Some folks like to jailbreak their devices to add more functionality, and some folks do it just to change the look and feel of them. And if you happen to fall in the second category, you might be interested in this.

TVLocker is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a bit of old-school flavor to the way you lock your iPhone or iPad. So instead of your device just fading to a black screen, you get a tube TV-style animation…

Now, I realize there are other tweaks that do this β€” TV Tube Sleep comes to mind. But there’s more to TVLocker than that. For starters, it comes in both a free and paid (pro) version. The free version does everything the $.99 TV Tube Sleep does, for free. And the pro version adds a bit of customization.

With TVLocker Pro, you can choose the color of the fadeout, as well as its opacity and speed. And if you’re going for authenticity, there’s a screenshot option that really looks like an old TV powering down.

This seems like a lot of work to me for a simple sleep animation. But I’m not much for customizing my devices. If you are, then this is worth taking a look at. TVLocker is available in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for free ($.99 for pro).

  • iFan

    CRT-OFF is there in every ROM for Android phones …

    Finally it came to the rotten apple

    • It’s been there ever since IntelliscreenX was launched for ios5 .

    • Kok Hean

      Have fun trying to break your device to install CRT-OFF on your stock ROM.

    • I had this even on iOS4, plus having to root is pretty bad, most phones are unrootable

  • dont get why the dev even went trough the trouble of making this tweak,
    i mean its nice to have many tweaks to choose from, but this is a feature that other tweaks hold just as a little extra. f.e. springtomize 2 hast the tv tube sleep option and then there is also sleep fx which gives you the tv tube sleep animation and many more. seems pointless, but the more the merrier, i guess…

    • my tweak is standalone and has some features the other tweaks don’t have

      • dont take it personal. They havent made any tweaks have they

      • Robbie Fryers

        I got this tweak today and I have to say I really like it, the opacity and duaration slider bars are numbered so you can find the perfect balance, and you don’t have to respring every time like springtomize . The screenshot effect seals it for me, sets it apart from the competition

    • Springtomize is glitchy for some (me)… I am for independent simple tweaks even if they are already in springtomize

  • I miss Jeff πŸ™

    • Kok Hean

      R.I.P. Jeff

      • What happened to Jeff?

      • Kok Hean

        LOL nothing, he’s just on vacation πŸ˜€

  • Dan

    I don’t see the point, SleepFx seems to do a better job and offers more options.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Already doing this with SleepFX

  • Cool yet another tweak that already exists….

  • Where’s the video by Jeff demonstrating what the tweak does? πŸ™

  • James Latten

    what is the iphone theme you use?

    • ayecon

      • James Latten