In a note to investors this morning, Piper Jaffray’s senior Apple analyst Gene Munster said that Qualcomm is facing supply issues with its new 28-nanometer LTE chips. Munster believes that this cements an October launch date for Apple’s next iPhone.

It’s widely believed that the Cupertino company’s next handset will feature the above-mentioned Qualcomm MDM9615 LTE chipset, as it allows for both voice and data connections over LTE networks. It’s also smaller and much more power-efficient…

Yesterday, a report came out of South Korea that Apple would be unveiling its latest smartphone at its WWDC event in June of this year. But both logic and reasoning tell us that the fall is a much more likely candidate for the sixth-generation iPhone launch.

Earlier today we talked about how important Apple’s next smartphone will be for the company, and how it needs to deliver something truly impressive this time around. So at the very least it needs to have LTE technology — meaning the new Qualcomm chips.

And since those won’t be ready in time for a June launch — October it is.


  • I like how youve not called it the iPhone 5 and said the 6th generation ..

    • What’s wrong? They’re both right

      • Nop, iPhone 5 would be wrong. Only if Tim Cook is a total idiot it will be called 5.

      • And you know that, how?

      • I know that and you know that.. It’s the others that are saying ” it carn’t be called the iPhone 5” when it can..

    • I do not understand why it would not be called ‘iPhone 5’ it’s looks like it is going to be a new model is it not?

      • The 4S is the 5… I don’t know why 98% of the people don’t understand that… The next iPhone must be called 6.. Calling the 6th generation the ‘5’ is same as saying iPhone 4G instead of 4.

      • By that logic the 3GS is the iphone 4? :/

      • @Brett vrellas
        I think you wrong there..
        1st iPhone
        2nd. iPhone 3G
        3rd iPhone. 3Gs
        4th. iPhone 4
        5th. iPhone 4s
        6th The next iPhone what ever
        It’s going to be called ..

    • Its the 6th generation iPhone, but (if its a different model) it will be the 4th different model of an iPhone. I don’t think it will be called the iPhone 5, because Apple said they don’t want to be predictable, and everyone is expecting it to be iPhone 5.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps they will do like they did with the new iPad, and simply call it the “New iPhone”.

      • And what will they call the one after that .. More newer iPhone than the new iphone

  • Anonymous

    Still, I hope it will come this june..

  • No iPhone 5 makes total sense. They redesign the phone every two years. It’s still an iPhone so obviously after 4 comes ….

  • Hakan murat

    It has a blackberry disign

  • It’s going to be called… Ready?


  • 1st iPhone
    2nd.iPhone 3G
    3rd iPhone. 3GS
    4th.iPhone 4
    5th.iPhone 4S
    6th iPhone 5
    7th iPhone 5S

    Or its going to be called “iPhone”

  • Maybe it will just be simply called “the new iPhone” ? I mean, even they said, that don’t want to be 2 predictable, whatever that means… But still, I at least, hope it will be called IPhone 5 🙂

  • Would not an iPhone called by any other name not be as sweet.

  • My 2 year contract for my iPhone 4 ends October 14th 😀 YESSSS

    • Dan

      I got a 3 year plan with my phone =(

  • I’ll have to wait for another 1&half year for my next free upgrade. 🙁 first i got 3gs, then 4s and next it will be “new iPhone S “.


    If the next iPhone has a A5X. I am keeping my iPhone 4 no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    No, the iPhone does not need to evolve to epic proportions. The iMac, MacBookAir, and other apple products haven’t changed that much over the years in terms of form factor or new cool features. I mean we get a new port here and a performance boost there… but overall they are still the same product that we know and love but with minor upgrades along the way.

    The iPhone is perfect the way it is. It only needs some fine tuning in terms of hardware:
    1. 1GB RAM
    2. 4G LTE
    3. 720p front facing camera
    4. much much much much much better battery life

    And thats about it. Anything else is just gravy. I don’t understand why everyone was so upset with the iPhone 4S when it was released. It was a great addition, yes we need the 4 mentioned things above, but there is only so much we can do right now and still maintain a reasonable price tag. I think people expect too much.

    The iPhone and iPad have pretty much reached the limit of their growth curves that are restricted by the technological limitations of the PC world at large. In short, the iPad and iPhone have pretty much caught up with the other markets. There really aren’t any new breakthrough technologies that we need to include.