Opera (yes, the browser people) published its first ever State of Mobile Advertising report this week, a study regarding the effectiveness of advertising on different mobile platforms.

As you might have expected, Apple’s iOS came out on top. Despite Android’s lead in overall marketshare, users seem to browse the web and click on ads more on Apple’s mobile OS…

According to the report, which pulled data from more than 35 billion monthly ad impressions, iOS accounted for 61% of mobile advertising revenue last quarter. Android came in a distant second with 26.56%, and everyone else was in the single digits.

Opera also tallied up each platform’s eCPM (or effective cost per mile), which essentially measures the effectiveness of an ad by dividing ad impressions by click-throughs. The average eCPM for iOS was $2.49, $2.10 on Android, and less than a $1 on both RIM and Windows Phone.

As you can see, the data actually paints a really bleak picture for mobile platforms outside of the two-horse race. For example, Android and iOS accounted for just over 70% of the mobile traffic recorded on Opera’s ad network last quarter, and RIM and Windows Phone didn’t make it out of the single digits combined.

While all of this may seem boring on the surface, mobile advertising effectiveness is pretty big deal for platforms. There’s a lot of money in this business, and as you know, everyone generally flocks to where the money’s at. Opera says that its mobile ad network alone drove over $240 million in ad revenue last year.

Keep in mind that this is the first edition of Opera’s Mobile Advertising report, and it doesn’t cover traffic from the entire web. But given the size of the sample, and the company’s background, the information is still worth taking a look at.


  • They should really make a Opera Mobile instead of Mini for iOS.I mean mini is useful when you have limited bandwidth or unblock sites but if you’re on WiFi i cant stand how awful pages look.Yes they load fast but they look horrible for an smartphone.They should compete Chrome for iOS and develop a fast browser like mini but with smartphone user agent .

    • SimonReidy

      I’m sure they would like to, but given they are only allowed to ue the same webkit code as all other 3rd party browsers in the App Store, they wouldn’t be able to make it any faster. Chrome is great, but it’s no faster than any other 3rd party browser. It’s advantages come from its slick UI, integration with its desktop browser + other Google services.

      Given Operas’ relatively small user-base on computers, I don’t think they’d have much to gain from building a mobile browser, as they’d lose the ability to serve up their own inserted ads.

      Opera Mni is different given it just serves up basic HTML and compressed data + ads from Opera’s proxies. I imagine its still very popular in paces with very slow data connections, as you said its not good for anything else.

  • I can’t trust Opera at all, considering after I’ve seen multiple reports claim Android as the No.1 ad platform, with evidence to back it up. I’m not buying, it sorry.

    • This is true, I’ve read from multiple other blogs claiming the same thing, I don’t understand why Opera would lie about it…