As you all know, we are major proponents of jailbreaking here at iDB. We’ve been telling folks how to do it, and why to do it for nearly 5 years now. We may talk about other news topics, but the jailbreak scene is definitely our bread and butter.

That being said, you can understand our excitement when we came across this video that shows off 100 reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone. It’s entertaining, well put together, and less than 4 minutes long…

If you want to know more about any of the tweaks you just saw in the video, chances are we’ve covered them at some point here on iDB. If you want to learn more about how to jailbreak your device, make sure to visit our dedicated tutorials page.

Why do you jailbreak your iPhone?


  • Really hope Apple see this and perfect a lot of these tweaks into iOS6.

  • Anonymous

    The final scene with the girl in the swimsuit comes off like a cheap and desparate ploy. She could just as well have been fully dressed. Otherwise it’s a great rundown.

    Is there a full list of the tweaks shown in the video somewhere?

    • Too true. Majority of the times, advertisers make videos, pictures that advertise a product with a subliminal image. This is just straight up porno advertisement.

    • Matt Lewis

      I thought it was pretty clever. Think about it, there are mostly males interested in this type of thing. Take the IDB sites comments for example, male after male. Am I wrong?

      • Anonymous

        Sure it’s clever… if all you’re trying to do is perpetuate the stereotype and continue to make jailbreaking only attractive to males.
        Just because there’s a greater prevalence of males adopting a website or tech trend doesn’t mean one should advertise to that gender alone. To do so is short-sighted and small-minded.

        Isn’t the ultimate goal to make jailbreaking accessible to all, regardless of gender, age, race, creed, etc?

      • Sex sells. There’s nothing clever in exploiting that well known fact. If the message is what I thought, I would have put a traditional American family at the end, one line/sentence per family member would have helped broadcast jailbreak much more effectively.

    • I agree. Pretty girl, but she could have kept her shirt on. Really threw me off, because it was such a sophisticated video otherwise.

    • is there a physical list of these jailbreaks??? i learned something from this video. i am a fist time jailbreaker (a 4s). ive been in pretty deep but i didnt kno there was a swype keyboard for ios? jeff does a great job, but i think he missed a couple of jailbreaks. or he needs to go back over the good ones. leave ‘colorclock’ and ‘upsidedown’ for people to just stumble over that crap.

  • KewlDewd

    Of all the poster frames they could have picked for their video they picked the one where they misspelled “to”. Too funny. Or should I say “to funny”.

  • Dan

    A list of those tweaks would of been nice, there are a few that seem interesting but I’m not familiar with them.

  • Anonymous

    So that was a really well done Apple quality video promoting jailbreaking…. right up until, apropos of nothing, there’s a half naked girl (granted a hot one) saying… something. That was just cheap. I would like to know who made the call to take an otherwise well done and fairly sophisticated promotional video and stick a cheap titty thrill on the end of it. Way to help the jailbreak community seem legitimate guys, I’m glad we aren’t coming off as skeevy hackers… Oh, wait…

  • Anonymous

    Why did she take her shirt off at the end. I guess jailbreaking gets her hot.

    • Kok Hean

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll not watch something inappropriate.

      • abhay gulati


      • Kok Hean

        Internet influenced bully.

  • hahah thanks for all the comments guys, we did this as a fun project and i know there are some fak ups but i hope you all enjoyed it

  • People are really complaining about her shirt off? It wasn’t even that bad.

  • The only thing I did not like was it was kinda hard to read when you had like 3 tweaks on the pagek

    By the time i got done with the second sentence it was on to the next frame. I am a fairly fast reader too, but to read that fast, i would have to skim read….Great video tho.

  • I think download torrents and youtube videos should not have been included in this video.
    And this video is too fast.
    Well, that girl is kinda sexy. It would have been better if she showed up without her shirt in the first place.
    The concept of this video gr8 though. They made this video for fun but they did it in a hurry i guess.

    • why should it not be included when it is possible to do so?

      • for the same/similar reason installous wasn’t included. you really didn’t know that answer?

    • actually installous yes i didnt include because its used for piracy

      but downloading legal torrents ? What’s wrong with that ? You know there are a whole bunch of legal torrents out there right ?

      Also Youtube videos is another thing I use to download my personal videos from youtube, since YT limits you to be able to only download 2 per day, this is a great alternative

  • I enjoied the video mostly at the end of it.

    • so basically you are just a pervert like the creators of the video? oh, ok got it.

      • Not a pervert, he just said that he enjoyed the ending the most. He never said that he came here and watched the video just for the woman, right?

      • really you think i’m a perfect cause i used a girl in my video ? So that makes Pepsi, Coke, Nike etc all perverts cause they also use girls in Bikinis in their Ads ?

  • “Why do you jailbreak your iPhone?”
    Because it’s the only thing that’s not making me get an android phone.

  • The iPhone is amazing with just stock iOS but, jailbreaking it makes it even better! iPhone rules!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome video but what is the song?

  • sylvan feghali

    If it wasnt for JAILBREAK , I WOULD not use one damn APPLE PRODUCT and I mean it ,Let the world be Free , Long Live JAILBREAK and The people behind it who done such a great job since the first iphone.On behalf of all jailbreakers in the world I wanna say :

  • Anonymous

    What’s the track in the background. Brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    She should have been completely naked.

  • Please tell what tweak she used to kill all runnin apps??

  • Well, that was a terrible song, but the reasons to jailbreak are compelling. The biggest reason against, though, for me, is that Apple will no longer help you out if your iPhone breaks.

    • Anonymous

      Not true.

      • i think the song fit the theme perfectly, same as what Apple would use in their commercials and they sing the theme of the video .. what else would you want

  • Nice vid

  • Should have had maybe 25 different people and they could have done 4 tweaks each and maybe spent more time on it. with them saying something like “Why do I jailbreak?”, “For the ” and they could have also had Thing still swiping away and done a couple of voice overs as well for the tweaks so they didn’t have to repeat images of the same people saying it. I agree way to fast i never caught the last tweaks in the quick popup messages. Recut – make a special edition version lol and have the lady in nerdy glasses and sexy suit lol that gets the geeks =P

  • if apple included only half of all these tweaks….it win competitors without even having to fight at all…lolz

  • A bit fast agree, but hey show 100 in 4min you can find them all on separate Videos so no need to go into details. Now the girl.. whats wrong with you? Must be Americans.. blood and killing is ok but any naked skin drives you crazy. I only hope she don’t where this over-sized stuff in regular live. If it has to be sexy have a Brazilian girl show her outfit and you will learn sizing.

  • That was an awesome video great advert for wwjc! Whoever produced it gets a thumps up!!

  • Seriously, I don’t understand why people are complaining about the swimsuit.. She looks nice…

    • Agree the girl itself is nice.. are you sure this is a swimsuit lol it looks more like a bra to me. But who knows in some countries they go swimming with all the cloth on and in some others they use the grandma bra stile outfit. Just Google Images “bikini brasileño talinda”

  • OMG someone please reply what is that sbsettings theme i look so clean please help me 🙂

    • Isn’t it just one of the standard themes in sbsettings…settings?

  • And to answer the question from the main post… The reason is; Real freedom starts when you can personalize your phone to your individual style and not having it dictated by entities who might have other plans for you. Like suck your address book or record your locations or… You see thanks to the JB scene this has all been brought to the table otherwise would have been under the carpet.

  • This video was way too busy. I like the concept and hope people make more like it, but for every frame even I couldn’t read the last line of text, and I’m familiar with jailbreaking and a fast reader.

    Slow it down and let the newbies actually see wtf you’re doing next time 🙂

  • ? anyone ?

  • BlurriedNCBackground

  • Anonymous

    Follow that JailbreakMatrix link at the bottom of the article and you’ll see the list of apps and with review videos.

  • Anonymous

    Cuz jailbreaking’s awesome.

  • Haven’t heard any news on the A5 devices 5.1 Jailbreak :(…