Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu writes in today’s note to clients that Apple is working on a “notable upgrade” to its stock Camera and Photos apps which come included with the iOS mobile operating system powering iPhones, iPads and iPods.

This isn’t terribly surprising given that “notable upgrades” are presumably needed to enable new photo and video sharing functionalities recently mentioned by more credible sources.

I guess Wu’s a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal newspaper, which reported last month that iOS 6 will bring the ability to synchronize video clips across devices through iCloud, as well as share sets of photos with other iCloud users and comment on them…

As you know, iCloud in its current incarnation syncs only photos and stock Camera and Photos apps offer only bare-bone features.

According to AppleInsider, which relayed Wu’s note to clients, the analyst “speculated that the changes would make it less necessary for iPhone users to rely on third-party applications like Instagram”.

As for iOS Photos and Camera apps, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at this week’s D10 conference that Apple had no interest in buying Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in April.

With Facebook now reportedly shopping for a video sharing service, the new Facebook Camera app now on the App Store and ongoing talk of a Facebook phone project, Apple clearly must double down on its social strategy and improve upon iOS feature set.

It would be nice, for starters, to have deep Facebook integration in iOS 6 so we could post photos to Facebook directly from the Photos or Camera app.

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a major Photos overhaul. It’s seriously lacking in the editing department, offering only basic features to touch up your snaps.

And don’t get me started on the messed up album management on the device, lack of per-image options for Photo Stream, the inability to take snaps at a lower resolution and so forth.

There’s really no excuse to leave out those simple yet sought-after features.

What’s your wish list for the Camera and Photos apps in iOS 6?

  • Is this when they’ll finally add the panirama feature that was discovered a while ago?

    • Kok Hean


  • They should stop downsizing the photostream pictures (and videos in iOS6).
    I would appreciate the possibility of live filters while taking a photo. Especially because I’m no longer forced to upload my filtered images to any social media data octopus 😉

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    apple dont really need to add much, if you really wantto edit your pictures then just download iphoto. iphoto has all the editing tools you could ever want.

    • iPhoto is not a good option to edit photos on iPhone, it is very buggy…

    • iPhoto was really made for iPad 3, the iphone/ipod cant handle it that well

      • Saying that, the iPod touch can’t even handle to buy it. Why won’t you let us buy it in the app store?!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the new updates Apple brings, but with very new update, my iPod touch has become insanely slower, my max ram now is 125 Which causes me to free up memory every time I open an app…

    • Dude did u jailbreak ur device, cause if so that’s the reason. Jailbreaking makes your device really slow. I don’t like jailbreaking anymore after apps crashing after 2 seconds.

      • It also depends, on how Many tweaks you’ve installed that are ram consuming + if you rarely close apps in the background, don’t be so shocked if there’s under 100mb ram left :/

  • Anonymous

    iPhoto on iOS already does some of these things. Great photo editing for starters and also Facebook integration that even lets you view comments on those photos. If they really are improving the stock applications I’d like to see how they’re going to be different from iPhoto.

  • I’d love to be able to decrease the file size of a photo once it has been taken. Photos and videos are taking up a lot of space on my phone. I want to transfer the good quality photos to my computer then change the size on my phone to free up space

  • I just want 1 storage area, accessible from all the apps…

  • Is anyone else extremely frustrated at how crappy the stock Facebook app is on iOS and Android? I mean that app sucks monkey balls! I know this is off topic… sorry….

    • David Villamizar

      hope they get enough funds to get decent applications and it wouldn’t hurt to implement a new UI for the web page.

  • Tim.Genovese

    Faster shutter speed. Trying to take good pics of my kids is impossible.

  • Tim.Genovese

    Faster shutter speed. Trying to take good pics of my kids is impossible.

    • That has more to do with the model of phone you have. I have the 4S and my shutter speed is hella fast. Even in between photos. What phone you got?

      • Tim.Genovese


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to be able to hide photos or password protect some of my more sketchy photos.

  • What the carriers need to stop doing is Downsizing videos sent via MMS (they look horrible). And the stock facebook app does suck too it compresses vidoes as well! Off topic I know, but it needs to be addressed.

  • D.

    The album app needs a tap/folder where it can shows the videos recorded separate from the pictures I’ve taken with the phone. I’d like that.

  • It would be a good add, if ever Facebook should be integrated in to the iOS, to be able to pick which of mine Albums at facebook that my picture shall be put/posted in 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have absolutely nothing against Christian, but is it just me, or all the posts have been written by Christian Zibreg lately?

    Where’s Sebastien? Cody? Oliver?

    • I think Samsung kidnapped them wait no it was Apple, no it was Motorolla, no it was Nokia, ah Hell I really think it was RIM. 🙂

  • ReanimationXP

    Noone’s confused.