Well, that didn’t take long. The new iPad hasn’t even been on sale for a full 12 hours yet, and it’s already been jailbroken. We mentioned yesterday that Apple’s latest tablet might be susceptible to previous jailbreak methods. And it looks like we were right.

MuscleNerd, a trusted member of the Dev Team, just tweeted out pics of his late-generation iPad hacked, and running Cydia 1.1.5. It’s hard to see in the screenshot (above), but the software labels his device as an iPad 3,3, running iOS 5.1…

While this is great news for folks who just picked up Apple’s latest tablet, it certainly doesn’t mean that an iPad (3) jailbreak will be available to the public anytime soon. This is more of a proof of concept hack — meaning yes, it can be done.

Keep in mind that Comex showed off an iPad 2 jailbreak shortly after the slate was released last year, and it still ended up being a couple of months before it was available to the masses. So we’re not getting our hopes up just yet.

But we’ll still take it. Any sign of a jailbreak, is a good sign.

  • I heard this works with All Devices. And Untethered. A5,A4,A5X,Below A4

  • Kok Hean

    This is a record – jailbroken within less than a day!

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  • Only because it’s STILL the A5 chip

    • Kok Hean

      Only bundled together with the quad core graphics?

    • Is not the A5-Chip is A5X. And I know why you said that. A5X Has just a teeny bit of Hardware-Speed-Upgrade Performence and Quad-Core Graphics. + The Bootrom is also NOT the same as its predecessor.

  • Metroview

    Have my manbabies!

  • Anonymous

    This is the best news. Just got the new ipad in the mail

  • This is only because @musclenerd is awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t think it would happen so fast. Have to reconsider buying one now.

  • Can someone explain how it’s just a “show an tell” jailbreak
    Why would it be so hard to replicate on a large scale, if it mean using a CLI tool?
    Yes I understand the packaging part about putting it into a friendly UI but then just leave for a CLI tool if it going to be easier, or am I looking at this wrong?

    • Maybe it’s NOT a CLI – and maybe it’s not ready cause of the tools used. There once was a Jailbreak that took advantage of Apple’s very “own’d” code. Since it was included in a jailbreak utility they actually were subject to some sort of copyright infringement or violated the developers policy or what not. Either way – it’s not as simple as I’ve figured out how to do it and now here it is. They have to make sure it’ll work on every device as well. And maybe it doesnt let you reboot Tethered either, who knows there’s probably more too it – but rest assured we’ll see it soon enough. These guys rock!!

  • maybe Apple just didn’t try this time

  • Anonymous

    Wow…it seems like that the next version of Absinthe will be also compatible with the new iPad 🙂

  • This is an awesome Friday!!

    • Kok Hean

      It’s already Saturday here, and I don’t even own one :/

      • Matt Lewis

        Why do you always have to put people down.

  • We need is 5.1 untethered jailbreak please

  • Great news. But I’m sitting here on my shiny new iPad after using it for a day, it’s easily the most fluid device I have ever used, I’m Comtemplating wether I even want to jailbreak it. If I do there certainly won’t be tweaks, it would be more for apps like iFile etc

  • maybe apple is purposely leaving gaps behind for jailbreakers, in order to make it easier for the devices to be jailbroken. maybe apple has finally realized that a major percentage of people are buying these devices because they CAN be jailbroken and that the amount of money they are making by selling the devices outweighs the money they are losing from people pirating apps…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the jailbreak tool will be name AbsintheX, cause it is A5X chip after all. 🙂

  • Hey we have to take this monument and close our eyes & reflect upon this wonderful day…and shout from the top of lungs.. Thank U! Thank U!.. F( )€king Yea. I saw the pics of iPad 2 JB on 5.1 by @i0n1c (I do not trust him)..sometimes he can be a scumbag. Messing with our heads. I just lost my JB on my iPad 2, something that my son did and iPhoto installed. Just pick up the new iPad last night and this is really really good news that @MuscleNerd was able to show pics of his JB on the new one (less than 12 hours out). The dream team should be able to put something together. Also we have @i0n1c that just pick up the new iPad and hopefully he will be able to do something (I know he will). We have a bunch of very smart guys that will be working on this JB, hopefully it will be for both iPads… So again thank god we have these guys on our side and not on apple.. So all together let’s say “Tag ..Apple you are it”…real quick, I love apple and all the great stuff that they make. But I do not like that I am stuck in that wall garden of devices.

    • Your son update your device to 5.1. Thats why you have iPhoto on….

  • Anonymous

    Great! So, it begins. 😉

  • Anonymous

    That did not take long at all.

  • I’ve untethered the 5.1 on iPhone4. Video coming later.

  • since i updated my ipad 2 running on 5.1…………………
    is there a unteathered jailbreak of it???????????