Apple rolled out iOS 6 beta 2 to developers this morning, exactly two weeks after releasing the original. We’ve installed the new firmware, and have been looking everywhere for any significant changes.

While we haven’t found any major new features yet, we have noticed a few subtle differences. We’ve already mentioned the animated install icon, but there’s one more addition that folks might find useful…

In beta 2, Apple has re-added the ‘Enable 3G’ toggle in the Settings app. This, as most of you know, allows users to switch off their device’s 3G data when in a poor service area, or when trying to conserve power. The option was noticeably absent in the first beta, so it’s reappearance is certainly welcomed.

We’ll be sure to let you know if we find any other changes. And if you discover anything new, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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    • Kok Hean

      Guided Access

  • can u figure any date of otg update of ios 6?

  • Can it be jailbroken?

    • Why downvote this^^ ?

      • Because its a beta software that’s been out for a week.

      • Oh yes,, i understand but,, i was thinking the tethered jailbreak for beta 1 may work with beta 2???

      • Everyone on here is basically dumb! Can you please read before going around and downvoting everything! It can be jailbroken! 😛

    • MohamedHassabo1

      Beta 1 can i think but beta 2 iwe still cant tell.

  • It doesn’t show up on my iPhone 4S, and I just got beta 2 this morning.

    • rohta

      Quite strange. I’ve also updated to beta 2, but the “Enable 3G” toggle appeared in my 4S

      • Which network provider are you using?

      • rohta

        My carrier is TIM Brazil.

  • nvog

    thank God for that…

  • Omg it is too slow on a 3gs. I am still at preparing update.

  • jose19979

    Another change is that now the default search engine changed from Google to Yahoo. I´m wondering why……

    • Hasnt this always been the case? Anyway you can change it in settings>safari>search engine.

    • Apple pretty much hates Google now. Wonder if iOS7 will have a new search engine made by Apple.

    • JoachimThomas

      still Google, here (italy)

  • can’t find the link. why is that?

    • There is no link> if you are already on ios 6 beta 1 go to settings> general> update and you will find it there

    • You need to be either already on iOS 6 beta 1 and update via OTA or have an iOS developer account to download it.

  • rohta

    The new Maps is working better in areas outside U.S.
    Now it is possible (at least in Brazil) to see the streets correctly under standard or hybrid view.

  • Podcasts seem to be working again

  • jose castro

    its still lame just make something like sbsetting hahahahaha

    • Falk M.

      Or have battery innovation so I don’t have to worry about setting all these pesky settings anymore.
      THAT would be win.

      But battery tech is horrible.

  • James Latten

    Im trying to update to ios 6 beta 2 on my ipod touch but it just wont download all it says preparing updates and then it just stays there and get stuck and wont finish the update. Someone please help

    • Same here on my iPod Touch. Then again, I bypassed activation using the bug in iOS6 beta 1. I don’t know if it’s present in beta 2. Are you a registered developer?

      • James Latten

        yes i am

      • Huh. Then that’s weird. I’m thinking of interrupting the update and starting over, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

        EDIT: NEVER MIND. Googled around and found out that a bunch of people have the same issue. You just have to wait it out. Also, OTA update works fine without a registered UDID. (Yay for me :D)

      • I believe not really a bug. Apple stopped requiring UDID back in the last couple betas of iOS 5.

  • Settings app now shows Sina Weibo Icon on not China device, I don’t know if is a feature or a bug

  • marcin slaczka

    Is there a list of bugs for iOS 6 somewhere?

    • J

      Yes, google: iOS 6 beta 2 bug list

  • Still not available on my 4S iOS6 b2. Other updates are present.

  • toggle is not present on my 4s; using ATT

    • friedriches

      The 4S has never had the toggle. It was missing when it was released, Apple said the phone does it automatically. (Personally, I want that control for myself.)

  • Since it was creating no problem to me without any “3G enable” toggle. But it is always good to have options.

  • Cedrick Miller

    Equalizer has a “Late Night” mode. What’s this?

  • a_noeljr

    Hey guys I just found out how to enable the “Enable 3G” toggle but you must be jailbroken. Download ifile and navigate: /system/library/carrier bundles/ATT_US.bundle. Open the carrier.plist with “property list viewer”. Toggle “Show3GSwitchOnCat10HW” on. Reboot the phone.

  • JoachimThomas

    seems map crash when trying to type in search box (triggered by facebook integration enabled) and camera crashing in some apps got fixed, too 🙂

  • It’s not on my beta 2

  • I can post video

  • ‘Enable 3G’ toggle was already brought back since iOS 5.1.