Apple is today finding itself on the wrong end of another lawsuit, with iTunes this time feeling the full force of America’s somewhat broken patent system. As is the done thing these days, someone claiming to own a patent that may be infringed upon by a large company is seeking damages for said infringement.

According to a report in Computer World, a man named Benjamin Grobler believes that iTunes, along with Sony’s PlayStation Network, infringes upon a patent he owns which covers a “data vending system.”

This system allows the central hosting of apps, movies or music, with information on what a customer has already purchased already also being part of the system. Sound familiar? Yup, that’s iTunes in the Cloud, then…

The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, asks for a ruling that Apple infringed upon, and continues to infringe upon Grobler’s patent. Unsurprisingly, the patent owner is also asking for damages. Shocker.

The patent in question is No. 6,799,084, for those still playing along with “patent bingo.”

While the patent does appear to describe the kinds of features we have become accustomed to in both iTunes and the PlayStation Network, things are never quite as simple as that where a patent lawsuit is concerned. We’ll just have to wait and see where this one goes, but would you want to go up against both Apple and Sony at once?

We know we wouldn’t.

  • hey guys i want to know about the new ipad jailbreak, i dont know if it is true but they said that musclenerd doesnt want to give the jailbreak, i want to know if this is true, i wouldnt get mad if he doent want but i want to know, tanks.

    (sorry if i my inglish is bad but is not my native language )

    • Anonymous

      He will not release it. If you really want it, maybe beg him on twitter ;P

    • It requires files that you can only get if you pay Apple $99 to get the iOS developer tools. MuscleNerd doesn’t want to release it because it would encourage people to pirate the tools to get the files.


  • Matt Lewis

    This wouldn’t have happened if people would stop getting patents for stupid crap like holding information on what a customer has purchased. Like really?!

  • “The patent in question is No. 6,799,084, for those still playing along with “patent bingo.” ” LOL

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Patenting DATA STORAGE? How stupid can patents get these days?

    • How about slide to unlock.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah… Actually, I can’t tell which one’s worse.

      • Their both equally as stupid. This guy is stupid thinking that he will win. And Apple is stupid for patenting something that should be standard on all phones, slide to unlock. Apple shouldn’t have been awarded that patent and that guy shouldn’t have been awarded that.

  • Jeff Schaefer

    This lawsuit is bullshit. He’s basically describing a server that lets you download digital wares for a premium. So I guess that means this guy can sue every company that sells digital material online….. The patent text is so broad. Like I had the idea for screens that display stuff so now every company that distributes a device that uses a screen should pay me… Nobody should be able to claim ownership of such enormously broad thought or ideas. This guy is just looking for a check. Maybe everyone on the planet should pay out to Al Gore since he thought up the net.

  • Makes sense someone is mad but honestly keeping track of purchases seems to be a pretty standard thing for online services… Amazon, google, eBay etc may need lawsuits for a claim like that. I am no lawyer but seriously come on

  • super duper rridiculous

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Even cydia is susceptible to this patent. This guy is nuts if he thinks that he will win this case the judge will laugh in his face.

  • Everyone coming out of the woodwork after Apple makes bank and is pwned the electronic world. Where was this dumb@ss years ago?