Apple’s boss Tim Cook is about to take the stage at San Francisco’s Moscone West an hour from now to deliver Apple’s mobile and desktop strategy for the next twelve months. You’re probably on the edge of your seat as we are, wondering what will get announced and whether there will be an “one more thing” moment that will blow your pants off.

More importantly, all eyes are on Apple as the industry awaits to see how Cupertino responds to strong competition in the mobile space. So we just put together this little poll and are asking you, our readers, to pick one WWDC announcement that you’re most excited for…

To refresh your memory prior to casting your vote below, do skim through our WWDC roundup piece explaining what to look forward to based on scarce facts, tons of rumors and a good ol’ dose of guesstimating.

This should be interesting.

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  • Guest

    Wheres the poll? 🙂

  • Zorvage

    The next iPhone, of course! But I don’t see it happening because iOS 6 is already coming, ..

  • iOS6.
    Been using Mountain Lion to long to be excited about it.

  • Dylan King

    Definitely iOS 6. But I hope A4 users get most of the features.

    • so you think that iphone 4s and ipad 3 users must sit simply nodding their heads seeing many features just for a4 chips…:P……………………its gonna bee fair and square….except for the siri………………

      • I don’t believe that Dylan was referring to the A4 chips solely receiving new products.

      • Let me fix his sentence so it makes more sense to you.
        “Definitely iOS 6. But I hope A4 users get most of the features [that A5 users will obviously get].” Understand what he meant now? -___-

      • ookkkkkkkkkkkk………………

      • Dylan King

        Thank you Anthony

  • Maybe Apple will indeed announce iPhone 5. My guess is that they would do this to deflate the hype surrounding the GS3 which is coming out in a couple weeks in the States. Makes sense right? :o)

    • that would be a pleasant surprise. But I am not holding my breath!

  • jose castro

    the next iphone and the new ios lol

  • I am really hoping for the next iPhone. But I doubt that will happen. So I will settle with learning about the new features of iOS 6. And anything else they want to throw at me is just icing on the cake.

  • T-mobile…

  • Apple it is the right time to all other company what is difference between others and Apple

  • Wouldn’t be the slightest surprised if Apple called it ‘the new OS’.

    • ghulamsameer

      20 minutes to go and not a “new OS” banner in sight. I do see an iOS 6 banner, however.

      • Oh, didn’t see that, sorry

  • What next iPhone? lol

  • Cannot wait! A new iPhone with a different number after it, and $400+ dollars more out of my wallet cause I have to have it!