Last year, LunaTik raised a million dollars for its iPod Nano watchband project. Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the bands were a hit.

Today, the company is hoping it can get lightning to strike a second time around, with its latest creation: the TAKTIK, a premium case for your iPhone 4 or 4S…

As you can tell from the video, the TAKTIK is made to take a beating. It’s built out of both Ballistik Polymer and high-grade aluminum, and covered in Gorilla Glass for added protection.

The case is being advertised as shockproof, dust proof, and water resistant, but it still offers access to all of the device’s jacks and ports. That’s probably a good thing, considering this doesn’t look like the type of case you want to frequently mess with.

All in all, the TAKTIK looks like a solid cover for those in the market for something durable. Its design might be a little too “extreme” for some people, but it’s not bad-looking by any means.

LunaTik has 29 days to raise $150,000, so it can start mass-producing these cases. If you’re interested, a pledge of $75 will get you a base-model TAKTIK. And $100-$150 will get you the Gorilla Glass and Silver Anodized upgrades respectively.

Now for $250, LunaTik is offering what it calls the “Future Proof Pack.” This includes a top of the line TAKTIK case for the iPhone 4/4S now, and one for the iPhone 5 when it comes out this fall. How’s that for marketing?

What do you think of the TAKTIK?


  • Obsidian71

    I like it! Not sure if i’m ready to go back to a bulky case however.

  • seyss

    Finally some good looking tough case

  • Great looking case! I really like that silence switch feature.

  • Looks great, but im not ready to sacrifice my mophie yet.

    • I was thinking about buying a Boostcase.. What do you recommend about your Morphie case over a Boostcase?

      • Nothing specific to recommend, honestly. It’s just the one i was pointed to at tekserve. Didn’t even know a boost case existed.

  • Wow love the design. May they should’ve waited for the next Gen iPhone first??

    • Millions and millions of people are still going to have a 4/4S..

  • very good, looks very solid and good looking, but still too expensive, I want it, but I don’t think I’ll get one for me

  • The best part was: no iPhones were harmed in the making of this film. Looks pro. Might get one if its around £50.

  • I think that it`s awesome specially for people that are moving all the way or like to do sports

  • Not worth that price tag.

  • So good! So expensive…

  • the question is… will it blend?

  • Love the implementation of the mute-switch. Unfortunately I’m currently searching for a waterproof case, not just water-resistant. ;(

  • OSOM

  • MrSchmo

    with an expensive case like that, you might want to also buy something to protect that as well.

  • im getting the future pack, for the iphone 5 case for me, and giving the 4s case to my dad

  • Dan

    looks nice, but I always have the impression that cases like these beef up the phone too much. I want my phone to be light and slim!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for just over 2 years now and I’ve never used more than a bumper and I took that off 2 weeks after using it. My phone is protected by my hands and reflexes. LOL.

  • quick question, will the new ipad siri run a proxy that i can use on my iPhone 4 or 3GS?

  • Great Looking case. Way over priced. When you can get the life proof case thats water proof for under $100. I like that it is slimmer than an otter box. but for that kind of money if i brake mine i can get a new one.

  • Leo Sack

    Usually I don’t like invasive cases like that but I love the design. Just a bit expensive though.

  • unknown

    i dont like black iphone so i bought the white one then hide it with this case or some other cases.

  • omnomnomnom i wants it

  • Wael Abdo

    why always guys try to bulletproof a phone? its a phone not a bullet shield nor a bulldozer….

  • ok till u try dock it with other docking stations would need a
    Adapter for the bottom of the case

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Seems to disrupt the GPS signal. Look at the scene where She looks at the GPS log where she been running, seems to have swum in the river most of the time.

  • BIG QUESTION ??????? I love the case but does it have a belt clip???

  • i want my iphone to be slim not like a brink

  • I am iPhone 4S user and really careless, i drops my cell a lot causing scratches on body.
    Do agree that this case is bit costly but is good enough to protect my cell and give a good different looks.

  • does it work with Iphone 3Gs?

  • Snowgnome

    Too bad my brand new iPhone 4s was destroyed by one. Not even water resistant and can’t dock it… Don’t say it wasnt installed properly because the demo guy for the company put mine on for me.

  • This guy always moves the boundaries fro what possible. Great! That the this product is too bulky for me is another story. I bought an Aktiv case from EDGE Design and its awesome.

  • I agree that this case is expensive but you can also consider that this case will protect your iPhone which more then expensive from the cost of this case.