For those of you who are getting your hands on the Verizon LTE iPad today, MacRumors notes a cool trick if you have an AT&T SIM card laying around. According to their findings, the Verizon iPad’s micro-SIM slot can actually be unlocked to use AT&T’s 3G network.

There’s no real hacking required either. All you have to do is pop-out the Verizon LTE micro-SIM card and pop-in the AT&T 3G micro-SIM card. This is a great trick for if you’re in an area with minimum Verizon coverage…

I was one of the first to obtain a Verizon iPad and can happily confirm that this is allowed! I used my ATT iPhone 4S sim card and took out the Verizon sim, and data worked! You must apply the AT&T APN carrier settings before this works though.

The Verizon iPad’s LTE bands are only compatible with AT&T’s 3G bands, and won’t support AT&T’s 4G. This all works thanks to the Verizon iPad’s compatibility with GSM networks for international roaming purposes.

I think the Verizon iPad is the optimal choice. If you’re ever in an area that lacks Verizon coverage, you can just pop-out the AT&T SIM from your iPhone and put it in your iPad with no hassle. Luckily, Apple didn’t put any restrictions.

Which iPad did you go with?

  • Wouldnt it be the other way around. I cant find AT&T Coverage.

  • Kok Hean

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  • I bought an AT&T one. If I put my sim in it from my AT&T 4S, will I acquire unlimited data on my iPad?!

    • J M

      Check it out and let us know! That’d be awesome, I might have to get it then…

  • Anonymous

    i wish that ruim compatible

  • So can i buy an ipad 4g to use it on another carrier outside the us or is it locked like the iphone. ? can anyone answer