Mobile software development is like a modern-day gold rush of sorts. With apps like Instagram and Draw Something being snatched up for millions (or in Instagram’s case, billions) of dollars, it’s certainly a great time to be a developer.

The problem, however, is that not everyone who wants to get into app-making has the ability — it currently requires a fairly extensive knowledge of complex programming languages. But this app is looking to change all of that…

Engineous Games’ Sketch Nation Studio is a new game creation tool for iOS. It allows you to create your own iOS games within minutes using custom images and animations. And if it’s good enough, Engineous will submit it to the App Store.

Designing a game consists of picking a pre-loaded template (running, jumping, etc) and inserting your own custom images by either drawing them, or uploading them from you photo library. Overall, it’s easy to use and straightforward.

As you might expect, you probably won’t make the next Draw Something using Sketch Nation Studio — it’s far too limited. But for a free app that allows you to make your own iOS games, it’s not a bad start. Download it from the App Store today.

What do you think of Sketch Nation Studio?

[The Verge]

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome news for people who don’t know coding and other stuffs

  • This is horrible.

  • This is horrible.

  • u know what would be better? ios dev on windows

    • If you do any searching there’s a lot of library that support building apps on winxxxx, some even says you can build apps using c#, however there’s nothing to compare than developing on apple ecosystem for iOS

  • If you don’t have a Mac you can use THEOS on your iPhone. Unfortunately you’re limited to using the 3.0 headers

  • Amine Lahlou

    Hummm any update on SketchNation ?