Apple left little untouched with its iOS 6 overhaul, and that includes the App Store app. The App Store has remained relatively the same over the years, but this version is a completely new and improved iteration.

It’s so different, that you might not even recognize it on first glance. Thankfully, the changes are for the better, as this new App Store refresh provides a much more intuitive and seamless experience overall. One of the best new features is the ability to download items without being kicked back to the Home screen time and again. It really is that much better than before. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the iOS 6 version of the App Store app in the comments.

  • billypuntove

    Wow. This looks really great!
    I think a lot of people are underestimating Apple’s updates on iOS 6, but really, what can they really do at this point that can really WOW us in a way they did in the first 4?
    It would have to be a payment system like NFC and would mainly be hardware.
    I think all these little tweaks introduced today are going to make things even easier and we gotta appreciate that.

  • Well_Said

    Awesome demonstration, although Jeff Sounded like he’s having an orgasim.

    • I know right. Lol

    • javierE186

      Man I had one just listening to him have one o_O lol

    • SimonReidy

      That’s what you call an iOrgasm.

  • BBL

    I just love it the new app store navigation on both devices… Thanks for all those videos presentation of ios6 ^^

  • Looks great Jeff, but I have to call it more of a series of logical improvements rather than completely different. Still, very glad to see it.

    One question, is purchase history as it was before? Navigating tons and tons of apps, including various free downloads, makes finding a paid app quite a lengthy experience.

  • So how do I get a dev preview? I read online that I can pay $8 and skip the whole $99 stuff. What do you say Jeff? And yes I’d be willing to give up my jailbreak lol.

  • sacrificing all cydia tweaks for ios 6 is simply just not worth it. IOS 6 again borrowed few minor ideas from cydia. More importantly, this new things are not really a game changer like cydia is.

    • Ugh. It’s like this every year. I see what’s coming and I hate waiting for it. Idk can’t help it. Lol. It really gets me in trouble when new iPhones come out haha.

    • House Lannister

      Couldn’t agree more. I’ll just wait for the IOS 6 jailbreak 🙂

  • Loopthree

    Where’s Christian to point out how much of a rip off of the android app store this is?!

    Sorry to be negative, but these updates are mostly to be expected (and long overdue). There’s nothing groundbreaking here. The app store should have been updated ages ago.

    I’d welcome these changes if they were part of 5.x, but for iOS6 it just seems like too little, too late.

    • well atleast it has arrived now

    • ExRoot

      “Too little too late”. Does that mean that you have moved in to another device or are you saying that had Apple done this a year or 2 ago they would not be on the verge of financial ruin? Hopefully it’s not to late and this new iOS update can help get Apple back on its feet.

      • Loopthree

        ‘Too little’ to save their credibility. Just like their hardware, they seem to be releasing very minor incremental upgrades. And with the hardware at least, it costs a fortune if you want to keep up. It’s as if the spark has left Apple.

  • really look interesting.

  • Imran Mitha

    Is it safe to use iOS 6 beta if u don’t have a developers account

    • same question here….cause im having trouble using te beta version of osx mountain lion…………so will it be same for the ios?

    • How did you get a developers account?

  • @ Jeff Benjamin I think the black and silver theme is to tie in with the new iPhone with the metal unibody just a thought! Plus I think there’s more iOS 6 feature well see when they release more betas and the new iPhone 5 in September

  • installing an app and opening it from the same page is cool

  • I’m just waiting for the official iDB app to appear

  • This is because the new iPhone will come with four inch screen. As you can see the icons are bigger this is to coincide with launch of new iphone

  • lol this is pretty much like to google play store but better more advanced

  • Abid Patel

    Still no Update Size when updating apps? 🙁

  • Xavier du Coudray

    I’m sold! I want iOS6! doesn’t matter it’s not jailbroken yet, this is sweet as!

  • I’m sure Android has had this since version 1, right Android fanboys?

    • This isn’t an android page, no offense but get out of here..

  • Jeremy Spencer

    I just updated to iOS 6 beta 1 and I just noticed that I can download and install applications that are suppose to me only available on the iPhone but I can get on my iPod Touch ex: iPhoto, WhatsApp Messenger…

  • KikaidaO1

    Great review Jeff, but please change your opening sound!

    Sometime is scares the shit out of me!

  • It looks great but it also looks very similar to Appsfire app.

  • surprised the Chomp acquisition didn’t make it to iOS 6. was really looking forward to that

  • Gracias

  • i got hold of the beta. everything working the way it should except i have old app store with new graphics if that makes any sense. so weird <_< cant find anoyone else with same problem. hoping its just a bug.

    • hack_nug

      Same thing happening to me. iPhone 4 – 32 GB.

      • Have you figured out a fix for this yet?

      • hack_nug

        I restarted the iPhone and it was fixed.

    • hack_nug

      New AppStore shows up when using links from AppShopper.

    • happened to me also

      • hack_nug

        I restart my iPhone and now it shows the new AppStore. 

  • SimonReidy

    This is one of the best app upgrades in iOS6 for sure. Love the new navigation features, the cover flow look on iPad and the fact that it finally doesn’t boot you out of the store when you install an app!

    Most of all I love the new UI graphics. Craps all over the shiny blue look. In fact I’d love to see this colour scheme/design carry over to the entire OS.