Earlier today, Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers. We’ve discovered a handful of new features and other changes in the update, but there’s one thing that stayed the same.

Dev Team frontman MuscleNerd has just confirmed that beta 4 is still jailbreakable with the latest version of RedSn0w (0.9.13 dev 3). There’s just a few things to remember…

First, make sure that you continue pointing RedSn0w at the iOS 6 beta 3 IPSW. It’s possible we could see a new version of RedSn0w released in the future with full beta 4 support, but for now, just redirect it.

Also, keep in mind that just like the iOS 6 betas, the version of RedSn0w used to jailbreak it is for developers only. It’s mostly for jailbreak devs who want to update their Cydia packages to support iOS 6, and it doesn’t even install Cydia on your Home screen.

If you are going to jailbreak, you can find RedSn0w 0.9.13 dev 3 on our Downloads page. Our beta 3 jailbreak tutorial should still work, but I imagine Jeff will be along shortly with a specific guide for beta 4. So stay tuned.

  • Cydia works when installed via ssh?

  • JerseyD

    All devices? A4.. A5?

    • Yasin Razib

      How do you get that avatar on your picture?

    • Any but A5

  • Cydia also works with these commands added after the first respring:

    cd /Applications/Cydia.app

    chmod 6775 MobileCydia

    chown root:wheel MobileCydia

  • any one please help me to upgrade my iphone to ios 6

    • Cydia doesn’t work for iOS 6 beta 4 for me, so if you aren’t a dev there really isn’t anything you need.

  • Pgees Cp

    just this work with ios 5.1.1 on ipod 4g

  • Is there a jailbreak for iOS 6 soon???

  • Nich

    Wow some of you are retarded of course it’s tethered and for the guy below me this is a fricken jailbreak what did you think this thread was about

  • Javier

    If I update to ios6, will I loose my apps installed with instalous?

    • Yes. Without a jb they won’t sync with iTunes or if they are in iTunes already they won’t sync back into your device without appsync from Cydia. You also won’t be able to SSH in the device to do a manual install of the ipa files.

    • disqus_Dt5N44C5LH

      u can save in itunes 🙂

  • i cant instal it , need help