Super Smash Bros. has arrived on iOS in the form of Super Smash Bros. Mobile, but outside of the name, and a few somewhat recognizable characters and levels, it plays almost nothing like the entries in the popular Nintendo franchise.

That probably has a little something to do with the fact that “Super Smash Bros. Mobile” is a completely unauthorized — and certainly trademark infringing — game created with a tool called Game Editor. The game is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, so it’s not like Apple has any control over removing it from public availability.

Game Editor is a tool that, according to its official website, allows users to “Create 2D games with little or no programming knowledge” — a fact becomes instantly apparent once you fire up Super Smash Bros. Mobile for the first time.

Needless to say, despite the best efforts of the developer, Super Smash Bros. Mobile is a pretty poor representation of the real thing. Not only is it extremely difficult to control with the on screen buttons, the animations run at a really low frame rate, there’s no sound during game play, and the character selection list is lacking heavily.

Most of that can be glossed over when you consider the fact that the game is still in development (it’s in “beta”). But the bottom line is this, even if all of the aforementioned problems were alleviated, it’s still a radically loose translation of the original, and by no means will it satisfy the needs of those waiting for Nintendo to start development for iOS.

Since the likelihood of Nintendo ever “stooping down” and developing for iOS is about as likely as Super Smash Bros. Mobile winning game of the year, this is about as good as it gets outside of using an emulator.

Unfortunately, as good as it gets, in this case, just isn’t very good. You can’t honestly claim to be surprised, can you?

  • No video review?

    • That’s a copyright strike just waiting to happen 🙂 I’ll pass.

      • Oh ok, fair enough 🙂

    • That’s a copyright strike just waiting to happen. YouTube is fairly strict, and Nintendo would likely submit a complaint.

      • Daff Yheng

        It’s a fan game, there is nothing Nintendo can do.

      • Tell that to YouTube.

      • Daff Yheng

        YouTube doesn’t pull fan game videos, as far as I know.

  • Zorvage

    Looks fun tbh 😛

  • I think Nintendo should make a mobile version. They’d definitely get a lot of money off if the idea.

    • That won’t happen anytime soon, as Nintendo has too much pride. I can see it from their point of view, but it would be a major win for consumers.

      • They should, I feel like Nintendo is falling behind between Xbox and ps3 if they made mobile versions of the popular games they could get a lot of money for it In my opinion

      • even if Nintendo released classic games like Pokemon Red, etc. they would make soooo much money

      • Technically they will have a mobile version coming out soon. Just not for smart phone, but their newest handheld the 3DS.. Development started a little while ago.

    • Shadowlink

      Nintendo isnt about making big bank they are about delivering a unique game experience like no other, so people need to snap out of it because nintendo is obviously never coming to a mobile phone. Just do yourself a favor and buy a 3ds because there will be a ssb game coming out for it soon.

    • Honestly all above is true but Nintendo will catch up when there awesome Wii U is released. Also mobile version might not happen since there are so many emulators and jailbreaks out there that there isn’t much they can do. Also a mobile SSB would be hard since the controls would be on the screen. It might just turn into something like Infinity Blade.

  • Luis Finke

    Well I’m going to continue deving it, and by the way, Game-editor uses a LOT of code. I had to write that AI from nothing and it took weeks

    • The effort is impressive. It’s just really hard to get the mechanic right on the iPhone.

  • Luis Finke

    And im just gonna keep working on it

  • Xbomber

    I actualy know the creator of this game and he is only in high school with very little time on his hands due to schoolwork. He said that he is going to continue to fix the game.

    • Luis Finke

      Yeah man its a LONG road

  • Xbomber

    Also he has put in a lot of time writing code. It’s a good game and can only get better

  • SkoBombers

    I too know the developer of this game, I know he’s been working tireless by himself so that you people can have a fun free game. He’s a champ, and this’ll be kickass when he finally does have a full product. Finke, i salute you.

  • Margarito

    I say this is a good start just waiting to more better in the future.

  • Luis Finke

    For those wondering, we have changed the name of this game to “iSSB” on Cydia

  • Eric Bolliger

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