We’re all excited to get our hands on the new iPad, and with less than a week to go until its release, there really isn’t that long left to wait. In fact, it’s probably time to start queuing for the few iPads that will be available in stores.

It seems someone else has had the same idea, and believe it or not, some people are already in line outside the Regent Street Apple Store in London, England.

Remember, there is still almost a week until release day…

Slashgear reports that two young men going by the name of Ali and Zohaib are already lining outside the popular Regent Street store, in anticipation of limited iPad availability. If past Apple releases are anything to go by, they may well be wise to get in nice and early.

The pair seems well prepared, with folding chairs and plenty of layers in order to stay nice and toasty through the cold London nights.

Large queues for Apple product releases have become something of a regular event ever since the iPhone’s release back in 2007. There is something about getting in line for hours, usually in the cold, waiting to get your hands on something new. Call us mad, but we love it!

So, who’s planning on taking to the streets come Friday morning?

  • thats a little sad..

  • that is pathetic…

  • Anonymous

    I bet they can also get it when they go there on the release day.. They are waisting a week of their life.

    • Anonymous

      And if not will it kill them to wait a week or 2 or 3. My God!!!!

  • the right guy is surely a battlefield 3 fan , which can be easily judged by his spectacles rather than the hood 😛

  • freaks.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly paid to sit there to generate hype like apple has been known to do?

  • if they had the money,could have ordered it omline.just needing attention

  • That is really sad. The iPad line will be big, but most people who lineup will still get one release day, this is 5 days in advance, youd think it would be the iPhone 5 launch and Apple is giving 50% off to the first 10 customers judging by how keen these guys are!

  • Dan

    I don’t get these people, same goes for people who wait in lines days in advance for a movie… can’t you just wait a few weeks like normal people? Do you have so little going on in your life that you would rather waste your time? One week of work can buy you two or even three iPads lol

    • If you want one that bad why not pre-order it? I mean come on if your willing to wait outside of a store for a week for your beloved iPad why not be on Apple’s Online Store refreshing the page like I did until it didn’t say “Be back shortly, we are updating our store” after the Keynote on the 7th of March and have one delivered to your house on the 16th of March….I will probably still be in my PJ’s playing with my new iPad and only have to open my front door to sign for it to get it. MORONS.

  • These people have NO life whatsoever…

  • And that’s why I pre-ordered mine. It has already been shipped and has been confirmed that it will be here by Wednesday, so I might even get it on Tuesday. I’m not even queuing for it and I’ll be getting it before this lot 🙂

    • Good luck with that. Apple has contracts with Carriers like FEDEX and UPS to not deliver the item or release it from their facility until the 16th. Unless you got a hookup, i doubt that will happen.

      Very bottom it says “Future delivery requested” I am pretty sure it means Apple put in the date they want it delivered.
      Shipment Dates

      Ship date

      Mar 10, 2012

      Estimated delivery

      Mar 16, 2012 by 3:00 PM


      Shipment Facts
      Service type
      Standard Overnight

      Shipment Travel History
      Select time zone:

      All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location
      Mar 10, 2012 8:17 AM
      Picked up
      Future delivery requested

      • Anything can happen . My iPhone 4 was delivered a day before it was supposed to be released 🙂

      • That is true, i will not complain and i will eat my foot if I get my iPad before the 16.

      • I’m in the UK, so we’ll soon see what happens. Also I sincerely hope it’s not sat somewhere in Tennessee seen as though I’m a good few thousand miles away…

  • jfbweatherman-youtube

    Hey it’s called the internet.

  • Michael Mcgriff

    REALLY !

  • The Side effects on technology>>>

  • faaa no shower for 4 days and they wonder why they don’t have a gf xD

    • ipad3 will get chicks…definitely.

  • Iam joining them very soon the 3rd gen ipad is goner fly off the selfs major upgrades @jeff do you know theses guys twitter handles please

  • They have no life 🙁

  • 2 foolish boys

  • you gotta be kidding…

  • They have also been catheterized so they won’t need to use “the facilities.”

  • ahahahahahahaha they both look like speds hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    he stole my name im angwy

  • DJ

    what happens if they need to go to toilet, you cant rejoin a queue in same place once left it and cannot save a place for other people in a queue. do u just pee against the apple store? lovely!