Few apps in the App Store can claim to be part of an experiment, but Dream:On can.

Created by self proclaimed “psychologist, author and magician,” Professor Richard Wiseman, the app aims to influence a user’s dreams once they fall asleep, all through the power of sound.

Whether it works or not, well, we’ll just have to see…

The theory is that the iPhone, placed on a bed beside someone before they fall asleep, will sense when they stop moving. Apparently that means that a person is about to enter a dream-like state, at which point they may be susceptible to manipulation.

According to the Professor, the app will then begin playing music which, it is hoped, will induce a particular type of dream. Different music or sounds will apparently cause a different type of dream. At least, that is what we are told.

The app itself is free in order to try and encourage as many people as possible to give it a try, with Wiseman hoping that at least 10,000 people will join his experiment.

If you decide to give Dream:On a go, then be sure to report back and let us know how your dreams turn out. We’ll be waiting to hear whether you’ve been dreaming of leafy woods, or peaceful gardens.

Or maybe you’ll just dream of listening to strange music coming from your iPhone.

[Sky News]

  • I overslept this morning and was late for work for the first time in 7 years!! Apparently 2 iphones and the new iPad wasn’t enough to wake me today! Maybe this is just what I need to catch up on my Z’s!! How ironic! 🙂

  • Lol hopefully I’ll have a dream within a dream within a dream tonigh!!

    • I can provide the sound background 😀

    • dododooddododododoodododdodododo










    • LMAO!!

    • I think you just blew everyone’s mind 😉

  • yum i trys im gona have a dream of me having a never ending supply of kfc chicken

    • Mordechai Eliyahu

      and here starts the Advertisements

      • That would be an interesting marketing technique. Put ads into the music so you wake up wanting something

  • This is a very interesting app. I think I will test it tonight to see if I can have a dream 🙂 As long as I can remember, the last time I had a dream is two months ago.

  • Luke Row

    If Vanilla Sky and Inception had a baby.

  • Anonymous

    so we’re guinea pigs in his social experiment but it requires content to be purchased to fully appreciate the experience? we’re the test subjects, if anything the content should be free or he should be paying us for his data IF he’s going to use any results for financial gain.

    • Anonymous

      IT IS FREE. Jeez

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        The app is free, the magic dream sound are not.

      • Anonymous

        the CORE app with two themes is free, additional ‘sound themes’ ARE NOT. ffs!!

    • It says it’s free

      • Anonymous

        what ‘it says’ and what ‘it is’ are two
        different things. you get two sound themes with the free app BUT there are 10 additional ones that are purchase items, 99c/69p each.

  • Anonymous

    Professor Wiseman….hmmm..