The wait is over gamers. The highly anticipated sequel to Tiny Wings, Tiny Wings 2, has finally landed in the U.S. App Store. As previously explained, the app will be available as a free update to previous owners.

Also hitting the App Store tonight is the iPad version of Tiny Wings, Tiny Wings HD. The game comes Retina-ready and features the same addictive gameplay from the iPhone cut. Keep reading for live links…

We’ve already given you a full rundown of the new features in Tiny Wings 2, but here’s a quick recap:

  • A new game mode: “Flight School”
  • 15 hand-crafted levels that really “flow”
  • A few new additions to the bird family
  • Hello shiny Retina Display! Tiny Wings is now as lovely as you are
  • Night flights
  • iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)
  • Revised menu
  • New languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

If you haven’t previously purchased the game, the iPhone version of Tiny Wings 2 will run you $0.99 (App Store link). And for those of you looking to grab the iPad edition, Tiny Wings HD is $2.99 (App Store link).

So, who’s going for it?

  • I quite like the verses mode for the iPad, thats pretty creative! Tiny Wings has always been a good game, the best iOS games are the ones you can just pick up and play to pass a bit of time.

  • As of 5:51pm PST, Tiny Wings 2.0 is live in the US App Store, but Tiny Wings HD is not.

  • The iPad version isn’t available in the US app store..

  • Daniel Beecham

    Its on the Chilean (Latin America) App Store to, ready on my ipad Retina and my 4s, see you, Gone to play xD

  • Usama Ahmad

    on my store ( pakistani ) the iphone version costs 1.29$ and the Hd version costs 4.19$ , why the price difference?

  • Tiny Wings HD has been hiding in the US App Store! It says “Last Update: July 05, 2012”!

    • Falk M.

      It probably means that Apple accepted the update on that day and put it online and make it unfindable until the official release date got hit.
      That’s how you do it if you want a launch day of your choice. 🙂

  • AW YEAH xD

  • Syed Ali

    Who gives a toss.