Up to this point, the chances for a third-generation Apple TV jailbreak have looked pretty bleak. In fact, the last we heard, no one was even actively working on it.

But things may be starting to look up for ATV3 jailbreak hopefuls. Well-known iOS hacker p0sixninja says that the task may not be as unlikely as it once seemed…

Here are some of p0sixninja’s latest tweets on the topic:

“If you want your ATV3 jailbroken, I would suggest not updating when the time comes.”

“Not sure why everyone thinks ATV3 is such a huge challenge. It’s only lacking injection and codesign vulnerabilities.”

“Looks like I was wrong, the code sign exploit used in Absinthe 2.0 is also still present, just an injection vector needed.”

Now, we won’t pretend to know what any of this means. But it certainly seems to bode well for the chances of a future ATV3 hack.

As you would expect, however, there’s no timelines on any of this. So it could be 2013 before we see anything materialize. But hey, at least it doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

Obviously, we’ll keep you updated with more details as they surface.

  • What he said, if I’m not wrong, means that the code signing vulnerability exists and is the same one as in 5.1.1 for normal devices, but the injection vector (the kernel and boot-level exploit needed to be able to inject this exploit) does not. Simple… Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t downvote ;).

  • My comment disappeared :/. What he said means is that there is no way to inject the Apple TV 3 with the rocky racoon exploit. All they need is to find a kernel/boot-level exploit to make it work. Like Absinthe does it via an exploit in MobileBackup where the jailbroken backup uploads the payload, and limera1n does it using a custom ROM(RAM?)Disk playload.

  • Solowalker

    Building on Antonio’s comments, Code signing = Apple’s check to prevent unauthorized apps from running (i.e. non-App Store ones). They need to circumvent that so non-Apple code will run. Injection vector is how they get the device to break from it’s normal duties to run other code to install the jailbreak stuff (a gross oversimplification).

  • karimo

    what firmware should my apple tv 3 should be in for future jailbreak

  • Isn’t p0sixninja’s the guy who’s been whining on twitter since a couple of weeks ago?

    • He’s fucking the only one left who doesn’t want money for his jailbreak! He just wants recognition, GIVE THAT MAN SOME RESPECT! Bitch…

  • Just got my ATV3 yesterday in hopes a JB would evetualy come out.

  • He was simply tweeting the obvious. Well, at least the obvious to anyone who’s ever looked at it.

    There was no new information in his tweets. It was basically him catching up with everyone else.

  • Faruk SAHIN

    I am waiting…

  • If we offer to pay him, you think he can speed up the research? I am willing to donate if you want!

    • if your willing to pay for it, why not just buy the ATV2?

  • ugh I think Ill just grab a ATV2 for 250… or an android TV for like 50 bucks 😀

  • Art

    What he said is that they can create a jailbreak for ATV3, but there is no way to install it.