Apple really stick it to Google with jaw-dropping 3D Maps and full turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6. However, those headline features won’t be supported on hardware released prior to 2011. In other words, you’ll need at least A5-enabled iOS devices to enjoy Flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation.

This means either the latest iPhone 4S model or the second- or third-generation iPad. So, did Apple just pull a Siri, all over again?

According to Apple’s iOS 6 Preview page, turn-by-turn navigation is limited to the iPhone 4S and the second- and third-generation iPad.

“Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later”, says the fine print. Furthermore, “some features may not be available in all countries or all areas”.

This is a bit strange knowing that iOS 6 works on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (but not the original iPad). Another limitation worth pointing out: Maps’ Siri functionality is available only on the iPhone 4S and iPad 3, which will gain Siri compatibility later this fall when iOS 6 launches.

Likewise, the new three-dimensional view is also limited to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. Neither feature is supported on the fourth-generation iPod touch, which lacks a GPS chip.

While it’s logical that demanding and detailed 3D graphics would require the kind of graphics oomph offered by the A5 chip, it is to say the least surprising that Apple’s turn-by-turn navigation won’t be supported on the iPhone 4 as a number of third-party navigational apps run just fine on the iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS.

What’s Apple’s play here?

One possible reason could be the battery.

Continuous GPS tracking taxes your battery, which is not that big of an issue with the iPad’s ten-hour battery life as it is with iPhones.

On the other hand, Apple in the past limited certain features on the grounds of exclusivity.

Siri originally launched as an iPhone 4S exclusive last October and only with iOS 6 will the company take the digital secretary to the iPad 3. Conspicuously enough, Siri is not supported on the second-generation iPad.

Your guess is as good as ours so feel free to offer your explanation down in the comments.

  • It seems Apple really hates the iPhone 4. It can support a LOT of features the 4S has, yet it’s not getting them. Really would nice to hear their reasoning for it.

    • 2008crna

      It is a simple explanation. It is a marketing ploy to get you to upgrade. I have the iphone 4s but I am pissed to see this kind of behavior. It wont take the jailbreak community long to “fix” the problem. Take that Steve…Tim Cook!

      • Thank you to the unofficial Apple developers. They always tend to deliver features that Apple has “overlooked”.

    • the iphone4 sucks compared to having the 4s. Not even worth jailbreaking the 4 because it cant handle it. Its like putting a 5 years old in a high school class…

      • AMB_07

        I don’t know what planet you come from but jailbreaking the iPhone 4 is an amazing experience and it’s been great ever since I bought mine back when it was released. A great phone even by 2012’s standards.

      • Michelle Rogers

        Why would you bother paying more money and having to go through the trouble of jailbreaking? Why wouldn’t you just get an Android — not worry about jailbreaking — solve all your problems. The phone would be better quality — able to do more — and cost less.

      • …but in the case of Android, you still have to root for many of the otherwise, unavailable features. Same concept as the jailbreak….

        And how would getting an Android “solve all of [my] problems”? My golf handicap is still only 12, Android can’t solve that.

      • ^ Just realized how old these posts were. I suck.

      • I beg to differ I have the iPhone 4 and it’s jailbroken no problems at all. Just cause the 4s has an A5 chip and the 4 has an A4 chip it still works with no problems here. And I use lots of different apps every day.

    • Don’t worry, there will be a solution on Cydia. Just let it release finaly 😉

  • I

    What the hell, Apple?! Why do you keep punishing your pre-existing customers??

  • maurid

    This is textbook Apple. People shouldn’t really be surprised.

  • Lubomir Georgiev

    Turn it on with a jailbreak tweak..?! 🙂

  • Lubomir Georgiev

    My dad just paid 50 bucks for TomTom USA 😀 Gotta ask for a refund.. 🙂

  • I’m really disappointed that ipod touch does not get flyover, im not blaming apple because I understand the hardware cant handle it but still I really was looking forward to flyover. Now to wait for the iPhone 5………

  • rohta

    First is the decision of put aside iPad 1 on iOS 6 upgrade list, which is surely not due to hardware limitations (it has the same A4 SoC of iPhone 4). Argh…

    Now they don’t provide turn-by-turn navigation, even on iPhone 4 (which still have a pretty decent hardware)?

    Flyover be a kind of “advanced premium feature like Siri” of latest and greatest devices I think would be acceptable, but turn-by-turn…..hmmm….not excuses to not put it in every single device that will receive iOS6, specially in iPhone 4.

    • I thought the same thing with Siri on iphone 4 until I tried it and realized that the whole phone was slow and had bad battery. Voice guided navigation is very processor intensive and the A4 just cant handle it, it sucks I know but there is really no choice.

      • Not true. Even the 3GS could handle voice navigation from apps like garmin, tomtom, igo, waze, mapquest, navigon, etc… This is not a hardware limitation. Also Siri on my 4 was completely fine. It’s not as snappy as my 4s but nothing is. As for battery I only wish my 4s would last as long as my 4 🙁

      • Voice guided navigation is really really processor intensive, it will work but with very heavy lag. Remover apple said on the keynote that’s it’s re routing you in real time in order to save travel time. That task itself takes up a ton of processor power. A5 is 7x faster than A4.

        But still I agree with you that it would be nice on iPhone 4

      • Michelle Rogers

        I have voice guided navigation on my android. I notice no lag.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation works on my iPhone 4, I tried it today.

    • Not the audio turn by turn like every other GPS app has…

      • I guess I can enable it by adding a Key in the Device’s plist… If not, I will just make a tweak that reads all that “signs”/Directions to the user.

      • yes please!

  • JDili

    LAME!!!!!! There is no reason why the iPhone 4 can’t have Turn By Turn navigation. (Greedy Apple) I might be one of the few people who currently use the TomTom app (which is a great buy), so updating my phone for a feature like this doesn’t make much sense. I’ll stick with my iPhone 4.

  • Honestly I figured they were going to “pull a Siri” and make this exclusive only to the new iPhone 5 – so, hearing that they will also make it available to the iPhone 4S surprises me.

    I figured the basic maps would replace Google’s Maps on all iOS devices!!! Leaving any of the 3D or Advanced features I felt were ONLY destined for just the iPhone 5.

    I have the iPhone 4 – so, I’m already comfortable with living in “economy class” and I have already committed myself to purchasing the iPhone 5, which will undoubtedly get “Siri’d” with some new fangled feature on the future iPhone 5S!!!

    Do I think that is “fair” – frankly “No, I don’t” – but I understand Marketing and the need for a Public Corporation to turn a profit.

    I also understand Apple wanting to limit features on a device which was never engineered to handle that feature – i.e. Siri – maybe I’m wrong, but I think my “Siri Experience” on my lesser iPhone 4 would be slow, frustrating and therefore I would just turn it off. So, I don’t blame Apple for wanting to “protect” me from a “bad” experience with a product of theirs! Remember, they are about the user experience! 🙂

  • rob ramsdaro

    new phone is coming when the ios6 is dropped, not having turn by turn will try and help pursuade all the iphone 4 users to get the new iphone. Thats most likely the only reason. Also by only in some countries, they mostly likely really mean, only in america.
    as an iphone 4 user, ios6 offers me nothing new I dont already have via jailbreak.

  • Well, there’s my reason to finally activate the data plan on my iPad 2… Never got around to it, but if it gives me the turn-by-turn…

  • jailbreak devs, this one is for you

  • whatever iphone you use…..just install tom tom…..and poof….all navigation issues solved :)…been using it for almost 3 years now….and all map info is cached on your phone….it is like a 2 gig install…worth it!…….and like you will be using the flyover thing that much anyway…

    • Michelle Rogers

      Does that have a monthly fee?

  • AMB_07

    Very disapointing, I’ll stay with Navigon then…

  • sasan akbari

    What the hell is wrong with apple?
    Apple really hates iphone 4! For what reason? Because it was lunched by steve jobs?!
    Again we will need to port them in our iphone 4 just like siri !

  • ابل هتجننا خلاص

  • appel it will crazy ue

  • Definitely a business decision and I’m not mad at them. The iPhone 4 will be 2.5 years old and the 3GS 3.5 years old by the time os6 is released. I think it’s pretty damn nice that they get upgrades at all if you compare them to android phones that are “obsolete” within a year. If you expect the latest and greatest then expect to pay for it. Besides, there are plenty of alternatives for navigation (even free).

    • It doesn’t matter how old they are. The iPhone 4 can definitely handle turn by turn nav. As can the 3GS. If apple continues to market them. (Which they do, the iPhone 4 and 3GS are still being made & sold). They should continue to support them to the full extent. Especially when even the most basic customer knows that there are other apps that can do the same thing on these devices. Hardware is not an issue for turn by turn. Battery MAYBE. but even with the maps app now my battery sucks. That is to be expected with EVERY phone. Apple should not try and sucker me in to buying their latest if they are still selling a phone from 2 years ago.

    • Michelle Rogers

      I don’t understand your comment about Android phones being ‘obsolete’ within a year. I have Androids and they are able to get the latest and greatest apps. My phone is _only_ a Galaxy S (not S II) and I have not found any app that I cannot get, even though there are a few new releases since my phone. And, I’m sure it is well over a year old.

  • ahmad al-khuzae

    1- does that mean turn by turn will work on my iPad 3 wifi ??!!
    cause that would be epic i have it set up in the center of my console while driving

    3- it sucks that I’m not getting anything for my iPhone 4 , its why I’m not getting a 4s
    in fact its why I’m thinking of changing to a htc sense , or bb10

    4- but thinking about it , companies like bb and android , stop most phones support in less than a year , they are even updating the 3gs ,, so some credit is due

    im generally astonished at how little apple is doing since steve died
    ios6 only has some minor UI changes ( which is getting really old )
    a lot of stuff that is needed isn’t there
    any UPDATE is actually just a new app , maps
    slight VERY slight improvement to siri i expected offline , or to be open
    and stuff that should be there long ago ,, like Facebook sharing i mean common

    and i no longer believe its the MOST FORWARD OS , if anything its getting retarded and old

  • Damn… this sucks :l

  • I have turn by turn navigation on my 4 already. Why can’t Apple do it for us? This sucks really.

  • ALSO they are not including transit or pedestrian directions which means I just put the brakes on my planned switch to an iPhone.

    • Chad Johnston

      yes it does…

  • Apples play is simple: BUY A NEW iPHONE! Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Instead of complaining about the situation just go buy a iPhone 4S and iPad 3

    • Ebi

      Hey guys Apple never thing about you are just they want make a money!!!!!

  • I would love to see apples tv advert for the next iPhone and iOS 6. Also would love to see the government setting a law where by companies advertising must verbally and in text be totally honest and frank about their product.
    I can see it now: “The new iPhone which will probably only have one thing different from last years phone along with the all new iOS 6 which won’t operate on your iPad from a couple of years ago and not everything will run on your phone that you may have purchased just over a year ago. We have also added a  new app that has all the bells and whistles that a majority of you don’t need. And last but not least, we copied the jailbreakers tweaks because we can’t think of anything else to do.
    The new iPhone, we know all you apple fans will buy it. BAaaaaa”

  • and the asses on this site sticking up for them keep them thinking that they can keep doing this to the customers. we all should be united and by saying give us more and instead of saying “yeay apple gave some of us less!”

  • thepies

    What’s wrong with you APPLE -.- don’t make iPhone 4 user disappointed.

    • Apple is not dissapointing iphone 4 owners. Did apple dissapoint you with ios 5? I think not… This is eventually going to happen to iphone 4s users with ios 7 or 8. It is not a matter disappointing customers, its a matter of giving iphone 4/3gs owners a reason to upgrade.

  • my view is the iPad was dropped from the list as it is the only device not in production, not earning them direct sales. The 3GS is still in production as a cheaper end alternative, iPhone 4 as a mid range, and iPhone 4S as the ‘flag ship’. Same regarding the iPad range.

    Ok, i believe that the iPhone 4 should have at least one of the ‘new features’ (turn by turn navigation or Siri) in which segregates the products in tier of price to actually draw the user toward the more expensive iPhone 4 over the 3GS, other than just hardware and a mildly better camera.

    But you have to retain the fact that at the end of the day, large companies like MS and Apple are still companies, despite their vast incomes and revenues. A business is by definition there to make money, and the best way to do that is to make the big daddy have the big toys. More money gets you more features.

    At the end of the day they need to try not to piss off the end user as much as they can, but for all the pissing and moaning your probably going to end up getting the product or the next one at some point (not specifically applying to Apple here).

    Certainly for Apple products, jumping a ‘revision’ is a must. i’m content with my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and certainly won’t be upgrading to a new generation until something notable warrants a payout. Certainly the iPhone 5 and maybe the ‘New New iPad, ;P or the iPad 4’.

  • My advise to non A5 users just jailbreak your device! I have an iPhone 4 and I jailbroke it to get Siri and she works like a charm! The jailbreak community is working on the turn by turn nav and the flyover maps and the progress is going well!

  • Its not that much different between the 4 and the 4s one has 600mhz and the other has 800mhz you dont get the full 1gig that they say

    • Eikharia Sado

      Wrong…both are at 800mhz and both have 512mb of ram

  • Apple, I used to love you and now — WEAK, LAME and YOU SUCK!

  • You know what’s really sad, I have a Motorola Backflip here that’s pretty much a first generation Android device in terms of hardware, and it still has voice navigation with turn by turn directions. This move by Apple is nothing more than “forced obsolescence” rather than just “planned obsolescence”.

  • pfahli

    At least, Apple offers updates, my htc wildfire s still doesn’t have android 4, even if the desire c has the same specifications under android 4.0.
    The phone is just ONE year old. The iPhone 3GS still gets an update, even if it is 3 years old.

    Noone cares about that, everyone is just angry about apple, that a two years old phone doesn’t offer Siri or a navigationsystem, which you also didn’t get, when you bought the phone!

  • iamaviewer

    The app W.E.L.D.E.R. doesn’t work with the iPhone OS6 upgrade

  • Yeah, that sucks for the iPhone 4 users (including myself). This strategy by Apple allows them to dictate when their users have to update to newer hardware.

    I love Apple products, and I also like to own the newest technologies but frankly, I can’t afford to keep up with them. I purchased the 3rd Gen iPad and skipped the 4s as only one was in my budget. I was hoping to get away a little longer without buying the iPhone 5.

  • I feel betrayed! My only complaint when switching from my android to the iphone was the lack of turn-by-turn voice navigation. I couldn’t wait for iOS6 because it promised so much. What a disappointment! I haven’t found anything better about it!

  • Turn by turn navigation can save lives. If anyone has tried using an iphone for navigation while driving alone you’ll understand why it’s so dangerous. The fact they’re withholding it simply to make an extra buck is downright irresponsible and should be illegal.

  • iKool

    A year has passed and jailbreak is becoming harder to implement for the developers. Apple is also promoting cheerleaders on their discussions boards to do the cleansing of those who choose “unsafe” jailbreaking. They click the report button and messages suddenly disappear. The users that wrote the “jailbreak” message will in turn receive an essay saying why they should not jailbreak. The message suddenly feels like someone broke the law.