Finally, all of the speculation can come to an end. Remember that ridiculous ‘wake up’ flash mob that hit an Australian Apple store a few days ago? Of course you do, we’ve been hearing about it nonstop.

Well as it turns out, Macworld was right. RIM was behind the whole thing. How do we know? Well, because the BlackBerry-makers just gave a statement to Macworld Australia confirming it…

“We can confirm that the Australian ‘Wake Up’ campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia. A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians.”

I’m not sure what a company that can’t stop bleeding money or marketshare is doing pulling a stunt like this, but I guess to a certain extent it worked. The story has definitely achieved “viral” status over the past few days.

Anyways, at least now we can put this whole thing behind us.

Feel free to leave any final thoughts on the fiasco below.


  • RIM or Samsung – who cares about who did that? Don’t matter who did that – that was stupid.

    • How do you know if it was stupid if you dont know what the purpose of it was?..

      • What purpose? Let me think… Maybe make your company look like a bunch freaking idiots who will do everything to earn some attention? I guess I’m right.

      • Well, if everybody already thinks that the company is going down because of some freaking idiots, this stunt could do nothing but good.

      • All publicity is good publicity in rims case it will work I know may7th they better have something spectacular!

    • Anonymous

      I think ( Christian Zibreg ) care’s who pulled the stunt , looking at his last 2 post’s on the matter.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, according to him, it was too obvious that Samsung did it. Way to go, Sherlock.

    • Kiel Wallace

      It’s stupidity doesn’t negate responsibility. Samsung is a little prickish, but RIM’s stunt was just obnoxious.

  • I bet everyone thats heard about this campaign is going to look at what the reveal is on may 7th..
    I’d say thats mission accomplished.

  • They’ve just given apple free publicity. Good thinking RIM.

  • Anonymous

    RIM did this? Seriously?? LOL!!! Even more pathetic coming from a company that is the one who really needs to “WAKE UP”

    • You posted your comment 9 hours ago, so I’m guessing you haven’t seen those BB 10 videos. They seem to have woke up.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I had in fact.. but still… I think they are pretty late in the game, but good luck for them and their following.

      • You mean the bb10 videos like wow the exciting camera feature
        You do relieze most smart phone have that already its an old technology

        You need burst shot which the bb phones weren’t capable of Or the processing power and the ability to edit your picture
        (hence the new bb 10 requirement)
        Android and iPhones had this capability for the last 2 years along with the rewind app
        Group shot not only did this for the last 2 years but they have more features like adding and removing people from the scene by using similar and real shots
        Not limited to the faces like the blackberry app

        So wow really the bb 10 features that are 2 years late

        Show us something that bb10 can do that no other phone has done yet
        Flow has been around since windows mobile7

  • Anonymous

    It was ineffective and pointless

  • Who alse feels bad for their sorry asses after seeing the things they do for a little bit of attention?

  • I suppose you guys owe an apology to Samsung, cause your previous post reporting this thoroughly criticized Samsung!

  • How many Blackberry Stores are there? Oh yeah that’s right one….HAHA, brilliant move RIM.

  • Rim???? Protesting in front of an Apple Store???? Telling them to “WAKE UP”???? *I dont want to this planet..anymore.*

  • KewlDewd

    I can’t believe this was ever considered newsworthy.

  • Anonymous

    Hope Christian Z learned his lesson. Smh…

  • all signs were pointing samsung but rim is the one….hahahah……big waste of money, something they dont have the luxury to waste

  • Anonymous

    I hate RIM so much!

  • Wait rim is telling Apple/Apple customers to wake up? Ha take your own advice rim.

  • Funny how Christian Z didn’t post this story

  • Pfff =P

  • Anonymous

    Sore loser (?)