A few stock applications that were on the iPhone never made their way to the iPad. Indeed, the Weather, Stocks, and Clock apps for example have been nowhere to be found on the iPad since its launch in 2010.

With the introduction of iOS 6 beta though, Apple has officially brought the Clock app to its popular tablet – see our video walkthrough. Even though you won’t find its icon anywhere, the Stocks app also makes an appearance…

iDB reader Gurmehar tipped us:

Well this isn’t really a feature, it’s more of an Easter egg. On the iPad, if you ask Siri to “launch Stocks,” it opens the iPhone version of the app which isn’t even installed.

Go ahead, try it for yourself.

Do you know of any new cool features in iOS 6? Please make sure to hit us up with your tips.

  • I case no one noticed yet, the little lock sign on the lock screen is gone in iOS 6

    • Loopthree

      For me, its gone in Springtomize 2 😀

  • Jan


  • Love ’em “Easter Eggs”….. 

    Looks like the biggest “leak source” inside of Apple is their very own Siri!!!!  LOL!!!

  • BBL

    Nice it works on my iPad
    By the way the best stock FREE app for iPad (compatible Retina) is yahoo one “MarketDash” but it’s only available in US App Store, I dunno why

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    • Loopthree

      No-one is interested in your pathetic scam. So why don’t you just f*ck off.

  • To me, this indicates that the final build of iOS 6 will have the iPad version of Stocks. Why else would they include Stocks for the iPhone in iOS 6 Beta and let users launch it pixel-doubled via Siri. That ain’t good from attention to detail point of view 🙂

  • Who the F is Gurmehar? That’s exactly my quote you theif

  • boscotherock

    Has anyone tried this method with Weather or Calculator? Would be interesting to know if they’re hidden in there somewhere too…

  • 3G toggle gone again on iPhone 4s

  • Carlos Briones

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  • Dan

    There’s already a tweak that installs stock iphone apps on the iPad. I Forget the name though.

  • Will i be able to use Siri on my new iPad if i update to ios 6 beta?
    (my iPad UDID is registered)

  • Will i be able to use Siri on my new iPad if i update to ios 6 beta?
    (my iPad UDID is registered)

    • If your UDID is registrered as a developer device, then yes, you will. Will try myself when I get home from work.

  • RLst

    Its a freakin’ BETA DAMMIT!! If this isn’t resolved by the time iOS 6 is actually released, then start your useless whinging

  • Thomas Carnahan

    It’s nice to still have stocks but not the icon

  • I noticed the stocks widget actually showed up on my iPad today (Beta 1).

  • It launches Stocks Live app, which is even cooler.

  • Patched in the final version, thou you can ask Siri and get the sticks info