There’s been no shortage of iPhone mockups this year. Graphic designers are constantly releasing renderings of what they think Apple’s next smartphone should look like. Heck, we’ve even seen a fair amount of video concepts.

But while a number of these mockups tend to border on fantasy, this new design focuses on realism.‘s creative director Toby Kick brings his vision for the new iPhone to life using only the most feasible of features…

And the result, as you can see, looks pretty good. In line with recent reports, Kick’s new iPhone features a larger, 4-inch Retina display and a slimmer profile. It also has the rumored aluminum backside and 4G LTE compatibility.

Of course, not everything in this concept echoes the consensus of the tech world. For example, notice the extra row of horizontal icons. Recent speculation is settling on the new iPhone having a taller display, not wider.

It’s also worth pointing out the larger status bar at the top of the handset. Admittedly, it looks cool. But it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to add an extra half inch to the iPhone’s display, and then take up a large portion of that with a retooled status bar.

Regardless, in the sea of iPhone concepts with 5-inch 3D holographic displays and 20MP cameras, this one stands out for its attempt at realism. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if Apple’s next smartphone looked like this.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty neet 🙂

    Can’t wait!

    • HomeScreen is a little to messy for me. Love the design of the hardware but software not so much.

  • It is practically the same designed phone except thinner and with bigger screen. We have seen many of these before. This is nothing new.

  • mordechai eliyahu

    cant wait to jailbreak it make it even better

  • Looks like the 4/4s. But their is nothing wrong about that, I still think the 4/4 has the best design as far as smart phones go.s

  • Why don’t we just lay down and die?! Obviously, it will have a different aspect ratio and look much like other 4″ smartphones. Duhh!

  • I really cant wait for iOS 6!

    • I can wait cos I got a 3GS and iPad 1, both of which aren’t going to get the iOS 6 update 🙁

      • It might!!!! you never know with apple!

      • iPhone 3GS will obviously not get iOS 6. The iPad 1 will though.

  • Please no, i want the new small dock connector

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      You want the “new small dock connector”??? Which one? Duh… None of these exist.

      PS: Go buy an android or WP with a micro-usb?

  • I’m thinking the overall design will have a tapered back to look exactly like the New iPad. Maybe a full unibody aluminum like the MacBooks. Now that would be cool!

  • I guess the new iPhone would need a larger body to accommodate the body for bigger batteries due to LTE compatibility. The only thing about this concept is it still looks like the iPhone 4/4S design. I think Apple would do a radical change not just the screen size. 🙂 People are getting sick of the beautiful design of the iPhone 4

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Hmmm, not me… IMO, it’s still the best looking device around… Especially the white one.

      • Anonymous

        I like the black iPhone more than the white one..

  • Its not a new design. Its a tweak of previous design. But whats coming this time like what is heard around looks to surely grab every markets attention

  • So he only ruined the homescreen and kept the same design and wrote a thinner and idk what. I can’t see anything new and cool in this

  • Hope they put a fast processor inside, coz apple needs to unleash a beast to regain top spot in the smartphone world.

  • looks grate…..!

    • i wish i could great some cheese right now

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could listen to more cheesy jokes now.

  • I would get this if it it looked like this.

  • well. the propability on a bigger screen has got pretty high in the last time. but the propability on something shown here is as small as a pea. apple will never change it’s main design. the screen will get bigger the ppi will get higher but the apps on a page will stay 4×4 and the dock will stay 4×1. don’t imagine things that will never happen. you only hurt yourself 😉

  • u_____________________________________________u
    i just got my iphone 4s and the new one is about to be release

    • the 4S has been out since October, its not new.

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t say the 4S was new, he said he just got it..

  • Anonymous

    I like it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t.

  • Anonymous

    OLED screen? Not going to happen.

  • I think I am going to buy it either way, but I like the wider aspect ratio better than the taller iPhone. Although both look nice. But a 4″ Screen will be sweeeeeeeeet either way.

  • How much in Finland? About…

  • hope they will get rid off this home button and will make it touchable

  • It actually would make perfect sense to have the extended status bar. I don’t care what people think, the extra resolution is going to provide an issue at first and that bar would allow the apps to continue running in 960×640 until they can implement the new iOS 6 “full screen app” mode.
    Do I speak from knowledge? Let’s wait and find out, shall we? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      This is why you don’t work for Apple

  • too good to be real

  • yuck…..

  • yuck…..

  • Grant Lawrence

    i dont think that ios 6 is going to be that much different from 5, there isn’t going to be any major game changing things as usual, that just isnt apples style. consumers had to pretty much beg apple for a better notification system and look how long that took

    • Anonymous

      To an extent I agree. I don’t think we’re likely to see anyhting new and surprising, just improvements. But they are likely to be incredible improvements such as maps and siri.

  • I really would like for just once to have these mock ups with a Cydia icon 😉

  • I think apple should stay with the 3.5 inch screen for the phone anything bigger then this will be ackward to use.. If u want a bigger screen buy a iPad!!

  • Anonymous

    They could make it 9:16 and then use the bigger status bar to maintain compatibility with apps for older devices.

  • The mockup is neat, but it looks TOO much like the iPhone 4 and 4S. Hopefully this time we’ll get the restyling we’ve been asking for

  • This is not the new design by far… The iphone 5 it’s going to be so difrent to all past design. Please look. The first Iphone to the last, iphone 4, it’s not tue same design, no way, the new iphone it’s gonna be breathless!

  • I think it’s not a new design but looking quite impressive. Can’t wait to get on my hand 🙂

  • is there a jb tweak to make the status bar like that??

  • Looks sick… but the only problem is that all the concepts NEVER LOOK LIKE THE FINAL IPHONE! I mean look at the concepts for the 4S (At the time they thought it was 5) totally wrong! What apple are going to do is include something to ‘improve’ siri, maybe include the super HD screen from the ipad 3, and finally put in the A5X processor from the ipad 3.

    • oh yeah and add 4G 🙂

    • The PPI of the Screen of the iPhone 4/4S are higher than the new iPad’s…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the new iPhone, sick of my garbage Android phone.

  • rocky tost

    First of all i want that it will stay the same price, if not then i am not buying it and my friends either.
    A 4 or 5 inch is a little too big(i think).
    a 3.75 inch would be really the best(i made a poll and 87% chose it).
    Anyway i will buy it(even if it is now the screen size i like), i only dont want that the price will change because i saved money 3 years only for this(i saved 649 $).


  • Tristan Lucero

    Retina OLED would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please oh please release something in the next few weeks, my 4 is running like crap and my wife has Siri for which I’m really jealous

  • where is the pussy magnet on the phone. he didn’t include the pussy magnet