Surprisingly enough, the iPhone 5 comes with Apple’s in-house A6 chip (labeled “S5L8950X”) rather than a souped up version of the A5X chip, as previously thought. Apple’s Tech Specs page for the iPhone 5 doesn’t even mention the A6 (a norm for Cupertino). The Compare iPhones page names the chip, however without divulging an iota about its architectural underpinnings.

Likewise, Apple executives at today’s presser shied away from going into the technicalities like core counts and clock speeds and would only mention a twofold jump in CPU and GPU performance. It would nonetheless appear Apple has beaten the likes of Samsung and Texas Instruments in delivering the world’s first phone powered by ARM’s Cortex A15 CPU platform…

Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech is well-versed in semiconductors.

Specifically, reflecting on the two times gain on the CPU side, Anand wrote:

Based on the performance gains, Apple’s history of SoC naming and some other stuff we’ve heard recently, it looks like Apple has integrated two ARM Cortex A15 cores on Samsung’s 32nm LP HK+MG process.

“This is a huge deal”, Anand explains, “because it means Apple beat both TI and Samsung on bringing A15s to market”.

True, licensees such as Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Broadcom and Samsung had previously announced forthcoming implementations, but looks like Apple beat them all to market.

The announced but not yet released products include Samsung’s Exynos 5250, Nvidia’s Tegra 4 (code-named Wayne), Broadcom’s upcoming system-on-a-chip, Texas Instruments’ OMAP5 application processor and ST-Ericsson’s Nova A9600 chip.

Samsung’s implementation in the Exynos 5 will combine two Cortex-A15 cores with two Mali GPU cores (both by ARM).

The claimed iPhone 5 logic board from this morning. Notice the big A6 chip

As you know, the previous-generation A5 chip that powers the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is manufactured on Samsung’s 45-nanometer process, as is the A5X chip found inside the iPad 3. Both chips use ARM’s Cortex-A9 CPU core (the A4 chip from the original iPad and the iPhone 5 is based on ARM’s Cortex-A8 CPU blueprints).

ARM says that the Cortex A15 core is 40 percent faster than its Cortex-A9 counterpart.

Switching to Samsung’s 32-nanometer process and other optimizations have made possible low-power performance and a 22 percent smaller package. A good example of optimizations would be the FastCore technology that Cupertino got hold of by acquiring chip experts Intrinsity.

This acquisition has enabled Apple to tap engineering talent to develop a faster-clocked implementation of ARM’s Cortex-A8 CPU core found inside the A4 chip.

And even with the added oomph, the iPhone 5 battery run times exceed those of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

Per Apple, the iPhone 5 standby time is 225 hours, 25 hours more than on the iPhone 4S. Browsing time on 3G has also gone up from six hours on the iPhone 4S to eight hours on the new iPhone (on WiFi, browsing time increased from nine to ten hours).

LTE browsing time on the iPhone 5 is eight hours and talk time is the same as on the iPhone 4S.

As for the speed gain on the CPU side, this should be self-evident in everyday tasks, Apple argues: from launching apps to switching between them to a 40 percent faster photo capture to the demanding panorama mode that stitches together individual eight-megapixel images into a massive 28-megapixel panorama photo to graphics-intensive games and content creation apps such as Apple’s iMove, pictured below.

Regarding the GPU, Ananad speculates that the 2x gains “could be had through a move to 4 PowerVR SGX543 cores, up from 2 in the iPhone 4S”.

Seth Weintraub of 9to5Mac speculated back in May that Apple has “something entirely new” for the graphics subsystem:

The GPU chip, which will continue to be part of the SoC, is called “SGX543RC*” (the asterisk is another sensitive number that could identify people working on the device). This GPU technically does not exist yet and we don’t have specs.

It would appear that the A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 continues to use graphics units from fables UK-based semiconductor maker Imagination Technologies (just like the A5 and A4 variants before it). Apple likely went with the SGX543MP4 GPU, as the new iPad’s A5X.

Are you glad that the iPhone 5 comes with a much-improved processor and graphics?

How important the two times CPU/GPU speed increase is to you?

  • This is cool. But I really don’t care about specs on paper. I am going to have to see how this performs in the real world.

    can’t wait until I get my iPhone 5! I switched from a 4 to a HTC one x. Don’t get me wrong, the HOX is a great phone but I do miss some iPhone things. I also can’t wait for a jailbreak to come out. I bet it wouldn’t lag at all with the new specs.

    • abujafer

      Whoa, you’re switching phones fast. Are those subsidized, or are you buying them unlocked?

      • I had a SIII then a 4S. I am 4 months into my contact. I am going to preorder as a new account and then ETF when the phone comes in. It will be about 280 to ETF and 199 for the phone so about 500 total. I am going to try to sell my 4S no contract for 200 or 150 so total price package will be around 350. Not bad when you think only 4 months ago I got a new phone.

      • I am stealing other peoples upgrades 😉

      • And I’ll still have the HOX but I am giving my old 4 to my mom

  • abujafer

    Personally, I don’t care that much how much the processor speed goes (seeing how iOS runs now, dual-core is more than enough). However, I find a problem with the way the article is written; it words it so the reader thinks Apple is the first to bring A15’s to the market, without explicitly saying so. Sneaky iDB! HTC already has the One S, which utilizes the same processor, and so does the HTC One XL (which has an HD screen, so it’s more inline with the iPhone 5).

    Anyways, all this means is better games because iOS really can’t get anymore powerful elsewhere, at least until it makes the giant leap to an actual operating system (think OSX).

    • Xenno

      HTC One S is not A15, its Krait … Samsung Exynos will be A15.
      Apple is first to put A15 in SoC, but who cares when ICS and JB are million light years better than iOS.
      iOS is ridiculous compared to Android today.

      • If Android is better why he still can’t handle a Retina Display tablet…I mean, neither a “regular resolution” on a tablet… Features Quantity < Features Quality

      • Jason Richardson

        Transformer infinity is considered retina for its sized screen

      • New iPad resolution: 2048×1536
        Transformer Infinoty: 1900×1200

        Now test both and see the performance. iPad smokes the Transformer Infinity

      • resolution of today’s android phones is bigger than retina display

      • @facebook-808987505:disqus Not when calculating in pixels per inch.

      • RLst

        Yeah bigger because they’re the size of a freakin football field. Who want’s a freaking football field in their pocket.
        Its the pixel density that counts. If iPhone was that big and at 326ppi, the resolution would be huge. No one has even caught up to the iPhone in terms of pixel density yet.

      • gotcha

        US Galaxy S3…Krait…2 A15 cores…25nm…let’s learn something here peopl

  • max

    Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… Who gives a shit about the chi? We all know that you guys over at idb are disappointed but instead of coming out and saying it, u write all these crazy articles trying to soften the blow. iDB writers, and it’s okay rant about the crappy upgrade. We’ve all put apple on a high pedestal and most of us agree that, this time they fell short after all these years of planning.

    • You should totally be a therapist or something… -_-

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Glad I’ll have the fastest and thinnest smartphone at my school.

    • Jon1123

      Ur gonna have a droid razzr???

      • Yay

        No, the S3 is thicker than the iPhone 5. Look it up.

      • stealthware

        4 inches is too small.. 4.8 inches is about right

      • The last time I checked (3 minutes ago), the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm and the S3 is 8.6mm. Sorry but which is thinner again you android fanboy? Stupid sheep

      • Haha you made me laugh, the last generation I bought was the 3GS, which is what I am typing this comment with atm. How stupid can some commenters on iDB get? Jeez

      • Jason Richardson

        He was saying that the S3 is stronger

      • He edited his comment and deleted the one below as you can see

      • Jon1123

        Your moms a raging white. And ur not even smart enough to use a mature OS like android. So fuck off.

      • Well yeah have fun editing your comments. Pathetic idiot

      • Go back to elementary school where they teach how to read.

      • Motorola Droid Razr is 10.5mm thick in it’s thickest part which is the part that counts when comparing two phones. iPhone 5 is 7.6mm in it’s thickest part.
        And stop editing your comments, you’re pathetic. Fandroid.

  • I don’t care about specs but about user experience but damn… the iPhone 5 it’s really fast.. just saw a video taking photos and the shutter speed was just amazing. And the graphics from the demoed Porsche game are amazing… Quality above everything… it’s how apple rules.

  • Finally! What I expected in the last iPhone though…

  • rohta

    Hey iDB people. Take it easy!
    Anand just SPECULATED that A6 could, EVENTUALLY, have ARM A15 cores.

    • Yay

      No, Anand is guessing the iPhone 5 has A15’s inside. Go back and read his article on his site.

      • rohta

        You said right. He is guessing. He is not sure, like the title that iDB had put in this article.

  • Samsung already brought an A15 cortex device out, its called the Galaxy SIII. It may not be their chip, but its their product and thats all that counts when its fully assembled. I am sure what he ment to say was, “Hey look, we can match the competition too.” That being said Android A15 dual cores can pull around 125-130 MFLOPS, but iOS having direct hardware access, I would assume would perform around the 260 MFLOPS. My 4S is about 130 and my computer does 2200, still a ways off.

    • arabsrulechina

      No, Samsung uses A9 cortex. Google it.

      • gotcha

        US Galaxy S3…Krait…2 A15 cores…25nm…let’s learn something here people

      • kgelner

        The use of A15 cores in Krait is not verified. Also, we know that the iPad 3 A5x processor is faster than the Snapdragon 4 Pro, so that means the A6 will be faster still…

      • gotcha

        Um Krait IS A15…it’s proven…and A5X GPU is better/Faster…not CPU…oh and 28nm…more power efficient than 32 nm in A6…thanks 😉

    • Yay

      A15’s are not in the SIII my friend. A9’s instead.

    • Simon_K

      If the rumors are true, Samsung are licensing their new Samsung Exynos 5 Dual built on ARM Cortex-A15 architecture to Apple. Apple are just changing the name to A6. However I doubt the rumors are true, just because one guy at Anandtech said it it doesn’t mean it’s true. Now dozens of tech blogs are claiming the new iPhone 5 A6 processor has the brand new A15 architecture. I wait till iFixit breaktown the iPhone 5 cause Apple will probably not release specs on it.

  • arabsrulechina

    Apple with the same specs as Android will still manage to outperform it by 200%. This is because Apple controls the hardware and software.

    • stealthware

      Where did you get the %200 link plz

    • Jason Richardson

      Yeah, but it doesn’t matter because android phones that cost the same as the iphone are powerful as fuck

  • Oscar

    It’s incredible how many people getting mad about whois better android or iPhone
    I don’t give a fuck I’m buying an iPhone 5 and I’m going to rock that bitch and I don’t care about any other phone period
    People arguing about Samsung SIII is this and that
    Moto razzzr this and that
    Good for you I’m glad you like your android why the fuck are you reading an apple blog for? Are you considering buying an iPhone or something
    I’m sure I would like an SIII if I had one but I’m happy with ios and iPhone
    You’re happy with your android then enjoy it and shut up

    But the iPhone 5 is THE shit 😉

    • Fair enough post. This is my slant on the subject. If you can’t be bothered to read it all, just skip to the last paragraph:

      I own a Samsung Galaxy SII and I had high hopes for the iPhone 5, not because I want buy an iPhone (I won’t out of principle.I think the phone is very overpriced for what it does and there are far cheaper, comparable alternatives that even excel on the phone in areas), but raising the bar would improve the quality of phones in general as competing brands would have to at least match this.

      1gb of RAM. I like this feature, but I’m shocked to learn this is the first 1gb iPhone. I assumed the 4S had 1gb already, but was shocked to learn it only has 512.

      In an era when 720p is becoming screen standard, the resolution is less than 720p??? A decent pixel density though. Now on to the most disappointing.

      The camera. Sony actually make the camera for Apple (for those not in the know, like a lot companies apple outsource everything, designing but not actually manufacturing the phone. In fact before their legal disputes Samsung used to make 25% of the iPhone’s components. The phone is actually put together by Foxconn, who also manufacture the Xbox 360 and PS3), and a few months ago Sony announced they were making 13mp and 17mp camera’s with an emphasis on better light in dark pictures and HDR. Now I naturally assumed this would make it’s way into the new iphone. Not so.

      Finger print unlock is a nice gimmick though. 4G? Well they’re pretty late to the party on that; other Flag ship phones already have 4G and even the galaxy S2, nearly 2 years old now, features H+, which is several times faster than 3G.

      Just like the Galaxy S3, I’m disappointed with this phone as I thought they would knock it out of the park, stat by stat. But all they’ve done is match the industry standard, apart from the price, that is one stat that you can guarantee will be higher than it’s competitors just because of the brand name. I’ll be holding on to my Galaxy S2 a little longer, till that next “Killer phone” is announced.

      • kgelner

        “1gb of RAM. I like this feature, but I’m shocked to learn this is the first 1gb iPhone.”

        What does it matter, if the software runs well? You should be MORE concerned that Android phones need twice the RAM just to run software as well as an iPhone. I mean, you can run iPhoto in that supposedly paltry 512GB of RAM on the 4s….

        “The camera.” It DOES use the technology that allows for better lower light photos and better dynamic range.

        It has since the 4s….

        “4G? Well they’re pretty late to the party on that;”

        Really? What other phone delivers 8 hours of browsing on LTE? It’s fine to include a feature but if everyone has to turn it off all the time to conserve power…

        “I’m disappointed with this phone as I thought they would knock it out of the park, stat by stat.”

        They have, you just don’t understand it yet. Especially odd considering how this very article notes how Apple is first out of the gate with an A15 chip – this phone should be faster than any Android phone on the market, and with much better battery life.

      • I can surf unlimited on my Galaxy S3 because I can take the battery out (which has GREAT battery life btw) and swap the battery. Have fun being tethered to the wall on your iPhone. As for RAM, more RAM = faster phone PERIOD. Apple is not revolutionizing shit anymore. They are actually trying to keep up with the rest of the market.

        I think it’s odd Apple didn’t release a speed on their A6 chip. I find it fishy really. It could be a redesigned A5 with an OS optimized to run on it to make it seem faster, but the chip not actually being faster.

        The screen…seriously, not 720p? Retina? Retina is a joke. Put your iPhone next to a Super AMOLED HD screen and tell me what Retina does for you. I had an iPhone for 3 years (3G, 3G S, 4), and got terribly bored of the operating system. Widgets on the Dashboard in OS X is pretty cool, why Apple hasn’t moved towards a widget design is beyond me. Oh, wait, while Apple was maintaining their device Google was pumping up Android and making it the better system.

        This is Apple’s first iPhone with 4G, yes it has 4G LTE, but the 4S wasn’t even HSPA+, which is insane. Their 2011 model phone was still only 3G. Wow.

        Fact of the matter is, iOS is super restrictive out of the box, yes, I’m aware you can jailbreak, but most users will never do this as they do not have the know-how. One thing I regularly do is send files between my Galaxy and my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth, something the iPhone does not do.

        Things Apple was late to adopt: 3G, MMS, Video Camera, LED/Camera Flash, HD Video Recording, 4G/4G LTE (2012), HD Screen (still not here), NFC (still not here), Turn-by-Turn Navigation (2012), Video Chat, Copy/Paste, Tethering/Mobile Hotspot, Voice Commands, Customization of the device, Homescreen Wallpapers, 1 GHz chips, Dual-core chips.

        Have fun continuing to use your inferior device. I love Apple, but after 2009 the iPhone was surpassed by the rest of the market and Apple has their heads so far up their asses because of popularity (yes I know that profit is all companies care about), they haven’t done what Apple is known for in a while by revolutionizing anything. I fear with Steve Jobs’ passing that this will be the new culture of Apple.

      • Doug Petrosky

        fact check!
        4s was and is HSPA+ 14.4mb/sec
        (use up standard 2GB cap in 18 min)
        4 was capable of 7.2mb/sec (3.5g)
        (use up standard 2GB cap in 40 min)

        Having a phone with a feature is not the same as innovating a feature or leaving someone behind because they don’t have it. The feature has to be usable. So Google turn by turn directions was and innovation that left Apple behind. But adding 3G or LTE before it was supported by carriers is not innovation it is waste.

        Apple was late to MMS but made up for it with iMessage (catch up google). The camera in the iPhone for the past 2 years has been the best most popular in the industry so when they added it they did it right.

        Video chat has been in the iPhone as long as anyone and FaceTime sets the standard for ease of use. Carriers have limited it to wifi but Skype, fring, and dozens of others have been in there, which has been the same issue with tethering.

        Apple’s A4, A5 and now A6 chips may be short on information from apple but the proof is in the performance. iPhones outperform their android counterparts every year. Watch for the benchmarks and you will see I’m correct. Talk to the game developers and it will be told to you again and again.

        Think what you want but Apple continues to produce best of class phones every year.

      • Read my post just above yours. I had 2 3G phones before the original iPhone was even out, and it made a difference. I don’t play games on my phone, my phone is for productivity, so I want a processor I know is going to multitask, what matters in games anyways is the GPU, not the chip per se. Video chat has not been on the iPhone as long as anyone. FaceTime was the first introduction of video chat on the iPhone. Again, read my post above yours.

      • travis

        Qik which was released before facetime another stolen idea

      • Guest

        I message?! Really released in 2011. Google talk released in 2005.

      • travis

        Google talk was released in 2005 imessager in 2011 6 years later

      • @twitter-16622800:disqus

        Check your facts before posting. 4S is HSPA+. When the iPhone 4 came out, AT&T (the ONLY GSM provider in the US) hadn’t yet implemented HSPA+. World wide there were only a couple of providers that supported HSPA+ in any way. Apple doesn’t provide useless features to their phone consumers. As of today, AT&T only has a couple of LTE markets. Several execs are now saying that they have been waiting for the new iPhone before they turn on the many new sites they have planned. If the 4S had had it, it would have been a useless feature until several months from now.

        The iPhone has never needed more ram because, frankly it doesn’t need it. That statement that more ram = faster, is complete nonsense. That’s like saying that my machine with 16GB of RAM, will run faster if I upgrade to 32GB. I consistently use between 8GB and 12GB. It will make ZERO difference. Besides, these are not devices that use virtual memory spaces by swapping resident memory items to slower devices like a hard drive. iOS handles memory my closing other apps that are running in the background, and all multi-taskng apps are written so that they start where they left off when closed by the OS. The iPad 3rd gen has 1GB of ram because it needed it to support the higher resolution graphics needed for the retina display, which is unmatched by any other tablet out there.

        As for the display, it’s got a higher pixel density than the Smasung S3. 326ppi vs 306ppi for the S3. THe resolution is just barely higher than the S3. Besides, why in the hell would anyone need full 720P resolution in a screen that is 4″? You can’t see the pixels individually to the naked eye, so it would make absolutely no visual difference. As for the AMOLED, OLED is very cool, but Samsung had to sacrifice in other areas to bring you that fabulous display. Like the crappy polycarbonate case that is as “scratch resistant” as a blu-ray disc (they aren’t scratch resistant at all).

        NFC is still completely unnecessary. Name a few places that use NFC in this country. I’ve had a credit card with a chip in it for years, and all those places that have the ability to use them, don’t. Places like Best Buy. It’s pointless to have technology like that, except that if Apple had implemented it, it could cause the market to be more apt to use it. But otherwise it’s pointless.

        And for the record, Apple DOES use widgets, just not on the home screens. This is done within the notification center. But you’d know that if you had owned an iOS device post iOS4.

        And as was said, Where’s Google’s version of iMessage/BBM? Apple was late to the show on that one, but I don’t see you mentioning it ONLY because it wasn’t brought forward by Android first.

      • Really? HSPA+ wasn’t out yet? You’re telling me my Galaxy S2 was 3G? You’re wrong. The S2 Skyrocket was 4G LTE. So get YOUR facts straight first. AT&T instructed Apple to have the device display “4G” on the phone for marketing purposes. The phone was only 3G with speeds that rivaled HSPA+ (4G). Apple even said this in their own keynote, so, I don’t know where you are getting your information, but mine comes straight from the horse’s mouth. HSPA+ was very common last year, in fact, it was fairly common 2 years ago with the 4G push. It wasn’t LTE, but it was “4G,” one step higher than 3G.

        You’re argument negating more ram giving more performance is mindblowing. It may not matter to you in how you use your device, but more RAM DOES mean more performance. The device is able to move at much more rapid paces. I multitask and use my devices to their limits, so I can attest to what RAM does. The more you have the smoother you run. But thanks for raising the point that iOS does not truly multitask, I forgot that was another reason I switched from iOS. 🙂

        If you look at the specs it’s 326 v. 306 ppi (iPhone 5 to Galaxy 3S), but the colors, vibrance, and clarity makes all the difference. I don’t care about the plastic. At least when I drop my phone it breaks apart and doesn’t shatter. But, I don’t drop my phone much these days and I look at my display a lot more than the back of my phone, so I’ll take my gorgeous display any day. If you see the difference in a Retina display and a Galaxy S3, the difference is striking. I’m amazed at the quality of my screen, the crispness, the accuracy of color, you won’t get that with a Retina display.

        NFC may not be a big deal right now, but my phone is ready for the future, yours is not. When I go overseas it is useful as a true world phone because I can use it in every aspect.

        Notification center. That’s right. Apple has a pretty good copy of the Android Notification system. I have to open notifications to get widgets, whereas on my device, I scroll my home screens and get news, financial data, social media updates all without having to open an app. That, sir, is the difference in the utilization of widgets. I know lots of people with iPhones, I talked a lot of my family into iPhones and am not dissuading them from them now. They ask how I like my phone and tell them all about it. They want to switch because their phones are now incapable of things that Android is so good at, so I’m around current iOS and iDevices all the time. So, yes, I knew about Notifications. Might I remind you I DID say I love Apple, commented on my MacBook Pro, there’s an iPad and a couple iPods in the house. Don’t make assumptions.

        The only reason Android doesn’t have a messaging system is because it is an open source OS and does not have defined parameters. Each manufacturer has their own UI which utilizes Android OS to run. So, with different UIs, you have different software that runs on these phones. Frankly, I have unlimited texting, so I could give 2 shits about a messaging service. It’s useless. It’s just a gimmick.

      • Wishnerdsweresmart

        A. Your a ignorant neanderthal that knows nothing about nothing. Notification center came from the jail breaking community back in 2007 when the iPhone was first introduced. Reading your post gives me a headache your fallacies and lack of intelligence is truly surprising as an individual that loves androids you would have to be the dumbest nerd that I know. Your right about ram, more of it generally means better performance, however please don’t be so narrow minded. How the os is coded and how the phone is built are major factors. I own an android and it’s been the laggiest thing since my 2005 computer. Also the security implementation and encryption on the android is a joke. I like the s3 not my choice for a phone but overall nice, just don’t bash good phones because your brain is fantasizing Andy rubins copied android.

      • travis

        You wanna talk about getting fact right Google had Google talk 6 years before imessage and if the iPhone could muiltask like android or a computer more ram would be needed but it can’t

      • groupthought

        “The iPhone has never needed more ram because, frankly it doesn’t need it. That statement that more ram = faster, is complete nonsense. That’s like saying that my machine with 16GB of RAM, will run faster if I upgrade to 32GB. I consistently use between 8GB and 12GB. It will make ZERO difference. ”
        That’s exactly the point. The iPhone doesn’t need more RAM because it CAN’T utilize it. The Android, on the other hand, can make use of more memory because it can multi-task and therefore it is a more powerful machine.

      • 31173

        More ram = faster phone is a fair statement if applied in the right context. Faster meaning being able run more app’s at once yes? Holding responsiveness Yes = Faster Phone. iOS doesn’t have true multi tasking btw. It simply creates save slate e.g. save file and reloads it when you double click on it haha i’m serious its the reason why the iOS doesn’t need much RAM. All their web based apps are simply closed off when you exit them however there’s still a cloud serivce running in the background which makes it feel like its multi-task but really it isn’t. Does it work Yes. But i’m pretty sure they thought the same thing when mac os was born lol. Funny thing is they are starting to abandon all their other line of products and put their attention on iOS devices – This is sooo funny because it just shows they aren’t loyal to their customers e.g. people who bought OSX devices because all those thousands of dollar that you spent on your Mac Pro will just go to waste.

      • Lol multitasking on ios it merely pauses the app I open up angry birds fire a bird press the home button while the bird is midair then go to youtube watch a 5 minute video then return and bam that bird still hasn’t killed a pig whereas on android that bird already killed the pig so bored of me not firing other birds (at that moment I’m on youtube) gets up and murders all the pigs then when I return I have the highest score ever for killing 10 pigs with 1 bird

      • Blu Rays are very scratch resistant I bought a used ps3 game in 2011 that had been made in 2007 and guess what I take it out of the box and bam ZERO scratches I liked your post until you attacked the almighty Blu Ray and more ram doesn’t increase speed but sure as hell increases performance also samsung did not put a cheap POS chassis on the s3 cause of its amoled (and the amoled is their inferior pentile one so actually has less pixels than the iphone 5 as 1280*720*2<1136*640*3) display its because samsung likes plastic (to increment profit margins) but in the end however the iphone 5 is a joke compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 the first phone with a quad core cpu @1.6GHZ AND 4G LTE (not that bs where its quad core OR LTE)

        So really the GN2 will blow the new iphone away because iphones are always @800MHZ and if you do the math a 40% increase still won't make a dual core A15 better than a Quad core A9 especially if the latter has a clockspeed 2X that of the A15

      • Henry_3_Dogg

        Sorry, that should be @kgelner

        you can surf unrestricted on your SIII carry extra batteries.

        i can surf unrestricted on my iPhone because I carry extra batteries.

        You have to open the case up. Mine piggy back on the back.

        So what. We can both surf unrestricted.

        More RAM means a faster phone given the same phone and more RAM. But the iOS software architecture needs less RAM than Android. (Java wasn’t exactly designed for efficiency on small hand held devices you know, or maybe you don’t). And more RAM than you need on a phone, means shorter battery life.

        Haven’t read a serious review yet that didn’t say the iPhone retina screens were the best around.

        Apple don’t need to go to the very latest cellular generation even before the chips are mature enough to give decent battery life. First generation LTE phones were totally impractical for anything other than showing off that you had LTE, briefly. Apple’s imitators are always desperate to add the latest gimmick, whether its ready for primetime or not.

        “Fact of the matter is, iOS is super restrictive out of the box…One thing I regularly do is send files between my Galaxy and my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth, something the iPhone does not do.”

        Is that your best attempt? works just fine with iBluetooth file transfer app.

        “Have fun continuing to use your inferior device. I love Apple, but after 2009 the iPhone was surpassed by the rest of the market…”

        Get real. Fine, you prefer your SIII. To me its two bulky to be taken seriously as a phone. More a children’s toy. But thats just a matter of opinion. But to suggest that the whole of the rest of the phone market has surpassed the iPhone just makes you look ludicrous.

        “…Apple has their heads so far up their asses because of popularity …”

        And that popularity isn’t just about profit. It demonstrates that Apple are producing what people want. Which isn’t just about Android phone A has the worlds largest screen, and B has LTE but no battery life, and C has the best camera but is a crap phone. Most people just one to carry one device that does everything in balance. Rather than assuming the iPhone’s popularity proves people are idiots and being annoyed, you could try considering whether it actually demonstrates that Apple produce the overall package that provides what people want.

        Do you really think that Apple couldn’t have produced a phone with a 5″ or 6″ or 54″ screen if they’d thought it was a good idea? Thats not innovation. Its just putting a bigger screen on a phone. Look around in a few months and most of the new Android phones coming out will have a long thin screen to facilitate one handed operation, but still bet more screen space.

      • Joel Cadlolo

        Clock speed and graphics performance with respect to power consumption, in the case of a phone is more important than ram. 1gb is ample to run large operating systems (albiet in netbooks) let alone phone OS’s. If your phone os is using 1gb of ram even in fairly demanding situations, I’d bet there’s a memory leak.

      • kgelner

        I can surf the web unlimited with my iPhone 5 too, with external battery packs that are smaller than your batteries you have to carry. Only I don’t have to carry any batteries if I will be charging in the evening, unlike your need to carry several stuffed in your shirt to go an hour on LTE…

        “I think it’s odd Apple didn’t release a speed on their A6 chip”

        Only fools care about the number of MHz a phone has, what’s important is how well the applications run. You yourself pointed out the iPhone was better at this, having half the memory to run the same apps. iOS is simply far better optimized.
        “Put your iPhone next to a Super AMOLED HD screen and tell me what Retina does for you. ”

        Colors that do not suck. Sorry, but that AMOLED screen totally screws with color, which as a photographer is a deal breaker.
        “Widgets on the Dashboard in OS X is pretty cool, why Apple hasn’t moved towards a widget design is beyond me.”

        If you want them you can jail break. I never cared for them, in OSX or otherwise.
        “Fact of the matter is, iOS is super restrictive out of the box”
        It sure is. Have fun cleaning up the malware on your Android phone you give to your mother. On iOS non-technical users do not have to worry about those crap, while technical users can jailbreak and enjoy just as much freedom. Security is a choice too you know, one you cannot make for non-technical users.
        “Have fun continuing to use your inferior device.”

        Since I can do anything you can, only with better battery life, better and far more software and a faster processor I have only one thing to say to that: Right back at you.
        I’ll let you have the last response since mindless fanatics will just go on and on even when they have been shown to be utterly wrong.

      • groupthought

        @kgelner “Only fools care about the number of MHz a phone has, what’s important is how well the applications run. ” How well the applications run is DIRECTLY related to the “number of MHz” a phone has. Pretty common knowledge stuff here.

      • tj walker

        no…. it doesnt, thats like saying being faster makes you a better basketball player. Specs matter to a point.. Like many have said, and this is true, ios has always done far better with less resources.. mind you ill be switching to a droid phone when one comes out that i like, but thats only because jb just isnt the same anymore since ios4, and i want a turn at an open system. But as far as software goes,, my iphone 4 can still do everything that a g3 can do, except lte… which is stupid as a sellking point unless you have an unlimited data package,, lte just means you’ll burn through it faster. My only problem with ios is the lack of customization.. if i couldnt jb i would hate my phone.. always said “if it ain’t jail broke, it might as well be broke” Android is going good places, but their apps need more attention, esp in the tablet arena,, and apple does produce the best physical device bare none.. closest rival there is the htc one,, Cant argue that.

      • RLst

        No, its the number of MIPS (Millions Instruction Per Second; how many things a CPU can do per Hz or clock cycle) + how well the Operating System is programmed to use the resources and hence delivers more bang for your Hz if you will.
        In this sense, iOS is better at Android at doing this and hence doesn’t need a overly large amount of GHz or RAM to accomplish the same thing. Pretty uncommon knowledge here, but it makes all the difference.

      • Lol an AMOLED hater sorry if blows your mind but amoled has better colors better color saturation better contrast TRUE BLACKS (have fun with your grey crap) better response times faster fefresh rates better viewing angles thinner overall more efficient (NO backlight as each pixel makes its own light) and also its FLEXIBLE so you can stick with your light blocking method to produce colors (that’s how lcd works) and I can get the Almighty OLED in which pixels make their own light making it so much more superior

      • more RAM = faster phone PERIOD” thats just plain BS…faster phone means a combination of processor,ram speed NOT size(in MB-GB) GPU and OS. What most people dont see yet Apple made this phone to be the best in all factors for this year its not the numbers of the specs that talk but the overall combination of everything together. I am pretty confident when benchmarks come out iphone will be #1. I am a fun of technology but sometimes its not just about numbers.

      • The_Troll_Patrol

        youre a raging fanboy. you have so many logical fallacies and misunderstandings and stretches of the truth its impssible to bear. such a long comment with so many issues, i wont even bother respodning to every single thing you said. the one i will say is that 720p doesnt mean shit. its PPI. iPhone 5 still has a small 4″ screen, thats the only thing you can say aboyt that. other than that, the ppi is higher than your galaxy s3, and is still very vibrant. just because you use the mareting term “super amoled hd” doesnt make it a better screen. its bigger, thats all. retina is just a marketing term too.

      • 31173

        mate… super amoled isn’t a marketing term? it’s technology years apart from lcd which iphone is still using? look it up for yourself. Yes the pixel density is higher than the S III but how much like 10 pixels per inch? It’s like the guys at Apple’s R&D Department have just gone plain lazy seriously? Last year they didn’t even match the S II in Spec’s but they brought out Siri which is the biggest gimmick Apple has brought out? Apple will always be infront in terms of software since they came out in 2007 oppose to Android in 2008. But if you have picked up a Jellybelly device Android 4.1. Android is definitely closing the margins down in terms of responsiveness in the OS. iPhone is a good a phone, does what it has to really well no doubt about it but all I see Apple for now is just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ hungry. The limitations on iTunes and iOS are all based on profits but not on compatibility. New Lightning Port is just a joke. All the old Apple accessories are now rendered useless until you Buy another Adapter which is a joke seriously?? Like Microsoft being an open-platform against Mac-OS. History will repeat itself and Android will surpass iOS in the long run if Apple is only boasting on how good its algorithms are in its iOS.

      • Erik

        Get off the android high horse shit. I have a samsung galaxy note , plus a samsung duos on ICS and a iPhone 4- and android Is not polished or as good as apples iPhone and this is a fact. The sales numbers will once again speak for itself – this you can be certain of – and my bet is apple will win again. Do u know where androi idea came from? Yup that’s right…apple. The CEO of google use to sit on apples board of directors, and upon hearing about apple’s iPhone plans left his position as apple’s board member to start android project within google. Point is android is a copy of ios…and true to copies is never as good as the original. Suck on that android bitches!!!!

      • fair reply!!!

      • Dulshan Kalpage

        You dont know shit do you? Just like all other blind Apple fans. Android was developed in 2003, iOS was first started in 2005. Google did not create Android, they bought it. And they made it better- better than iOS. Now it presents 100 more features with a simple 4.0 to 4.1 than what iOS did from 5 to 6. Bitch please, I can do every single thing iOS 6 can with my 2.3 gingerbread device. Original? Notification bar, turn by turn navigation, voice recognition, panorama, folders, widgets in notification bar, multiple core cpus, fingerprint unlock, multi core GPU, maps, etc all COPIED from Android. You fruity sluts are hilarious.

      • Erik

        Yo DoucheHand KalCrap! Anyone can read Wikipedia – we all know Andy Rubin who started Danger and some of his co-founding buddies started “Android Inc”, which was later bought by Google in 2005. Why do you think Google bought Android Inc? That’s right because Rubin and boys ran out of $$$. When they started it in 2003, it was nothing like the Android we all know and yes “love” today! The Android OS was quite small, very limited in features, and the key features were location/presence/preference awareness – which Google saw as value since Google is in the business of “Eyeball” and showing “Eyeballs” some nice ads – and as you can imagine a mobile context aware targeting ad system was way cool concept to say the least! So you see Dickbag, I am not an Apple bigot. I happen to like any product that works and works well. Android had a rough start in life – how do I know – well I use to go around the world educating the technical field on how to develop on Android before you even heard of it! Even before Apples iPhone hit the market in full force. I do know a thing or two about the mobile space…since this is how I make a living for the past 20 years! And Google did decide to go into the “Smart Phone” market after seeing the iPhone plans – not until then it was not what you and I know as Android. Android as we know it today, has it’s roots from IOS. Oh and by the way…I did not buy the iPhone 5 although I think it’s a great phone! You know what I have now as my daily phone? Guess…oh come on…guess??? Samsung Galaxy Note 2!! That’s right!! So I am not a bias Fan Boy like you think! The reality is google has just started to catch up to iPhone UI smoothness, reliability, and usability. And I can say that JellyBean (4.1) is the most comparable to IOS4 +. The only issue I have with the Note 2 is that it rebooted on my 4 times in the middle calls, other than that i has been excellent. Have fun being a DickBag, DickBag!!! Oh…another trivia for you Dickbag – did you know that the iPad actually preceded the iPhone?! That’s right, before Android Inc, and before iPone it was the iPad that was put on ice, because Steve Jobs had the intellect to know that the “gravity” engine that drove the scrolling screen on iPad would make more sense given timing and Market conditions on a Smartphone type device instead of a tablet. I think the person that does not know “shit” is you DoucheHand!

      • RLst

        “I can surf unlimited on my Galaxy S3 because I can take the battery out (which has GREAT battery life btw) and swap the battery.”
        Yeah, maybe like some minority road-warrior business person might in first class on an airplane where their company pays for everything anyways. (I doubt you’re this guy)
        Batteries are probably overpriced. The better and cheaper solution would be to just carry around a universal battery pack that just simply plugs into your device, simulating a wall charger, if you ever need extended battery life. The battery pack probably provides the same power as maybe 15 batteries or more at a fraction of the cost, size, weight and confusion. This solutions works for ANY DEVICE including the iPhone/iPad.
        Enough with the stupid and pathetic “Oh you can’t remove the iPhone’s battery” excuse.
        BTW, on the rare occasion that I do need to remove/replace my iPhone 4S battery (like once every 2-3 years or so because the lithium NATURALLY wears out), it takes like 10-15 minutes (30 mins on a iPhone 3GS) and by then you probably already have another freakin phone by then. NO BIG F$*%KING DEAL!!

      • KockBurn

        You’re a dipshit. You and your buddy above have shown your ignorance concerning hardware clearly. If you love your android get the fuck off a iPhone article, in fact get a life. I’m on my phone lots (4s) I drive truck for a living and I’m not tethered to the wall. Quit watching so much gay porn ya tool

      • Hate Morons

        You suck cock for a living at truck pit-stops you fucking queer, thus your handle KockBurn. You suck dicks so hard your “Johns” get cock burns. Fucking retarded geeks like yourself argue about cell phones, while these cell companies laugh their brains out watching all these morons buying heavly over-priced cell phones every year, lol. Everytime we see these fuck-heads in our store, we always chuckle how these shit-heads practically cream themselves because they got the “latest” phone, so they can run home to their pathetic friends and their mommas to show off. Ya, we love to empty your wallets, LOL. NO FUCKING LIFE.

      • SavageShy

        ok, i dont like the i phone either, but do you even know the screen resolution??? 1136 by 640 on a 4 inch screen sounds pretty HD to me.

      • Androfag

        Super AMOLED HD better than retina ? HaHa Ha let me laugh, iphone have 4 inches screen and SIII 4,8 ok but they have the same resolution so images will ne better on iphone and retina have more coulours and more contrast. Ok now shut up and think

      • You may want to take some time and read the comparisons of the iphone5 to the latest Android power house phones. They have longer battery life then the iphone ( Razr Maxx ) and ps… Cortex-A15 manufactured for Apple by Samsung Electronics
        The galaxy s3 quad core A-9 will still out perform this. And the absolutely dumb statement of android needs more memory is I would assume coming from you cause you have no idea how that OS is designed ( You know android is linux mobile correct ? This isn’t windows buddy ) Linux used to run on 32mb So come on man learn a little . You couldn’t be more wrong 🙂 … So enjoy your iphone5 I agree competition is good but don’t forget that the biggest selling point of the last two Apple I products ( Retina Display on the IPAD ) and ( Faster Speed on the Iphone5 ) are both made by the only true innovative company doing things that NO OTHER Company can and that is SAMSUNG !!!! Guranteed to release phones in the First Quarter that you are gonna wish you skipped the Iphone5 for :).. But Ill Rock my S3 till then. Note. I had every Iphone from 3g-4s and will never go back .

      • Wishnerdsweresmart

        You also should take some time and look into the specs on those huge phones that are almost 5 inches. Of course if the phone is bigger it’s going to have a bigger battery, its common engineering. You saying that the quad core A9 processor would outperform perform the duo cortex-A15 just makes your statement that much comical. You as a human being should be shunned by society and civilization. Just because it’s a quad core does not generally mean that it will perform better, on a computer yes, but a phone… Do some research by the industry experts not by your ass. Your statement regarding to the OS is correct however androids coding process is a joke. Get some certifcations and knowledge so I dont have to read bs. However jelly bean was nicely polished they are finally catching up.. I live in Korea right now, I’m actually half Korean and your love for this company is truly hilarious. Even citizens of this country hate this company. This multi conglomerate corporation is the epitome of monopoly and copying. Don’t bash on good phones because people that do have a brain size of a goldfish.

      • iOS isn’t a professional operating system, hell it doesn’t even have a decent task manager!.. They cut corners to make a fluid operating system, the reason that other android phones need so much power is because the os is built properly…

      • Have you ever heard of you get what you pay for? Samsung Galaxy is cheap built there’s no quality to it the software part isn’t as reliable as iOS and it’s clogged up with nonsense and not as easy to operate as iOS. On paper phones seem similar but in hand with experience on both phones Galaxy S shouldn’t even be put in a same category as iPhone it’s like saying Hyundai or Kia is better than Mercedes

      • Wunderbar_car

        Lol Apple isn’t first to Cortex A-15…Dual Core Snapdragon S4 has been there done that..a processor that hangs around with the Exynos and Tegra 3.. Just wait for the Quad Core Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 320 GPU.. It will blow out anything out the water.. Just wait a bit more and you’ll see HTC is releasing a 5” 1080p Phone that will include the Quad Core S4..

      • fuk s4 krait failed in benchmark dnt post ur fake thing at present exponys 5 gr8 cpu in android now exonys quad cming soon then iphone 5 and s4 equal or les 5 % to % morover iphone 6 wil beat power vr sgx 6 rogue series with arm 15 quad .. iphone good fr optimize than android fr gaming and cam panroma 28 mp impressve

      • Dulshan Kalpage

        Cheap does not equal to bad quality. Plus when the S3 was released, it was more expensive than the iPhone. I have an S3 and it performs far better than a 4S and running on 4.1 Jellybean, the UI is as polished as it can be. Android allows you to disable bloatware, and the phone is as fast as can be. You Apple jokers always use the terms “polished” or compare the phones to cars to justify the fact that an iPhone is far behind current Android devices. Heres a fact- my old RAZR when it used to be on 2.3 could do anything an iPhone 5 can today. I dare you to tell me what the iPhone can do that an Android device cant. Now that all that is clear, heres the other info: my S3 runs AOKP, a custom rom on a custom kernel. It is far more stable and faster than any iPhone out there, period. And you think iPhones are secure? Ever heard of jailbreaking? Yeah, that thing 6 out of 10 iPhones have been introduced to today? Yeah, its an exploit. That means breach of security. Polished UI? Please, apps crash on iOS and iOS 6 has its corrupted keyboard bug, not to mention the useless camera with its purple lens. If you dont know anything about Android, I suggest you keep quiet or learn more about it before going on with stupid arguments comparing phones to cars and thinking a higher price tag always means more quality. Yeah, the iPad 4 is the iPad 3 with a better processor and a higher price tag. Have they taken it to the next generation? No. Does that spell “Quality” to you? Im guessing it would, as iUsers are generally brainwashed about these things.

      • David Spiro

        Hey check out XDA developers I had a Tmobile gs2 . There is a number combo u type in and dial. U will be surprised it has LTE bands. I assume it has them because of the talks of AT&T buying Tmobile .

    • good 4 u …..isheep

    • Hells Yea 😉

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.. bravo, the only thing I’d add is “put your money where our mouth is and download and run PassMark’s performance test and then try and talk shit. I’ve hit over 3700 on my device, and the closest phone like the SIII is about 700 pts below that. My iPhone 5 will beat the livin’ shit out of any other phone on the market (at this point in time) hands down. Rock that baby Oscar…

    • Yes there’s nothing wrong with the iPhone, but you sound like you think that the iPhone 5 is the best phone on the market hands down and won’t listen to what anyone else has to say, you may think it’s the best phone for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the only reason that the iPhone has so much popularity is because Apple is good at putting their stuff out there, not that it’s the best – remember that they even hyped up the fact that you could get the iPhone 4 in white?.. Yeah exactly… Marketing skills, in terms of hardware? Nokia Lumia 920, look at the specs 🙂

    • SavageShy

      I like android better, price is better, and i dont have to even think the word “itunes”, but i absolutely agree with your post. i call it personal preference, and for me, android is a lot more friendly for my budget, and i like the interface. but i definitely think people shouldnt get so butt hurt over the whole thing.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    All fandroids will argue how not-so-different the iPhone 5 is to the 4S, they are just in a biased reality where they forgot how their Samsung-best-android-phone retains the same design like the s3 and note 2, infringing on apple patents some more. Apple perfects the finest details like the smooth edges and stunning finishes, sth Android phone mostly lack. The expectations were WAY too high for Apple, i mean what do you expect? Holographic interface? Fingerprint scanners? Wireless charging THIS year?

    • asdfjkl

      Windows phone and S3 support wireless charging and NFC. But like most Apple fans im sure your response will be, We dont need NFC.

      • Really, who needs NFC at this point? 0.00000001% of smartphone market? Get real!

      • Matt_in_FL

        What do you use NFC for on your S3? Is this something I should really be excited about?

    • groupthought

      This is why Apple and Android users will never see eye-to-eye. Apple users think “smooth edges and stunning finishes” make a quality piece of technology. They’re all fur coat and no trousers, if you will. Android users pick their phones based on hardware and performance. It’s toys vs. tech.

  • asdfjkl

    “LTE browsing time on the iPhone 5 is eight hours and talk time is the same as on the iPhone 4S”

    So the iphone 4S supports LTE…..when did that happen.

    • talk time is the same as on the iPhone 4S”: voice doesn’t use LTE or 3G. Got it? My 10 year-old nephew even knew it.

  • louie

    i love the look of the iphone 5 very sexy (i know its a phone lol) who gives a fuck what these android fanboys have to say, i have had a go at the s3 and its just to big i wear skinny jeans and my wallet bulges out of it as it is and my iphone sits nicely next to it in my pocket where as a s3 would have to go underneath! need a bag for that phone its hench (South london slang for big, massive, huge etc). anyway i cant wait for the iphone 5 had my 4 for ages wil b nice to upgrade.

    • groupthought

      Finally we have uncovered the reason Apple makes its phones with smaller screens! Its users all wear skinny jeans!

  • Simon_K

    How can you be so sure that the iPhone 5 has the ARM Cortex-A15? The guy who said it on Anandtech may be wrong, Apple haven’t released any specs and just because its twice faster than the previous processor it doesn’t mean it has to be the A15. Now dozens of technology blogs are writing it’s the brand new A15 and someone even wrote on Wikipedia that the iPhone’s A6 is built on the ARM Cortex-A15 architecture and linking the Anandtech article. The only company that has started mass production of ARM processors built on A15 is Samsung and if you consider the fact that Apple just sued Samsung over 1 billion US dollars the chance that Samsung are licensing their new Exynos 5 Dual processor or letting Apple manufacture processors on their 32nm LP HK+MG process minimal.

  • greg wingo is a dumba**

    lol to the dumbass that says retina display aint shit im looking at the s3 right now next to the 4s and the super amoled hd display aint lookin to good for galaxy s3 you a fuckin idiot

  • We shall see when the numbers come out. Id find it hard pressed to see if the dual Cortex A15 cores are going to be faster than dual core Krait

  • Pejaqq

    Wtf asus padfone’s is the first phone with cortex A15 you dumbass!!!

  • Hector Martinez

    Isn’t the snapdragon s4 based on cortex a15 cores? If so apple ain’t the first cause the sg3 and one x in US form have the snapdragon S4

  • The switching the process of the optimization and it performed of the technology of the acquiring. The CPU evident of the panorama mode of the graphics intensives to the images and creation applications.

  • Terence Moore

    Oh guys come on. I can’t stand all the pessimistic views on how the iPhone and android phones aren’t revolutionary enough. Don’t you see in fact many phones are surpassing Moore’s law. Yes we should cry out for innovation but we have to also appreciate all the hard work that goes into all these products. For example if you look at console cycles they happen once every 5-7 years because a yearly update can only be incremental.

    Personally the iPhone is great piece of tech with some of the best engineering and thoughtful decisions on improvements. However for the sake of next iPhone release here’s a tip, if you ever watch an apple keynote expect to but a little disappointed if you want your dream product because their business model is to hold back a little to entice you the next time.

    In conclusion we have pocket PC’s when, I was a boy ten years ago I dreamed of this stuff. And everyone’s unhappy! why? I think that companies like, apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and the media, ect, are to blame for a growing sense of customer dissatisfaction because they sometimes crate a disposable consumer culture where the next product is the one to have. But lets be fair, revolution takes time. So my advice is to the consumers look after your tech and get to know it because phones and laptops are so powerful and cheap these days that if you wrote down a list of things you wanted your tech to do it probably could. So look after it and in the mean while wait for your product to be released, either way you benifit more.

    • Matt_in_FL

      Just so. These are amazing times. Little computers that allow you to communicate from just about anywhere via voice, text or video and play music and gps and on and on and on. It’s a wonder to me that if a person buys one thing and owns it and enjoys it, that other people come along and try to tell them that what they are enjoying is crap. Why? Truly, I do not understand.

  • arabsrulechina

    SIII = phablet. I must by a man purse for it.

    • clyde frog

      Lol, good one

    • Dulshan Kalpage

      Hahaha good to hear your tiny, fun sized hands cant handle it.

  • I like both IOS and Android OS (gingerbread and up). They both aren’t perfect, but they are both great . IOS UI is very limited, but its works flawlessly. Also, IOS devices are far lesser than android devices and that means less stress on developers and better optimization for games/apps. Android UI is more superior compare to IOS when it comes to customization and browsing experience. Sadly, it took them all these years until jelly beans makes it run right.

  • Everyone just shut the FUCK UP! Iphone isn’t better than android and android isn’t better than Iphone. They both have their ups and downs, so let’s just agree to disagree

  • Wunderbar_car

    Lol Apple isn’t first to Cortex A-15…Dual Core Snapdragon S4 has been there done that..a processor that hangs around with the Exynos and Tegra 3.. Just wait for the Quad Core Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 320 GPU.. It will blow out anything out the water.. Just wait a bit more and you’ll see, HTC is releasing a 5” 1080p Phone that will include the Quad Core S4..

  • Falk M.

    “How important the two times CPU/GPU speed increase is to you?”

    Yoda? Is it you?

  • I want to say that when I seen the iPhone 5 on the internet, i wasn’t impressed the thing looks almost the same as the last one. Honestly in my opinion uglier with its different touches they added to it. I had a 4s till today, I loved the phone but the new one couldn’t impressive me enough to stay with it, i went SIII instead.

  • DenR

    Its so funny to watch people go ” oh well my iphone does this! ohh yeah my android got this and that.

    Why do you care? They both do same thing. Quad shmoud! But i did predict a dual core cpu and engadget iphone fans went crazy. How dare are you saying such thing?

  • 1 doubt exonys 2 model available 5250 5450 which has been 8 core and 2 ghz quad iphone 5 1.5ghz dual core arm 15 which 1 beat in benchmark ?? exonys 5250 nexus 10 25% les than iphone 5 benchmark wise does s4 beat iph5 or it wil b equal or les than 5% anyway camera iphone too good also optimize wrk android never optimize best fr everything nw a days only improve lot 4.2

  • Samsung and Apple are garbage personally. I love the Xperia T.

  • Cherry mobile fan