There’s a new report out today that claims that back in 2010, AT&T went to BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion, and asked them to create a touch-screen iPhone competitor.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. But perhaps the most important one is the fact that back in 2010, AT&T was still Apple’s exclusive iPhone partner here in the U.S…

The information comes in a lengthy report today by The Wall Street Journal, entitled: ‘Multiple Missteps Led to RIM’s Fall.’

“In 2010, AT&T Inc., then Apple’s exclusive carrier partner, approached RIM about a plan to develop a touch screen rival to the iPhone, said two former RIM executives. The chief of AT&T’s mobile division visited RIM’s research and development team in Waterloo to stress how important it was for AT&T to have a successful BlackBerry product to sell, according to people familiar with the visit.”

The deal was, AT&T was extremely worried that the iPhone’s popularity would give Apple too much influence in the market. In fact, there were several carriers that felt that way:

“Executives at Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group PLC approached RIM to work together on a phone that could compete with the iPhone, say people familiar with the matter. The collaboration resulted in RIM’s first touch-screen device, the Storm.”

So essentially, carriers who weren’t offering the iPhone at the time were scared of the handset because they feared losing customers. And the ones that did carry the device were worried that Apple would gain too much power. With no carrier branding or bloatware, the iPhone isn’t exactly a wireless provider’s best friend.

At any rate, it’s still strange that even with the exclusive rights to the most popular-selling smartphone in the country, AT&T went behind Apple’s back looking for an alternative.

What do you think?

  • And we see how well that worked.

  • JerseyD

    7 articles in a row and none of them were wrote by Christian? I don’t think thats happened since he joined the site. He must be working on an article that’s extra long. or 10 of them

    • JorgeMD

      Hahaha, that’s very true. 😀 Don’t worry he’ll probably make a super long one summarizing today, and explaining why he didn’t post short ones.

  • It’s makes perfect sense companies would be scared. Apple controlled the whole iPhone market. Even AT&T had and still has no say so when It comes to anything Apple. Apple is the reason Andriod is even out.

  • noksucow

    I don’t think it was from a lack of trying. Just couldn’t come up with anything.

  • It goes to show you the true Value of the iPhone. Andriod phone got carrier garbage all over the phone. There all these different GS3 models, special for each carrier and for what I asked.

    • There are 2 different GS3 models. One international and one for the US. In the US they don’t differ on each carrier except for their internal hd capacity. You’re thinking of the GS2.

      • There is also Korean version so make it 3. For now 🙂

      • That version isn’t available as of yet. Possibly as early as this month. It will be the first smartphone to have quad core and LTE. Only thing is, it’s a separate LTE chip making the device .4mm thicker but that’s it.

  • Apple will become its own carrier then it will do to AT&T what it did to Blackberry and Motorola. I dont know if this is good or bad. You seen how long it took Apple to give us noteworthy features on the iPhone. With out competition Apple will just recycle what we already have. Dont get me wrong, I love my iPhone but i love features too.

    • boneflute

      apple will also run your utilities and sell you coffee

  • mutethoughts

    AT&T exec’s aren’t stupid they knew the iPhone’s runaway success would be a double edged sword, I personally love the fact Apple doesn’t bend over for carriers I hate bloatware and carrier branding on my devices. RIP RIM.