A couple weeks ago, Rovio teased us with this video for Angry Birds Space, the new addition to their Angry Birds franchise that is coming soon to iOS, and other platforms.

In a new video published today, we get to see NASA astronaut Don Pettit announcing Angry Birds Space, straight from the International Space Station, some 240 miles above our heads. He explains the physics behind the game, but also gives us a sneak peak at the gameplay…

I’m glad to see that they spiced up the gameplay a little bit, which might make the game interesting again for me.

Angry Birds Space will be available on March 22nd for iOS, Mac, PC, and Android.

  • Anonymous

    Looks ok

  • whoa – nice upgrade!

  • It changed my mind!
    When they announced it I said that I was tired of angry birds but after this video… I want it

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait. I wasn’t going to purchase this. But I guess I am

  • Jex

    They know to milk out of franchises.

  • His voice is agonizing.

  • looks more like “SUPER ANGRY BIRDS GALAXY” for the WII!!!!