GeoHot arrested for Marijuana possession while driving to SXSW

While on his way to SXSW, famous iPhone hacker Geohot was arrested for Marijuana possession in Sierra Blanca, a small town with a history of arresting famous people for pot possession, including country singer Willie Nelson, and rapper Snoop Dogg.

While at the checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, the Department of Homeland Security had drug dogs that barked at GeoHot’s car, meaning there was something fishy in the car. GeoHot apparently had a quarter of chronic stashed in the glove box, as well as eatables containing less than 1/8 oz of marijuana…

George has a Medical Marijuana license in California, allowing him to legally possess pot in the state, but this license doesn’t extend beyond the borders of California.

GeoHot, who was scheduled to present a talk at SXSW, was turned over to the local town Sheriff and given a citation. He was sent to jail and released on $1,500 bail.