While on his way to SXSW, famous iPhone hacker Geohot was arrested for Marijuana possession in Sierra Blanca, a small town with a history of arresting famous people for pot possession, including country singer Willie Nelson, and rapper Snoop Dogg.

While at the checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, the Department of Homeland Security had drug dogs that barked at GeoHot’s car, meaning there was something fishy in the car. GeoHot apparently had a quarter of chronic stashed in the glove box, as well as eatables containing less than 1/8 oz of marijuana…

George has a Medical Marijuana license in California, allowing him to legally possess pot in the state, but this license doesn’t extend beyond the borders of California.

GeoHot, who was scheduled to present a talk at SXSW, was turned over to the local town Sheriff and given a citation. He was sent to jail and released on $1,500 bail.


  • Do’h! There goes our New iPad’s jailbreak ๐Ÿ™

  • Vincent Oddo

    That is absolutely ridiculous. He went to jail for a 1/8, and he had a license to have it, even if it was only good in Cali. Why didn’t he just get a possession charge and just go to court like the rest of americans..Not go to jail. Clearly he’s not dealing.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t condone this, but a lot of people are arrested and taken to jail for marijuana possession in this country. This wasn’t really out of the ordinary.

      He’ll still go to court and presumably get a possession charge later. Being taken to jail and paying bail is just an extra annoyance.

    • Because people in this country are getting rich off of putting American citizens in jail for non violent stupid ass crimes. Spending our tax dollars to do it. Marijuana has never killed anyone, but yet Alcohol and Cigarettes but those are perfectly legal too and I can walk my happy ass down to the local corner mart and buy enough alcohol to kill myself. Seriously tho the war on drugs is a failure and most of the arrests are from a 100% natural plant that has never harmed anyone and even tho the government wont tell you, it has medicinal purposes. #NUFFSAID off my soap box.

      • tl;dr nah jk that was good

      • It`s a perfect strategy for them, they get money with drugs, bails, cigarretes and alchohools, also, that last 2 makes tons of ppl die everyday, giving job to CSI like jobs, etc. We pay taxes for the government to use us as an object.
        One day, they will understand, that helping their country and acting beside their people is better for them, for the economy and everyone else in long terms, but all they want is fast money.

  • ๐Ÿ™
    (sad panda)

  • Anonymous

    I love how you named the strain I miss OG Cali Chronic I think it’s been extinct for some years now. By far stronger then any Kush I have had from these dispensaries in Cali.

  • someone jailbreak him.

  • Medical license my ass. Well now his got a conviction he can return to find bootrom exploits for A5 devices.

  • Anonymous

    Just another reason on a massive list, showing the stupidity of drug prohibition. Was he doing anyone any harm? Not at all. Yet people are aloud to go down to the local bar and get shit-faced on alcohol, many of whom get violent or throw up in the street.. I’ll never understand the huge hypocrisy of it. What right should Government’s have to stop people growing a plant that some people choose to smoke for casual enjoyment?

    Sorry for the rant, but when it comes to the “war on drugs” the US government can kiss my Australian arse.

  • im pronouncing๏ปฟ his name adrianozcm 786muhaimin stfu and skater wtf you on boy you got shit in ur mouth go wash it with soap.. go to sleep and never wake up before i lay ur ass like a new born babu

  • hopefully he can exploit jail with limera1n for a tethered jailbreak

  • $1,500 for a Jailbreak!!

    Perhaps someone should put a spliff in the Sim tray of a new iPad and send it to Sierra Blanca.

  • $1,500 for a Jailbreak!!

    Perhaps someone should put a spliff in the Sim tray of a new iPad and send it to Sierra Blanca.

  • people high on pot are annoying. yes he should rot in jail like the rest of you

    • If being annoying is worth rotting in jail for, how are you not already there?

      • where do you think im writing to you from…hold on, my CO is calling for me

    • Your a fucking idiot! You know whats more annoying? STUPID DRUNK people that want to start fights and break shit. Then get into their car and drive around like its “cool” and put innocent peoples lives at risk by drinking and driving and you dont even need a prescription for it, but thats perfectly O.K right? Cuz its legal? GET A FUCKING CLUE @KURT

      • Paul David

        people who drive high because they think it’s cool kill people too…you can’t single one harmful substance to justify the use of another. Fact is both are dangerous, I personally can drink and am able to drive just fine..I just drink in moderation if I plan to drive. Most people don’t know their own limits so they choose to over do it and put other people at risk. I myself don’t judge people for smoking if they can handle themselves while doing it, but the fact is most people can’t handle it and it ruins lives..

      • Marijuana is dangerous? According to who? REEFER MADNESS from the 60s-70s? If your buzzed driving, your DRUNK and you should not be on the road endangering my Family and other innocent people just cause you think “your fine to drive” that DECISION is not yours to make! You dont get to decide whats good for people and whats not. Also there is not 1 documented case of marijuana ever killing anyone, so if you could provide your source, that would be awesome.

      • Imahottguy

        Wow you are such a tool. Pot is harmless? Sure, if you grow it in your backyard for your own use. What about the pot that is smuggled in with all of those other wonderful substances? Have you not read about the cartels in Mexico (and other nations too) that are killing people everyday so that they can grow pot and smuggle it into the US? To say that no one ever gets hurt over Marijuana is about as ignorant as one can get. You < Reality.

      • @vantheman…i see now that potheads are some angry little babies. but on a more serious note, if im against pot smoking by losers like you, wouldn’t i be against drinking and driving? now you is the f-ing idot? haha i win!

  • $1500 for semitethered jailbreak !!!!

  • sn0wbaLL

    fuck the police!!!

  • Must be a bullshit town

  • Anonymous

    he would nw find a jailrom exploit for iPhone stealers…;D

  • Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaddsdddddddd faaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccxccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Geohot is my hero!!!

  • who cares about this? rofl, stupid for such a blog to post such things

    • geohot is one of the iconic hackers of jailbreaking. along with musclenerd, posixninja, and now, pod2g. alot of people care

  • That’s utterly ridiculous for pot a 1500 bond the USA laws on pot are the stupidest on the planet.

  • PIT

    Who cares. Free GeoHot! Free GeoHot! Free GeoHot!

  • Free GeoHot!

  • Anonymous

    wow……..$1,500 bail…………………for an 8th…………………..for a person that even prescribed it……………..Just wow. that sh*** fu*** up……………serioulsy…………….always trying to demise people….for basically nothing. In my town………………If you stole a candy bar from a local gas station…………..It would actually be in the newspaper the next day! Just wow

    • Matt Lewis

      Every single comment you make doesn’t make any sense and is ridiculous. Please, stay off the Internet.

      • Anonymous

        I was only stating how people blow things out of proportion. an also commenting on the stupid bail amount.

      • a little less of the dots, maybe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    slide to unlock

  • You people are really ungreatful. First yall cried because there was not an unlock for your phone and he was responsible for that. Now ya should support him. He hot in trouble…. Big deal we all do. Whatever the reason is. He helped us all now we should returned the favor.

  • I think this kind of news escapes the focus of your blog, it seems more gossip, no one has nothing to do with his personal life.

  • Paul David

    lol…while it does suck for him. he had to know his medical license does not mean jack @#$^ outside the states of california. meaning he knowingly drove out of state with pot in his car and knew there was a possibility he could get busted. I am no fan of the popo’s but I gotta say that he did this to himself..don’t feel bad for the dude

  • Fuck the Five 0!!!

  • Anonymous

    Perry and Texas should leave the union and deal with Mexico on their own.

  • US is SO backward place.

  • US is SO backward place.

  • Jex

    he is unlocked by new Gevey worth $1500

  • Imahottguy

    Transaction ID or it never happened ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jonathan Seals

      haha ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Imahottguy

    Hmm so the next time I need GeoHot’s help in a jailbreak, all it will take is $1500?