Indeed, there will be a jailbreak for iOS 6 in the very near future, but it might not be what you’re expecting. This morning, MuscleNerd announced that the iPhone Dev Team will release an iOS 6 jailbreak “In the spirit of the experimental ecosystem JBers provide”.

With that in mind, the team is releasing a developer only jailbreak for iOS 6. This means that you won’t have access to a pretty interface like Cydia, but you will be provided with SSH access.

Since iOS 6 and this jailbreak is intended for developers only, this makes sense. If you’re a new developer, though, you may have some questions as to how to use the upcoming jailbreak. We hope to be able to answer those in an upcoming tutorial that showcases how to use the new iOS 6 jailbreak.

Are you a developer? Are you excited about the prospects of a jailbroken iOS 6 installation? Stay tuned.

  • Jeff, do you know how to make cydia tweaks, really love you concept videos and hope it will really come to cydia, or maybe iDB will have their own cydia tweaks in the future

  • no cydia – just ssh. have fun with that 😉

  • with ssh access will i be able to install .deb files ?

    • via ssh on your device type “dpkg -i .deb”

      • (just the part between the “”) 😉

      • im not that big of a programmer but with .deb i can install cydia tweaks right? and cydia it self?

      • As MuscleNerd said before, Cydia is broken on iOS 6! Even if you install its deb…-.-

  • WoW !

  • Just signed up for the iOS developer program and have the beta on my iPhone and iPad. This is actually a very nice surprise hearing that we won’t have to wait for a long time for a jailbreak solution. 

    • zoryy0001

      why do you have to signed and pay 100$ , and you can do it for free!!!!!!!!???

  •  is this going to be a tethered jailbreak for just a4 devices via limera1n
    or did they utilize a userland exploit for this?
    if so hope noone spills the beans..

  • What about when apple updates ios 6? Is it still jailbreakable?

  • 50bbx

    I hope they will not waste an interesting exploit.

  • Will be a good excuse for me to learn something by forcing me to do it the hard way.  I suppose I would be in the “new developer” category.  Jeff, I would be very interested in your tutorials!