iPhone works smooth and you data & messages flow smooth. LTE will bring that WiFi Feeling to my hand now….

    • Because the phone hasn’t changed much

  • Miketyler

    I will update when a jailbreak comes out for ios 6

    • Will590

      IOS 6 has new anti jailbreak software

  • Will be waiting on a jailbreak

  • Let’s hope it’s more interesting than the phone 🙁

  • Guest

    no, ive been running iOS 6 for months now, and it only cost me $15

  • Manu

    How about jailbreak for IOS6?

    • You are already asking that its not even out yet wait a few months then ask again


    Ios 6 was more impressive than the iphone 5.

  • Alex

    Disappointed ! The rumors came true. No secrecy at all after all !!

  • shvn

    Unfortunately, most new features are not going to work on iPhone 4. It seems all new features are only available for iPhone 4s and updated iPhones. I am not going to update to iOS6

    • Trust me, when jailbreak comes out, all the excluded features just mght be possible to install, all from Cydia 🙂 idb had an article where they showed, a Russian hacker who enabled somehow 3D Maps for iPhone 4, so anything is possible 🙂 And remember when Siri was thought never to be able to install on iPhone 4/3Gs? Jailbreak community solved it 🙂 We owe them a lot of things, Jailbreak is one of the core reasons why people aren’t switching to other crappy Android phones :/

  • Skem

    Fuck iOS 6, Android Jelly Bean and WP8 FTW!

  • I’m sorry but Apple has already got the final build of iOS 6, so why don’t they come out with it today?

    • No they are still in beta 4 not a finally build the GM will probably come out today but only for developers. And they still have some bugs on all the builds so that’s why

  • Can we all agree that the first company that will let us download food from our phones.. is Google. And the service will be in Android.

  • Wigs

    So now what do I do with my 3GS?

    • Throw it against a wall and get a new one, back it up first though.

    • rohta

      You can give to me and buy iPhone 5 lol

    • Do a backup on iTunes, saving everything on your Mac/PC. Take a final look on the 3Gs and slifghtly in your head, you say: “thak you for being with me all this time, you’ve done a splendid job :)”
      Take out the sim card, turn it off, wipe until its clean and put it in the original phone box, lthen you’ve got two options:
      1. Sell it/give it to someone who doesn’t have but wish, owning one.
      2. Keep there, for a 20/30 years, later after those years, open the box and get a warm déjà vu feeling from it, show it to your kids/grandchildren who has iPhone 35S and tell them that once , this was the best iPhone ever and for years, it has always entertained you, until it was time to upgrade 🙂

  • I’ve had iOS 6 all summer and I went from both a jailbroken iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and its worth it. And yes I will deffinently be upgrading and preordering the new iPhone and maybe even the iPod touch.

  • same desing; I´m getting an SG3 now!

    • I don’t recommend iPhone, but SG3 dude? really? That’s the funniest piece of plastic. I’ll go motorzr if i where you.

    • Hey, haven’t you heard about the Nokia Lumia 920? If your going to switch, go Lumia instead of that!

  • saison

    i dont give a f++k wen iOS6 is releasing.. the only thing i care wen is pod2g or any other hacker is gonna jailbreak it … iPhone without jailbreak tweeks is like a iPhone without software … waiting for da jailbreak dates to be released.. 🙂

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    No new languages for siri…? No “final release version”? No new widgets? SN setting like menu?. I feel a little empty inside, god bless jailbreak

  • so now that the Event its Done, the next thing Rumors Are what???? Jailbreak its coming??? Pod2g has a lot of work to do by the end of this year, so wait!!!!

    • Mahjikk

      If this is going to be the ongoing trend then the next things won’t be rumors, they will be facts. Almost every rumor about this phone was a fact, even the ridiculous headphone port on the bottom one.

  • iOS6 is the most disappointing update done by Apple. Most of the features will never be use by the average person. New Map App has no walking directions.

  • rohta

    The funny thing is that Apple dropped 3GS, but is releasing iOS 6 for it. The original iPad, although is very similar to iPhone 4 HW, was put aside.
    The only way to explain this weird decision is, IMHO, to keep secrecy about the 3GS end of life for this event.

  • The hardware is ok at best. I Wished for a
    wider screen not taller screen but I’m gonna wait and see. Software (iOS6) wise Apple
    gave us 1000 of useless features. The ONE feature I really cared about
    was Quick Reply and Quick Compose for iMessages or Text Messages hate
    having to exit the App every time I wanna reply to someone its annoying.
    Whats MORE ANNOYING is Apple gave this feature to Twitter and FaceBook
    via Notification Center REALLY APPLE WTF. New Maps looks cool but its
    already dated, no walking directions, no transportation directions. Side Note that Cydia Tweak “Display Candy”
    specifically the “Fade Effect” is more Apple like for App Switching
    than the default switcher effect. Check it out its amazing. One More
    Side Note: Cydia Tweak “Nitrous” lets ALL APP STORE Apps use Apple Restricted
    Nitro Engine ( google for more details ) all my apps run silky smooth.
    Battery Life still the same which is great.