When Apple released iOS 5.1 last week, the update didn’t just break the previous jailbreaks. It also broke the software unlock for the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 known as Ultrasn0w.

While this may not be a very big deal to most people, it’s rather inconvenient for folks who need to use their iPhone on multiple networks. Luckily, a temporary fix has surfaced in Cydia known as Ultrasn0w Fixer. And even luckier, we’re going to show you how to install it…

Before we get started, you’ll want to make sure your handset is on one of the following basebands: 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.13.01, 05.12.01, 06.15.00. You can check this by going to Settings > General > About > Modem Firmware.

Your must also make sure that your device is jailbroken and running iOS 5.1 (click here for our tutorial on how to do that).

Now, onto the tutorial:

Step 1. Ultrasn0w Fixer isn’t in a default repo, so you’ll have to add it. To do this, open up Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, and type in the following URL: http://repo.iparelhos.com.

Step 2. Once the repo is done loading, search Cydia for Ultrasn0w Fixer. Locate it and install it like a typical package.

Step 3. After the Fixer is done installing, you need to grab the latest version of Ultrasn0w. This is in a default repo, so all you have to do is search for and install it.

And that’s all there is to it!

Keep in mind that the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 is tethered and a bit unstable. It’s also worth noting that the Dev Team is expected to release an updated version of Ultrasn0w in the near future — so we recommend waiting for that if possible.

Any questions?


  • Metroview

    /inb4 “hurrr does this work with iOS 5.1 with the latest baseband on iPhone 4?”

  • WOuld you happen to have any information on a possible unlock for the iphone 4 on 04.11.08, regardless which software it is on? reaaaally need it :/

    • Bro, I think we are lifted back, no on care about us any more, it was the worst mistake to update to ios 5 at the first time.

  • Anonymous

    KINDA off-topic question: do/should Apple’N’Berry’s Gevey Ultra SIMs only work with USA unofficial carriers? Because it’s not working with my carrier in my country, but I also heard legit-cut MicroSims are needed for it to work.

    • Dude, once my gevey pro shipped directly from applenberry was malfuctioning and they didn`t give my money back, so I needed to stay with my old gevey sim, let me tell you something. It is very hard to get it to work, they tutorials doesn`t work at all, so, i`ll tell you what worked for me.
      1.turn off your iphone
      2. take off your sim tray
      3. turn your iphone on and wait it to boot
      4. make sure autolock is off
      5.make sure your sim is cutted correctly(the golden part of the chip must not be cutted anyway)
      6. Put your geveysim tray along with your gevey and your micro sim(or cutted sim)
      7. Wait until a message opens up and press accept
      8. Wait precisely 15 seconds
      9.open phone app and call 112 and cancel the call right away(it doesn`t need to connect to work)
      10. This is important(if your gevey is the first one, wait until NO SIM shows up then turn airplane on and off right away)
      If your gevey is a pro or ultra you may turn airplane mode on right after calling 112 and wait until no-sim shows up(takes 3 minutes on the max), then turn airplane off and wait for the signal bar to show up
      Done! if it doesn`t work, make sure you are doing it right, keep trying.
      good luck!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but I live in South freaking America and I’d rather lose money than ask for a refund. But really? Shouldn’t the Gevey Ultra (my case) be set up with a SIM Application screen or something (which is exactly what’s not working for me)?

      • Maurid, don’t give up yet. There are lots of fake Geveys out there, but even the fake ones usually can be made to work. Even a genuine Gevey Ultra (I have one) is a challenge to get working and keep working. Google “Gevey Ultra activation” and you’ll get all kinds of suggestions. Eventually, you’ll find the one that works in your case with your SIM on your carrier. Try the dialing (manual) method first, see if you can get that work. Make sure Data Roaming is turned on. It will mysteriously turn itself off, so you have to constantly turn it back on. SB Settings has a Data Roaming Toggle that is very handy for this. Follow the instructions on the Apple’n’Berry site. Tweet me if you’re stumped and I can try to help. My Gevey Ultra was a pain to figure out, but it does work. And so do most of the fake ones, they just don’t activate in exactly the same way. There’s no clean interface, but once it works it works mostly, until Data Roaming mysteriously turns off and you have to reboot, hope it finds it, etc. -Jeremy

  • Just unlockBoot can have unlock solution for 4.11.08 baseband !

    • can you notify us if you got it done, and if so can you post us the patch in another download link, because I think they are scammers. sorry for that

  • What if we don’t have one of those basebands? Mine is 05.16.05. I just jailbroke it though your tutorial (which was very helpful), but now sad that I may not be able to unlock it?

  • Anonymous

    Its 5.13.04 nt .01

  • ic0n1c

    Ultrasn0w for 04.10.01 on the wat?

  • Anonymous

    may i ask unlock our iphone device got what use?

  • Anonymous

    WHY WHY WHY do people buy a locked phone expecting it to be unlocked, maybe, at some point !!

    I’m guessing you guys are American or something because there has been people on here literally crying for months about unlocks and I assume it costs more in the US to unlock from your carrier but In the UK it costs £20 max to unlock an iPhone from your carrier so you guys are either cheap bastards or it costs a lot more in the US etc, I don’t know the answer as i’ve never bought 1 in the US.

    • Kok Hean

      1. They paid for the device together with a contract.
      2. They can’t get official unlocks from their carrier(s), I think.

    • Siddharth Desai

      If you haven’t bought from US. Then shut up.

    • I don’t know about you, but i’ve had an oportunity to buy a iPhone 4S 16GB LOCKED for just 136£, and in my country to unlock it (under two years), is about 250£ …
      If i wanted to buy it factory it was about 740£ … what should i do ? Say NO to the 136£ iPhone ? please ….
      Note – the minimum wage in my country is 406£, and an iPhone is normaly something we just read about it …

    • Jerry McDougald

      because people buy them cheap you ass if you had the same options and didnt
      know what you do you would be asking to

  • cody is there any way to sync all my sources in cydia in my iPad to my iPhone without adding them separately ?

  • Anonymous

    it worked on my old bootrom and on newbootrom (on 3gs ipad baseband )of one of my contacts in twitter
    go to http://adf(dot)ly/6RTPJ for the detailed step by step process
    replace (dot) with .

  • Thanks to fixer pro 5.1 I get my SIM card again, but the 3G/Edge don’t work any more. Have the BB 01.59.00 and try to restart and nothing. Any idea? thanks alot!

  • i have here my iphone 3gs (old bootrom) and i jailbreak it already and i think its unthetered .. then i follow your instruction about unlocking and still it has no service .. my bb was 06.15.00 ..
    what should i do ??

  • Anonymous

    Just bought my first iphone 4 (used and cracked screen) and need to unlock. It has firmware 04.11.08 and version 5.0.1 and is an AT&T phone. Can it be unlocked this way? I call AT&T and the girl put in an order for it to be unlocked. She said I would have to download it through itunes to update the software to unlock. Will this update to 5.1 which looks like no one wants! Will it be able to be jailbroke then????? Need help in Georgia………..Thanks

  • Does this work for iPhone 4 baseband 4.12.01 iOS 5.1???? please help guys!!

  • Edson Guedes

    Because gevey ultrasn0w and does not work in all Baseband

  • jyrki_666

    Funciona para el Iphone 3GS vercion 5.1.1 porque no me aparece :/

  • Fran Stevens

    Hi, I just bought a 3GS in Bangkok.

    They said it was unlocked, but unfortunately, it was jailbroken too, so the first time I plugged it into iTunes, it updated, and now won’t work at all.

    It takes me to a set – up screen on the phone, which never loads. And iTunes says that the phone doesn’t have a SIM card.

    I am pretty sure that iTunes has undone the unlock and the jailbrake. But, now I cannot access the needed info like the IMEI code.

    I don’t know which carrier it is locked to, but having read on the internet a bit, it is likely to be AT&T.

    It was operating IOS 4.1

    Is there anything I can do?

  • Blacksuite666

    Ultrasn0w for 04.12.02 on the what

  • ken chong

    any pls help utrasn0w can unlock simlock with iphone 4 baseband 04.12.01 ios 5.1.1 ?i need help plssss