When Apple announced iPhoto for iOS at the press event for the new iPad, the company chose not to make the app compatible for the first generation device, leaving many customers out in the cold.

It is of course true that many original iPad owners may be looking to upgrade this year, but for those are still happy with their two-year-old devices, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with a relatively simple little hack allowing iPhoto to be installed on their devices. As is always the case though, there is a downside to proceedings.

For those that just want to forge ahead regardless, here’s what you’ll need to do…

  1. First off, download iPhoto for iOS through iTunes on your computer. You’ll need the file there later, and you obviously cannot download it directly to the iPad.
  2. You’ll also need to download Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility too, which is free. Install it, you’ll be using it shortly.
  3. Next, plug your iPad into the computer and sync it with iTunes. Once everything is finished, keep the iPad connected and fire up the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  4. Select the “Applications” section in the left hand pane and then click “Add” in the top bar. This will allow us to add the iPhoto app that you downloaded earlier. Find the app, and add it. If you’re a Mac user, then it will be in “Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications.”
  5. Now, choose your iPad – again, in the left hand pane – then select the “Applications” tab.
  6. Finally, scroll through your apps until you find iPhoto, and then click “Install.” Once done, you’ll find iPhoto on your first generation iPad.

Now to the downside. From here on in, syncing your iPad using the traditional iTunes method will remove iPhoto because it is technically unsupported. Whether that is an issue for you depends on how you use your devices, and whether iPhoto is a must-have app for you or not.

Of course, the other option is to take this opportunity to upgrade to a new iPad. Go on, you know you want to!

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  • Anonymous

    A lot of hassle for nothing imo, there are some fantastic image editing apps already out there to not warrant this but each to their own I guess.

  • What a waste of a read that was! Please put the ‘now for the downside’ sentence at the beginning of the article please as I will never get those 3 minutes of reading back! Stupid article to be honest!

    • Anonymous

      While the point you make is a completely valid contribution that would in fact improve the article, the way you put it makes me want to smack you.

      • I don’t expect that would be a manly smack more like a limp wristed girlie one

    • How often do you connect your iPad to your pc to make it remove the app anyways?

      I find myself connecting my devices about once a month unless a new update with a jailbreak is available. I think this is a great tutorial for those who it applies to. THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    Edit: misclick

  • Even though have many other photo editing apps on my iPad, I wanted to try iPhoto for myself. This work around worked fine. Thanks for posting this!

  • Theres an easier way to do this. If you’re jailbroken.
    In ifile add
    To the K48AP.plist in /System/Library/Coreservices/Springboard.app

    Respring an you can download it from the app store or whatever. No downside, no bugs, runs perfectly.

    • Anonymous

      Where in that file do you add that? Do you just add it to the end? Also, would this work if on 5.0.1? Or would this only work if on 5.1, since iPhoto says it needs iOS 5.1?

      • Anywhere between




        The capabilities of the device are listed alphabetically, put front-facing camera where it belongs.

        I did this on my first generation iPad on 5.1. Haven’t tried it on 5.0.1, jeff from idb says it crashes like mad.

  • not work in Windows Vista, but Mac worked correctly .. thank you very much Jeff, Greetings .. (google translate)

  • I love this site…. I really do. These are things that no other site has.

  • Does it work on iPod touch??

  • Arafat

    How now iPad 1st updeat? Pls

  • Arafat