Apple N Berry is an online parts vendor that also deals in iPhone unlock solutions. We actually point to the store quite often when mentioning GEVEY Ultra products — they usually have them.

But now it’s offering something much different than interposers. The vendor has just launched a new IMEI unlock service that, it promises, will permanently unlock all AT&T iPhone models…

From the site’s description:

“Apple N Berry iPhone IMEI unlock is a permanent iPhone unlock solution. Once unlocked, your iPhone will remain unlocked even after an iOS upgrade or SIM card swap. IMEI unlocks are considered an iPhone factory unlock that works with any AT&T iPhone model 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S regardless of baseband.”

As you can imagine, this doesn’t come cheap. Apple N Berry is charging $150 for its IMEI Unlock. And it requires you to hand over your handset’s IMEI and serial number.

Should you order it, the vendor says that the unlock can take from 1-2 business days. You’ll receive an email once it’s complete, and you can verify it worked by syncing your iPhone with iTunes.

While all of this sounds great, there’s a few things worth noting. First off, remember that AT&T will unlock your iPhone for free if it’s out of contract. So if you’ve had yours for close to two years, you should try that route first.

Second, we have not confirmed the legitimacy of this service, and have no idea if it works or not. Apple N Berry is fairly well known in the unlock community, and this sounds a lot like the credible CutYourSim service, but you should always approach things like this with a certain level of caution.

We’ll let you know once we can verify that this works as advertised. But in the meantime, if you happen to try it, let us know about your experience below.


  • 150… That’s a joke ..In the UK is free to £20 it just depends on the carrier . And the carrier is the one who unlocks it for you.. You US folks are getting ripped off on this

    • Oh and that’s in contract..

    • I agree with that. Other counties are so far ahead of us when it comes to mobile carriers.

      • its not because of other countries are more advanced. just US carriers is more greedy and the cost of dollar is decreasing.

    • Its a good thing carriers here in Egypt cant unlock shit xD

    • How are US folks getting ripped? Any carrier in the US unlock your phone if yo are with them and they do it for free. The problem is that they won’t unlock it if you leave them.

      • You getting ripped if you use this sort of sevice

    • goofygreek

      you should know that its only the iphone that people have a hard time unlocking through carriers. I unlocked my galaxy s2 within a few months of my contract

      • And in the UK we can do the same .. It’s no harder to unlock a iphone than any phone

    • Mohamed El-Sayed

      and how much is 20 in $ mr

      • It’s around 30$ -_-

  • att don’t do unlocks for anyone, if you bought the phone used they might give you a hard time or they can deny the unlock, you have togive them a valid information about an account with them, so if you never had an att account and want to unlock they will not do it unless someone you know that have service with att give their account information to you, their account can’t be past due, and if the phone has been reported as blacklisted forget about it, so this might be the only chance for some people who need their iphones to be unlocked

    • Yeah, I could get mine unlocked the first week they started doing it but then they got pretty strict…

  • Iunlocker

    guys i do it for at&t 2-5 days in just $85 so contact me at

    • thanks for sharing this valuable info. Let’s see how long this will last.

  • For $150 I can get a new iPhone for what I saved in not unlocking it. I like the idea, but $150 is too expensive.

  • ghulamsameer

    AT&T’s method actually worked pretty well for me. My phone was manufactured in 2011, but they still unlocked it for me.

  • I had my AT&T iPhone 4 unlocked jus this week by this method…purchased from eBay u will find some good deals there cost me $87 sure exorbitant but its almost half the pice stated here. Name of seller I’d’s legit. Got the screenshot to prove it.

  • I have my iPhone 4S permanently unlocked by ATT/Apple. I got pretty lucky on that front actually; my iPhone 4 needed to be exchanged through AppleCare and when I went to the Apple Store they replaced it with an iPhone 4S because they were out of 4’s. Then when I was out of contract I called up ATT and they unlocked it.

    Now I use the 4S as a GoPhone 🙂 (BTW you don’t need to be unlocked to use as a GoPhone, I just don’t know what other plans are out there. Any ideas?)

    • Uve got
      To be the luckiest man alive…upgraded u for free?

  • who would pay 150$ for something you can get for free???

    • Irving González

      how you can get it free??

  • Either Apple N Berry is taking this info and Gaming AT&T
    and rep shopping to find a dumb tech/data rep to unlock the device. Or
    they have an inside man at AT&T that has access to the tool. This
    will not last long. AT&T has people and their job is to go on tech
    sites/forums to get info on how people are trying to circumvent the
    AT&T unlock process.

  • Lol i could buy a new phone with 150$ xD

  • 150. ? on ebay can do the same for 60 to 80

  • Theres many cellphone vendors in Hawaii who offers this service too. i think that they should just go to AT&T. if your phone isn’t a stolen or a lost phone.

  • Why does iDB promote these kind of unlocking methods when they affirm that they are against app piracy? Is it not similar?

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