Right on time, Vodafone in Germany appears to be stockpiling the new 40 percent smaller Nano SIM cards, a German publication reveals. The carrier is one of Apple’s major iPhone distributors throughout Europe and in the United States, where UK’s multinational mobile network operator has a joint venture with the US telco Verizon Communications, called Verizon Wireless (Vodafone has a 45 percent ownership of the joint venture). Apple’s next iPhone is expected to file as the first phone to feature the recently ratified Nano SIM standard which allows for the creation of thinner and smaller mobile devices…

iFun has the story (machine-translated from German):

Depending hotline luck and shop can contact the small SIM card order already and land after a usually only 24 hours short delivery time in our own mailbox. When requesting to launch date refers Vodafone still on this Vormerktseite.

The same site reported that T-Mobile Germany also began sending Nano SIMs to its retail partners ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, as did another major European carriers, Telefónica-owned O2.

Following a brief but passionate back and forth between Apple and Motorola, RIM and Nokia earlier in the summer, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute finally accepted Apple’s Nano SIM proposal which calls for a 40 percent smaller SIM card.

We also learned in July that that European carriers began stockpiling and testing Nano SIMs in partnership with Apple.

Are you looking forward to a smaller SIM card on the iPhone 5?


  • J Johnson

    So does this mean all GSM carriers will be switching to nano sims? If not then even if I get my iPhone 5 unlocked then I still can’t use it with any GSM provider around the world. That would suck if that were the case.

    • Just buy a nano sim cutter

      • Dean

        The actual gold section is smaller. I doubt you’d be able to cut it.

      • J Johnson

        im talking more of the reverse. if i want to use the phone with a GSM provider that does not use a nano sim then im out of luck. Main reason i go GSM over CDMA is because i can just swap sims

  • Toni

    Okay I am from Germany and I think I can give you a better translation.
    “Depending on how lucky you are and which person you get on the phone you should already be able to preorder the nano sim. They are usually delivered within 24 hours. However Vodafone still does not give any information on the launch date of the new iPhone 

  • I’m a little confused. Shouldn’t the phone come with one?

    • Toni

      Yes in America, but in many european countries it is possible to buy a factory unlocked iPhone for about 650€, I think. It is usually a better deal than buing a subsidized one.

      • Matthew Robinson

        Will we have to use a prepaid monthly plan in Germany? (That is all I see on vodafone, 02, and t-mobile.) Or can you get the nano-sim with a prepaid option? Anyone know?