I know what you’re thinking, yet another organizer app. Bear with me for a second, this is taking the concept of geofencing to a whole new level. Checkmark for iPhone focuses on geo-enabled reminders, it’s got a remarkably efficient interface and works on devices that Apple’s stock Reminders app doesn’t support, such as older iPads and iPhones. That’s all fine and dandy, but you’ll be really sold on one standout feature…

Checkmark, “reminders when and where you want them”, is an upcoming iPhone app built by Snowman that looks to change how we think about mobile software that organizes our life. It one-ups Apple’s Reminders with timed geolocation reminders, enabling one to set a reminder for X minutes after arrival to a destination.

If you’ve ever missed a reminder triggered when pulling in you garage because by the time you’re in the house you’ve already forgotten about it, you’ll wanna consider Checkmark.

No more forgetting that important reminder on your way from the garage to the house, like with Apple’s Reminders app.

As you can see in the promo clip below, the When and Where buttons at the bottom switch between time and location based representation.

A home screen-like design with rows of icons sporting the familiar badges let you check out your rough agenda just by glancing.

It’s quite a departure from the crop of similar apps in the App Store, mostly annoyances that bombard you with things to do without giving you a clean at-a-glance overview.

And because the home screen analogy and the badges are so familiar, the learning curve is very low so even inept users should get up to speed quickly.

Just glance at the icons and the badges.

One work task pending.

Three things to do at home.

And two items pending in the Groceries list.

Now that I have an idea what the rest of my day looks like, I’m gonna first tackle whatever is required at work before shopping for groceries on my way home. Or, I could just go about my daily routine and trust my iPhone to trigger location-based alarms.

All of this sounds easier said than done: that’s why lots of organizer apps in the App Store get it so wrong, either involving too much overhead or failing spectacularly in terms of usability.

In case you were wondering, that effective clip is credited to Mr. Snowman.

Checkmark is “coming soon” to the App Store and you can count on iDB keeping you in the loop.

Does Checkmark look like a worthy replacement for Apple’s Reminders app in iOS?

Do you think it’s prettier and more useful than the Clear app‘s Windows Phone Metro-esque user interface?

  • Sina

    Yes, I do think it’s prettier and more useful than the Clear app‘s Windows Phone Metro-esque user interface because I totally hate Metro UI.

    • I am one of the biggest apple fanboys but I can even say from a UI and and design point of view, Windows Phone 7 OS is gorgeous and fun to use. Just everything else is useless especially the AppStore. I would never give up my iPhone but I can admit that’s metro ui design is one thing they finally got right”ish”

  • I hope it will be more useful than the stock reminder because location reminders doesn’t work in my country even with setting up the adress in my 4s. The stock reminder sucks !

  • does this work all over the world…?

  • location at background kills battery.I dont get these reminders apps just write them in note and get it in ur pocket.

    • You can still use reminder apps but just set them-
      1. Alert at a certain time.
      2. Badge on your honescreen.
      3. Pop up in notification center only if you like checking it.

      Just keep you homescreen and notification center clean. Don’t have a billion apps allowed to use notification center and don’t be one of those people with a hundred different badges in the homescreen.

    • Sean

      I love the idea of these kind of apps, because I’m not always that somewhere at a particular time. But sadly my battery doesn’t like it as much. And my iPhone doesn’t even survive the day without using these kinds of apps now..

  • Falk M.

    Or you know, don’t dismiss reminders that pop up that you don’t want to work on at that moment.
    I constantly check my lock screen, seeing the nasty reminder instantly reminds me.


    Oh and: you could always set a timer, for example with Siri, that’s extremely fast.
    Nah please, I’ll take my vertical integration and built-inness over a feature I don’t need at all 😛

  • f5faith


  • Works on iPhone 3GS?