Every good party needs good music. And nowadays, most people seem to store most of their good music on their iPod or iPhone. So that makes iOS compatibility an important feature when you’re out shopping for a stereo.

There’s no shortage of music players that have a 30-pin dock connector, and there’s several to pick from that can connect to your device through AirPlay. But sometimes a Jambox isn’t enough. Enter the Phillips Mini Hi-Fi…

If you’re in the market for an over-the-top, iPhone-powered party machine, this is it. The Phillips Mini Hi-Fi system putts out a staggering 300 watts of power through two 5.25-inch woofers and two 2-inch tweeters.

It pulls the music from two separate iPhone docks, which are setup like DJ turntables with a working crossfader for switching tracks. Throw in an iOS app like Algoriddim’s Djay, and you’re ready to start party rocking.

Besides playing music, the Mini Hi-Fi also features a Dynamic Lighting system, that emits multi-colored lights from around the speakers. These lights will flash in sync with the music, so you’re party guests never miss a beat.

But of course, all of this awesomeness is going to cost you. The stereo is only shipping to the United Kingdom at the moment for 299.99 EUR or $470 USD. And that feels even more expensive when you consider that it could become obsolete in the next few months.

What do you think of the Phillips Mini Hi-Fi system?


  • Delete the sentence where you link to mini connector, there’s gonna be an adapter.

    • Melvco

      True, but an adapter won’t help the new iPhone fit in the pre-cut spots on the turntables. So what are you going to do, let it sit on top while the tables spin?

      • The “turntables” don’t spin constantly, it’s only for turning them from front to back.
        Obviously you shouldn’t use such party machine with an iPhone anyway because if you get a call, text or any other notification it would interrupt the dj set 😉
        I think it’s a cool gadget but not very useful for me because it’s lacking portability without a battery. I would love to take this to the beach 😀

  • dumb

  • Stupid. Another company trying to make cash off of the DJ business, or how they see it, “something anyone can do without much skill”