Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones last quarter, nearly doubling the amount of handsets it sold in the same three month period a year ago. But despite its record-breaking performance, the company still conceded its top smartphone vendor title to Samsung.

During the holiday quarter, Apple shipped 37.1 million handsets — the most out of any of the other smartphone manufacturers in the world. And it looked like it was set to do it again this time around, but the Korean handset-maker edged it out…

Selling a staggering 42.2 million smartphones, Samsung reclaimed its spot at the top. And even though its handsets sport a mix of several different operating systems (Windows Phone, Android, etc.) you can’t help but be impressed by the numbers.

To put this in perspective, Nokia came in third place (behind Samsung, Apple) with just 11.9 million smartphones shipped. Remember that this is that the same company that, a year ago, led the pack with 24.2 million units shipped. Yikes.

RIM came in fourth place with 9.7 million smartphones shipped. And HTC continued its skid, coming in last place with just 6.9 million. The sad part is that Apple shipped more smartphones than Nokia, RIM and HTC combined.

But the quarter belongs to Samsung. The June period, however, is anyone’s game. The iPhone is making its way into mainland China — which is home to over 1 billion cell phone users, and Samsung is launching a new flagship handset next month.

[IDC via Cult of Android]

  • you know…for this to truly be a FAIR and honest/balanced comparison then you can’t count ONE phone against a company’s entire range of phones. of course you will beat someone that sells one model when you sell 100 models. how about you take the top of the line samsung phone and compare that to the iphone. then you have a one on one competition. it’s like saying “my basketball team is better than your basketball player.” doesn’t quite make sense does it?

    • The management idea is that you have to satisfy the whole market not only the high end users..
      Not everyone can afford iPhone. Also iOS and Android have upsides and downsides.. Nothing can be perfect. It’s like the human taste, some people prefer something than others..

    • Anonymous

      When the iPhone is on top, everyone braggs about ONE phone beating an entire company’s wide range of phones (Samsung), and it’s all great. When Samsung is on top, however, you use it as an excuse, saying it’s unfair to compare one phone to many? Get real, man.

      • But still, it’s impressive that Only ONE phone outsells the other 100 phones! If samsung battled in same way with it’s own Mobile OS instead of android shit, that would be the real competition! At least that’s what I think… It’s good though that at least Samsung is getting somewhere, cause it means maybe that apple releases the new iPhone much sooner just to be the exquisite king on the mobile market? Only one can dream… ( + for us Apple enthusiast, it would just be better and better 🙂 ithink we would thank Samsung if this really happened haha 😉 )

      • Anonymous

        Yes, thank you. I am tired of hearing excuses. Just because it was in the top, doesnt mean its going to stay there.

    • Anonymous

      Apple is selling more than ONE iPhone currently. They are still making iphone 4’s, not only the 4s’s. And i think they still have some 3gs’s left over as well. Just because they have the same name, doesnt mean its one phone. Also, with apple, you dont have a choice on what to get. With samsung, you do.

      • Andrew Nasiatka

        Sorry, I disagree with all of you up there… So what if Apple sells more than one device? Fine, lets compare 3 or 4 Samsung devices against Apples’ 3-4 devices… Still, the bottom line is: there is only one company that makes and sells devices for Apple(Apple), where Samsung has multiple partners and OS’es that they may sell so it is not a fair comparison no matter how you melt or slice the butter. Also, goofygreek: your comment has nothing to do with the subject at hand. We are not discussing the OS and their validity, but just the factual numbers for which to compare. It is obvious that people do not all share your opinion, but it still has nothing to do with the story discussed here re: you not having a choice on what to get.

      • Anonymous

        What i meant by not having a choice was hardware wise. With apple, you dont get to choose what size phone you want, if you want physical home buttons or not, etc. Also, on the software side, you also dont get a choice between android and windows. So now you can make that comment about me talking about software. 🙂

  • Vishal Ponugoti

    Once the new iPhone’s out we’ll the all see the same page with the names interchanged in the title. LOL

    • Anonymous

      You wish xD

  • Kok Hean

    Not surprising, considering the fact that they are selling 25 different Android smartphones 😛

    • Anonymous

      Not surprising, considering the fact that the SGS2 was the best phone ever up until the last round of releases…

      • Kok Hean

        Everyone knows that Samsung’s phones will always have the best hardware…

  • Anonymous

    People might not agree but I have to ask myself just how successful the iPad for example would be if it wasn’t for the parts Samsung manufacture, I don’t see any other company providing parts to the same high standard.

    • Anonymous

      Well thought, sir.

    • Dan

      True, but they would find someone else I’m sure. Any company is replaceable, even Apple.

      • Anonymous

        Quite possibly but I can’t imagine the iPad staying as is, by that I mean that with a different supplier of major components I don’t see either the quality being as good or the price being what it is. I’d hope it would be the quality we expect and the price we are used to but i’m not confident that those 2 factors would stay as they are if Apple had to source its parts from elsewhere …. Price aside i’m sure they could use somebody else but until it happens I guess we’ll never know lol

  • Anonymous

    Because Samsung has devices across the entire spectrum of screen sizes? I mean, they literally have devices from 2″ to 10″. Not a fair comparison at all.

    • Anonymous

      Having iPhones of all sizes wouldn’t make them any less crappier 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Use your brain and comprehend what I said, if you have one.

      • Anonymous

        You obviously didn’t understand what I was saying… I was pretty much arguing that apple’s failure wasn’t caused by their lack of devices across the entire spectrum of screen sizes but rather by their inability to make a decent device/system and to respect their users.

        Also, back to your point, it is a fair comparison! Nothing is stopping apple from releasing other-sized phones. Their strategy failed (pretty much like everything else they do) whereas samsung’s strategy succeeded.
        Try reinventing the wheel in a square shape and then complain that the comparison between yours and the normal circular wheel is unfair because they have different numbers of sides. Sounds ridiculous ? Well so does your argument.

  • I agree not a fair comparison but to tell you the truth I am an Iphone user since 3 years ago, I had Iphone 2G, 3Gs, 4 and 4S now, always with jailbreak as I love to jailbreak my Iphones
    On the other side I have 1 week with a Tmobile SG2 and sincerely and with all respect to all other Iphone fans, The SG2 for me is much faster, lighter and makes me wonder: WTF I was doing with an Iphone? Now after 1 week when I take my 4S it looks heavy, tiny and not sure if I will buy another one.
    BTW, SG3 is out later this week but would like to see Iphone5 too!

    • Anonymous

      I’m totally with you on your comments man. I’ve always been a huge fan of iPhone line up but until Samsung GSII released on T-Mobile. I wasn’t so sure in the beginning that I would like this phone coming from a 4 years long of iPhone love but this one phone changed everything for me. I absolutely LOVED it and I’m a HUGE fan of ROOTING trying out new roms, etc!!! People there’s better life available WITHOUT iPhone… seriously!!!

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY what I thought. I had a few iPhones for 2 years now, and it always seemed like it was THE best phone ever. But like a month and a half ago when I got a Galaxy SII, I was like “whaaaat?” and literally wondered why I had not got it before. I’m not here to advertise it or to be a fanboy, but I have to say, the S2 is (in my opinion) the best phone ever released to date. Easy as that 😛

      • Anonymous

        Somebody should check these guys’ IP addresses. Maybe I’m just a bit paranoid but I wouldn’t be so surprised if Samsung would hire guys just to comment and praise their phones on iPhone fan sites.

      • Yea….my reaction was exactly the same…..;D

      • Looking at the figures above at the moment it doesn’t look like Samsung need to do that. Plus apple is their biggest customer, apparently. Samsung looks like they’re in a win win position as a company.

      • Anonymous

        And i also wouldnt be surprised if apple hires people to make amazing comments about the iphone. Just because you dont like something, doesnt mean everyone else isnt going to like it.

      • Shree Krishna Shrestha

        It might be the best phone. But to your comment “I was like “Whaaat?” and literally wondered why I had not got it before.” This is simply because Samsung didn’t have the crappy S2 when you were using iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and yes 4. You retard.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, that is, assuming I got each of my iPhones on the exact date they were released, which is NOT the case here. From June 2011 to January 2012, I had two iPhone 3GSs and an iPhone 4, all while the Galaxy S2 had already been released, WHICH IS WHAT I MEANT. And by the way, “retard”? Really? Oh, youth these days.

      • Got some Samsung trolls here folks. Let’s see what happens when Apple becomes it’s own Carrier. Oh an by the way, Android OS is horrible to navigate around.

      • Anonymous

        Well, thats your opinion. I like the way my sgs2 works.

      • Anonymous

        We can start talking when Apple manufactures its own screens, batteries and other components, hotshot. And by the way, “horrible”? Explain yourself in a more mature way and you might even be right.

    • Totally agree. Was using an iPhone 3G for bout two years until i change to a Samsung SII. The first thing you notice is the bigger screen and weight. After looking at my wife’s 4S it looked pretty tiny. If only Apple would make a bigger screen iPhone i’d probably get another iPHone. Dont get me.wrong i love to read about iPHone news to keep up with the latest updates, cos who knows one day i would switch back.

  • I think this is a fair comparison… Who has stopped apple from producing 10 new models at the same time??? If producing a whole series of phones earns greater profits….then so be it

    And no…I am not fandroid…

    • apple isn’t making any money off all those samsung phones…but samsung is making a killing off every single samsung phone and iphone. thats whats really bothering these little fangirls in here

    • Well said young man.

  • Anonymous

    Did Samsung pay to have people posting about love affairs with their phones on websites clearly about Apple devices?

    • Anonymous

      I have been an active visitor of this blog for two and a half years now. During my days as an Apple enthusiast, I think even I was close to admit that, I myself, was an Apple fanboy. But one day I changed my mind, got sick of Apple. So no, the fact that I’m RECOMMENDING another phone of my liking to all the kind readers in this blog doesn’t mean Samsung “hired” me (I am aware of the fact that you don’t mean literally being hired). If you are blind enough to not want to hear a peep about other phones that are not of your preference, then I’m sorry.

  • to BE HONEST..these are really the two BEST phone makers on the Planet. Ya either have an iPhone or a Samsung..PERIOD.

    • true dat

    • Agreed. Either you have an iPhone or Samsung. Blackberry? LoL.

  • Considering Apple only sell one phone compared to the many that Samsung does .. The difference between the two isn’t that great.

    • oh really? apple has stopped selling the 3gs and iphone 4? …idiot

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this forces Apple to ship the next iPhone sooner than later

  • All the people that say “the iPhone is the best!” ask yourself why are people buying Samsung phones ( and not just the high end versions ) over the iPhone and it’s not just Samsung phones they’re buying. Maybe people are getting tired of apple and not being sucked in by their marketing. Maybe know that a phone is a phone at the end of the day. Maybe people want to “Wake up” and want to break free from the “Sheep”.
    Anyway, let’s just wait until the iPhone has made it’s way in china and then start boasting all you want.
    Good luck to all you iPhone lovers, I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully you’ll be able to get on with your lives if apple becomes the top place of smartphone sells.

    • probably because not everyone is the same? probably because people are individuals? there will never be 1 brand/make/model of anything. everyone likes something different. i would say with record sales and the probability of apple becoming the first TRILLION dollar…yes i said TRILLION dollar…company then i would say you really know nothing of what you speak. even less than nothing.

      i’ve owned every iphone since the first one on launch day. i’ve had ipad, ipad 2, new ipad..i have a macbook pro 15 and an imac. i’ve also had a motorola droid and i now have a samsung galaxy tab 7.0. from experience with both android and IOS i will tell you this…IOS is leaps and bounds more stable. it is faster. it does everything when told to do so. on the sgt7….not so much. don’t get me wrong…i like the sgt7. android still has a long way to go b4 it is truly stable. my ipad will ALWAYS kick the shit out of the galaxy tab as well as any other tablet. i will ALWAYS love my apple products more than any other…though i will still have other products as well.

      in the end NEITHER OS is 100% perfect. there are things IOS is missing and things android is missing….but for me IOS is far superior.

      but getting back to your comment….dude you really need to grab your ears and pull your head outta your A**.

      • Anonymous

        May I know why you think iOS is superior than Android? This is by all means for informational purposes.

      • simply my personal experience and opinion. the droid constantly froze, constantly crashed, lagged big time when orientation was switched, the graphics in the apps. it seems to be a little better on the galaxy tab with 4.0 but the orientation lag is still there and apps still freeze. i have never had any of these problems with any iphone or ipad i’ve had. stability alone, from my experience, is reason enough that IOS is superior.

      • Really? Do I “really need to grab my ears and pull my head out my A”
        Look at what you just wrote and then grab your ears and pulls your tongue out of apple’s A.

      • You’ve obviously had a bad android experience. I’ve had many bad iPhone and iTunes experience. Tell me again about how much better iOS is compared to every android.
        My iPhone 4 had to be replaced 3 times within the first month of purchase. Tell me again, twat!

      • my reply above was not to you, dickhead. perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and learn to COMPREHEND WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE READING! then maybe…just maybe…you won’t look like a complete fucktard!

        since you are so anti-apple then why the fuck are you even here? seriously troll go get a fucking life.

      • ah yes and also….were it not for IOS you would have no android. do your homework and see what android was PRIOR to IOS being released. so thank apple for without them you wouldn’t have android.

      • Maybe you should learn how to click on the right people when pressing “reply” then! I replied to your reply you dumb ass cock! I’m not so “anti apple”. I have an iPhone, how is that anti apple? Christ, you’re being so anal. See ya.

      • you are most certainly a dickhead. such an angry little boy.

      • Starting off your conversation towards me with your foul mouth language like a real adult, looks like everyone here is more of an adult than you’ll ever be. That’s if you’ll ever become one.
        I’m not going to even look at this any more cause you’re just a moaning bitch.
        Now FUCK OFF and give it a rest! Christ!

  • 1 iPhone vs several Samsung phones… yeah this is surprising -___-
    And to think Apple was beating everyone by just making one phone a year. The competition should be ashamed of themselves XD
    Btw DonGiuj is an idiot. That’s is all

    • you’re the idiot. that’s all

    • You twat

    • Anonymous

      The competition cannot be ashamed of themselves because:
      A) Competitions doesn’t have feelings.
      B) As competitions are inanimate objects, and not people, the word you’re looking for is “itself”.
      C) You’re an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        Regardless of Anthony’s argument being pretty dumb, that was a pretty cheap shot maurid. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, I know it was. But I just felt like it had to be said 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, I know it was. But I just felt like it had to be said 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You’re prolly right indeed 🙂

  • I like the size of it. But how big is it gonna get. May as well get an iPad or diff tablet. iPhone’s will always be my choice unless something really wrong happens. Who knows what but. Just whatever. Apple till I die.

    • Anonymous

      What if apple dies before you do ?