How to officially unlock your AT&T iPhone without losing your untethered jailbreak

By , Apr 16, 2012

The good news came out a week ago that AT&T would finally allow its customers with an off contract iPhone to officially unlock their device for free. In essence, the steps required to get the ball rolling are pretty simple. You just need to place a call to AT&T or hop on a chat with them online.

After collecting some basic information from you, AT&T will take its sweet time (72 hours to 2 weeks) to verify you are indeed illegible for unlocking your iPhone. Upon approval, you will then receive an email with instructions to complete the unlock.

But the caveat is that, if like many people out there you care about your jailbreak, you might not be able to update without losing your untethered jailbreak. This was one of my main concerns at first. I requested the unlock authorization from AT&T for my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1, and even though it is not my primary device, I didn’t want to lose my untether jailbreak.

But unlike the email AT&T sends you upon approval of your iPhone unlock suggests, you do not have to completely restore your iPhone to complete the unlock

How to unlock your iPhone without having to restore or lose your untethered jailbreak:

Step 1: Download the latest version of RedSn0w, available in our downloads section.

Step 2: Plug your iPhone in and follow the steps to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Step 3: Once RedSn0w recognizes your iPhone, select the “Jailbreak” option.

Step 4: On the following screen, make sure to deselect “Install Cydia” and select “Deactivate”.

Step 5: RedSn0w will then work its magic on your iPhone. Your device will have lines of codes running on the screen, which is normal.

Step 6: Wait for your device to reboot and launch iTunes. iTunes will then give you this message telling you that you have successfully unlocked your iPhone.

And you are done!

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to officially unlock your iPhone without losing one byte of data. All your apps, tweaks, contacts, pictures, everything will still be there, just like it was 5 minutes before.

[Thanks @iJoeyAntonini]

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  • Shahrouz Shoghian

    when will Rogers customers have something like this.. or do they already?

    • Ali Javaid3

      they already do if your off contract you can get it unlocked but costs $50

  • TechSavvy

    Good :)

  • Rugiente León

    Cool, Tfs

  • Sean Atashband

    What’s the benefits to unlocking your phone???

  • Tarek

    Any untethered jailbreaks for iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1?

  • venessa williams

    “What’s the benefits to unlocking your phone???”

    are you serious…how about no more gevey to use phone internationally
    no more waiting on ultrasn0w for unlocking, no more preserving baseband when you have to update or restore

  • iDara09

    After receive a message “Congratulations, your iPhone have been unlock.”
    Does this mean it become a factory unlock phone? I mean you will never lose your unlock whatever you do. (update, restore, jailbreak)

    • Burge

      It is unlocked for good.. Even after updates .. Restores …its unlocked for ever

    • KraKsX

      Yes “factory” unlocked

    • iDara09

      Thx for the answers. 😉

  • Ozan Kilic

    make it simple: just take out your sim card and put it back, then connect to the itunes.. voila! (worked on my 2Xiphone 4)

    • Seng Sereyvuth

      but what kind of sim card did you put? about me i put many sim card in here cambodia already and still can’t unlock and get the result of
      so what can i do?

  • Anonymous

    I have a iPhone which I just unlock is it ok to jailbreak it? Will I lose my unlock if I jailbreak it?

  • Brian Gtz

    can someone share his at&t account with me? or check if my iphone is able for unlock? D: cuz i dont have an at&t account and i can’t even register :C please i really need my iphone unlocked,

    • Anonymous

      Call them, I did the same and now I’m unlocked.

  • Raul Bottazzi

    I did all simply installing SAM. De-activated my iPhone 4, inserted my Vodafone sim and got the iTunes’ congrats!

    • Raul Bottazzi

      But once officially unlocked, the strength of signal went down. I get only 1bar, when first I had almost 4. I fixed it installing ultrasn0w. I don’t know why, but it works: now I have full signal!

  • Stu Rosenberg

    Restore it first?

    • Raul Bottazzi

      NO! To avoid restoring, you only deactivate.

  • Kozy Korpesh

    Can someone share his/her at&t account with me? or check if my iPhone is able for unlock? Please I really need my iPhone unlocked.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, here’s some really useful information for folks who still wait for the e-mail from AT&T. You might try to deactivate your iPhone with SAM or redsn0w and check in iTunes for the unlock. I called AT&T on the 10th of April and until now I haven’t received any confirmation regarding my unlock status from them. But today I deactivated my iPhone with SAM, removed ultrasn0w and connected my iPhone. Voila, I got the message in iTunes that my iPhone has been unlocked… 😀

    And I’m not even an AT&T subscriber, I called from Romania and told them that I received my iPhone as a gift from my aunt, told them her phone number, the IMEI of my iPhone and that was enough. I’m pretty excited… 😀

    • Justine Tobi Dayao

      haven’t receive an email too. uhm…oh well. I guess I won’t try this either. just to play safe

  • Randi

    Can you not use an AT&T Phone with Tmobile? I did everything as directed but my iTunes told me my sim card wasn’t supported. Do I just need an AT&T Sim to Activate the phone? Or to use it?

    • Seng Sereyvuth

      me also experience like you, the itune said that the sim card wan’ts support, so what can i do?

  • Anonymous

    How were you able to unlock your iPhone4? It’s not yet two years old?

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone signs a contract 😉

  • Amirali Jivani

    So what act the 4s? I have a iPhone 4s bought out of contract from ebay how do i unlock it? Any help would be really appreciated!

  • Dan Wang

    will it work on the iphone 4S?

    • Amirali Jivani

      i don’t see why not. I mean they took my imei# and sent me an email saying that i have to restore and back up my iPhone in iTunes and if i do that i will loose my JB. So i wana know how do i unlock my 4s and not loose my JB.

      • Dan Wang

        i am sorry, just wanting to tell you all with 4s the said news, this method, will not work, However, i just asked ATT that there is no time limit for the process, so wait for an 5.1 untethered JB, then do the restore.

  • Corey Herman

    Now that I’m unlocked, I want to upgrade but keep it jailbreakable (5.0.1). how would this be accomplished? (iPhone 4, 4.3.3)

    • Dan Wang

      cannot, Apple has stopped signing 5.0.1

  • Lewis Gonzalez

    can i jailbreak in the future without losing the unlock?

    • Dan Wang

      it will be forever unlocked, doesn’t matter what you do.

  • Swordman Jrd

    I never get this message
    _congratulation.your iPhone has been unlocked.
    I just connected to iTunes it Automatically unlock
    It’s that normal ?

  • Keith Hernandez

    do you still need to contact AT&T or do i just go along with the steps?

    • Dan Wang

      still need contact.

  • Chiarm Roxas

    is this only for iphone 4 or iphone 4s too?

    • Dan Wang

      4 only.

  • Elitasaru Terito

    how much does it cost if i have not finish my contruct?
    much does t cost

  • poruk

    waiting 10 days for the email. cant find the case number so i cant track the status :)

  • Jack Wong

    It doesn’t support iPhone 2G…

  • Asees Singh

    Is this possible with 06.15.00 baseband on iphone 3gs that deactivate via redsnow and open itunes..
    plz help??

  • Iwa Stwenty

    I got unlock confirmation from at&t and follow the procedure using redsn0w, it hang in the processing. My iphone4 IOS 4.0.1jailbroken with baseband 01.59.00, no blobs of IOS 4.0.1 in Cydia maintained. Any one can help?

  • Iwa Stwenty

    My iphone4 ios 4.0.1, baseband 01.59.00, jailbroken and got unlock confirmation from at&t, follow procedure using latest redsn0w, after step 4, it hang no response.
    I do not keep IOS 4.0.1 blobs in Cydia. Anyone can help?

  • Iwa Stwenty

    If at&t already confirm approve the unlocking, can I do the unlocking process on the later date and time and still unlocked?

  • John

    After using pangu to unlock my AT&T iphone 4s I still cant use my T-mobile sim card… It keeps telling me it is an invalid sim. How do i unlock my phone so i can put my sim card in it?