Samsung’s legal team sure has its hands full right now. The Korean company’s attorneys are currently in a northern California court battling Apple’s patent infringement claims in a trial that could cost them billions of dollars.

But apparently Samsung isn’t going at it alone. A new report is out this morning claiming that Google has been quietly lending support to the consumer electronics giant, offering legal help and use of its large pool of resources…

CNET reports :

“Rather, Google has been quietly lending support, coordinating with Samsung over legal strategies, providing advice, doing extra legwork, and searching for prior evidence, CNET has learned from people familiar with the situation.”

Interestingly enough, Google’s support doesn’t stop with Samsung. The site points out that one of Samsung’s lead lawyers, Charles Verhoeven of Quinn Emanuel, is also representing HTC and Motorola in patent litigation against Apple.

In fact, the report goes on to say that it’s possible that Google has an indemnity agreement with Verhoven that covers all of its Android partners. And if that’s the case, then the search giant might actually be footing some of Samsung’s litigation bill.

Of course, Google’s involvement isn’t the least bit surprising. Even though Apple’s claims in this particular case aren’t, for the most part, directed at Android, Google does have a lot riding on the outcome of this trial. If Apple wins, Google could see a number of its best-selling Android smartphones and tablets banned from the US.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of all of this is that it seems we are getting closer and closer to the real battle everyone wants to see, which is Apple vs. Google. Since it debuted in 2009, Apple has seen Google’s mobile OS as a blatant ripoff of iOS, and has accordingly filed lawsuits against all three of Android’s top partners.

  • Kok Hean

    Four companies against one 😀

    • chin2793

      It is said that wild pigs go for hunt in a group but lion goes alone!!!!

      • Great example of the average Apple fanboy, ignorant and clueless of facts. Lions hunt in packs. Don’t get me wrong Apple is great but it has plenty of flaws.

      • chin2793

        What do u say about tiger or cheetah??

      • saibz

        I’d say they are endangered, and going the way of the dodo, or at least confined to zoos. Like how Apple will be relegated back to niche status.

  • I hope Apple kicks all of their asses!!!

    • Then you’ll have iOS only, and Apple won’t have to innovate anymore. Yeah, that just sounds awesome…not

      • macboy74


    • Xeno43

      First they’d have to come out with a new idea… Its been a while.

  • This reminds me of those school fights in the yard where you have two guys fighting it out but also have that guy always instigating and hiding like a p*ssy. Google you’re next.

    • abujafer

      Except that one guy is a lot more liked and popular on the school yard, and everyone’ll root for him if the jock (and the jock’s cronies, who blindly support the jock) decides to go for him next.

  • Greg Hao

    Actually, nobody wants to see GOOG and AAPL waste resources on this farce of an issue.

  • I like Google and Apple :/
    The two should try to get along more.
    (Samsung sucks, though)

    • Howard Ellacott

      But Samsung makes a load of the bits for apple products… Saying the whole of Samsung sucks is a bit contradictory.

      • What he probably meant was that, Samsung’s hardware is good, but the fact that Samsung copies Apple makes them suck.

      • Impeach Obama

        how do i pronounce your last name…just like “DUNG”?

      • Wow, that’s really mature of you. My pet rock has a higher IQ then you.

  • Not so quiet anymore :p

  • It’s not waste of resources. It’s a good thing for Apple to protect it’s intellectual property. If it were my real property that was trespassed intentionally everyday I’d do something about it. Same thing here. Yow own something and you want to protect it. Apple owns some nice patents (IP) and so fighting to keep it will increase loyalty, share holder’s value, and ultimately – profit.

    • Xeno43

      Imagine if somebody patented the way your monitor sits on a stand. Though it is obvious to everyone that you will need a stand for your monitor, you can’t make it because someone else patented. That’s the kind of thing that is going on here. Apple thinks they are the only ones allowed to make a phone shaped like a rectangle.

      • Ever heard about wp7/8 ripped a single part of the ios? Ever seen any nokia or other wp oem looks alike the iphone? I bet google and samsh*t paid you to write that comment

      • Xeno43

        It comes with the market share bro. Wait until (… well imagine a world where wp7 was popular) and they would get just as many complaints. Also, remember how Nokia is also failing, and has never introduced a true smart phone to the market? Seriously, do you work for Apple or were you just born this retarded? Comparing WP7 and Nokia to Android and Samsung… Wow

        Oh, and please take a step back and think for a second. If you compare any iPhone to any samsung phone from the side, you would know which one was an iPhone. The fronts are just screens… Its like how everyone calls tissues kleenex’s, iPhone’s are the most prevalent, so when you see a smart phone from the front you think iPhone. Though at this rate they will all be thinking Samsung, hence why Apple is suing everyone right now.

  • IF samsung has to pay for a few phone which resembles Apple’s patented design(which happens to be rectangle with curves, then samsung might loose some money which it made selling these phones but if apple has to stop using samsung’s wireless and basic patents there would be no iphone in the world. So protecting own’s property is good till you don’t start stealing others property.

  • Brandon Guillemaud

    i like google but android is not a rip off of ios its a kernal of linux and samsung makes about 60% of the parts for apple computers screens being the biggest part apple just stupid and the company thats dumber is the patenting office that is giving apple the patents for no reson other then sure they can patent the round corners of a phone