The long-awaited Sparrow for iPhone has finally begun to make its way onto the iTunes App Store. The $2.99 app is now available on the US store. For those of you unfamiliar, Sparrow for iPhone will for sure be your iPhone mail client of choice.

Sparrow for iPhone features:

  • Full IMAP support
  • Unified Inbox
  • Attachments
  • Up & down your conversations
  • Everything is a swipe away

Sparrow was once only a popular Mac app, but the developers soon teased the iPhone app. Excitement for the app has been building over the past few months, and today it’s actually here.

Sparrow looks to be a great alternative to and Google’s The app features full IMAP support, which allows for Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me, and other IMAP accounts to be hooked up. If you have multiple mailboxes, they can then be combined to display in one unified mailbox. The UI looks great.

As you can see in the screenshots, unlike other mail apps, Sparrow displays the avatars of the people you’re emailing back and forth. There’s also smart contacts, which puts your most frequent contacts on top of the list.

You can purchase Sparrow for iPhone on the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


  • Its on the Australian Store, WOW. Im in Awe, this is a really brilliant app, runs so smoothly, Stock Mail app is about to get thrown in a folder.

    • it looks amazing. Can’t wait for it to hit the US store.

    • Or just use SBSettings to hide the mail icon.

      • Everytime I hide an icon using Sbsettings, some white icons along with the said hidden icon start to appear after a while. I have to respring but it’s really inconvenient 🙁

      • Move the white icons out of the /applications folder and then u can hide stuff

  • Anonymous

    I’d love a video review. A few things about the stock Mail app annoy me but nothing too bad. Sparrow would have to have some really compelling features for me to buy it and put the Mail app in a folder.

  • Metroview

    Fix the price in this article.

    Take note, Google. This is how a mail app is done. Not some half-assed webapp in a wrapper… idiots.

  • Meh, no landscape mode?

  • Wait is there push for the app?

    • Saxon Unrue

      There is no push. If you dig into the settings, at the bottom is a FAQ, and at the bottom of THAT is an unfortunately reasonable explanation of why there is no push notifications. The short version is that they don’t want to store your passwords on their servers and Apple won’t let them use the API they need to periodically check your mail. I’m a bit bummed, honestly, because apart from this its a beautiful app.

  • I love it, except for the fact that it doesn’t have push. I am hoping to find a tweak that will open anything for to sparrow, including notifications and push from that app. Jeff? 😀

  • I’ll give it a try just out of curiosity but the absence of push is almost a dealbreaker for me. The other problem I have is that no 3rd party apps are ever going to be as well integrated into the OS as Apple’s own native apps, which is why I usually stick with those.

  • Anonymous

    No PUSH? WTF?!

  • No push = FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Sleek, but no PUSH, no LANDSCAPE mode and no EXCHANGE – way out of line

  • Sparrow is sexy

  • Anonymous

    Tweak “AnyAttach” doesn’t work with sparrow. 🙁
    Will it be work in the near future update?
    I hope it will. 🙂

  • waleed LA

    How to set up hotmail with this app
    help anyone please?

  • Anonymous

    yeah, no push blows Sparrow out of the water

  • Anonymous

    yeah, no push blows Sparrow out of the water

  • Purchased the app a few minutes ago. Can’t validate a single mail address. Get error that connection can’t be established. Have strong wifi signal and everything else is working. Emailed developer and need to hear back very soon or this will be the first refund I’ve requested. Rarely do I spend $3 on an app.

    • Jeff – you may have your 2 step verification enabled for your gmail and therefore not able to validate…

  • Anonymous

    no push or exchange…at $2.99 i would expect at least exchange….

  • Anonymous

    If I close then re-open Sparrow I receive a communication error and have to re-enter the passwords to my gmail accounts. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Daniel

    Zero iOS integration… ‘nough said.

  • no push no exchange????????????