iPad HD, iPad 3. Those were a couple names the tech world speculated about before today’s announcement. All of them were wrong as we quickly realized when Tim Cook unveiled “the new iPad” earlier today.

But why is the new iPad simply called iPad? Couldn’t they call it the iPad 3 as good common sense suggested?

According to the WSJ, when asked about why such as simple name, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller answered “because we don’t want to be predictable.”

Fair enough, but something tells me there is more to it than just not wanting to be predictable.

Have you ever noticed how Apple names its new iMacs, MacBook Airs or iPod touch every year?

2009’s iMac was called “iMac” and 2011’s iMac is still called “iMac”. Likewise, the MacBook Air has been called “MacBook Air” ever since it was launched a few years ago. Same with the iPod touch. A few refreshes and notable upgrades haven’t changed anything to the simplistic naming convention.

So why did Apple drop the suffix for the iPad?

For a long time, Apple has made it clear that it doesn’t care about specifications. RAM, GB, GHz, and other MHz don’t mean much to Apple, and the company always tries to subliminally convey the idea that it shouldn’t matter to you either. After all, all you want from your computer is that it just works.

Now it seems that Apple doesn’t want you to care about what generation of device you have too. You don’t have an iPad 3, you have an iPad. You won’t have an iPhone 5, you will have an iPhone. We’re at a point where the appellation should not mean anything anymore. Apple wants to save you the headache of figuring out if your iPad is newer than your neighbor’s. It wants to keep it simple for you because you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Remember, your iPad just works.

Dropping the suffix is also a way to create a branding consistency and homogeneity among Apple’s product line. I believe this consistency and homogeneity is also the reason why we’ve seen an iOSification – or whatever you want to call it – of OSX lately.

Back to the basics with simple and non-confusing names. Hate it or love it, it might be here to stay.

  • iLOVE the simplicity… great idea… most igeeks know what type of idevice they have anyway

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      What are you going to do next year? Or the next?

      Are you going to say iPad 2012? On what way is it different than saying iPad 3?

      • Sorry, I love apple, but this is ridiculous! Be unpredictable by other means, not by making searchs and references to the product harder and more confusing, it`s just so.. imatture, it`s like when a kid doesn`t want to sit on the same chair on the classroom to be unpredictable to the teacher instead of taking a rlly high grade, they are just trying to get it the easy way, wich is not gOing to work, next time apple, stop fucki** up what steve jobs have done, and do something really unexpected, like a new stunning ipad feature that we didn`t expect, forgetting the way apple names their inventions is the same as forgetting about you roots, about all steve has learnt and left for you, I have allways feeled that tim cook was about to fuck apple up just for trying to change it too much.. I miss steve, and I allways will, there`s no one like him .

  • Anonymous

    I understand it but at the same time having a suffix makes shopping for accessories online and google searches for topics about your device easier

    • Very true… I hate for example having to figure out that I have the late 2011 macbook pro and not the early 2010 which the accessory fits on. I guess if they from now on keep all the outer specs the same, then this would work, but then again, it becomes kinda boring and soon outdated. So when I pre-ordered the iPad today it said (3rd Generation), and I guess that’s what we will have to add and they need to keep it up till iPad 15th Generation 😉

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Definitely… No matter how Apple call them on their marketing slides, this is the iPad 3 🙂

  • Vitaliy T

    its going to be funny at stores, when customer will be like” But the iPad 2 is faster than this iPad , right?) lol

    • customer: ipad 2 is released after ipad so i ll buy that only you sales executive dnt kno anything, selling me an older device for $100 more…pathetic you are…roflll

  • I bet you I know what the next iPhone is going to be called…(hint iPhone).

  • I think its better, differentiates them from the competition, Apple is showing they support ONE product, it doesn’t change dramatically, and they enforced this during the keynote ( we have taken the iPad you all know and love using and made it better)

    They don’t do long name like samsung, they don’t release hundreds of products, they have a line of products that they focus on, they don’t release a totally new product every year either. Apple is trying to show that when you by and iPad you are getting an upgrade to the same product, this doesn’t happen with any other competitor.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Actually, Apple still supports at least 2 products for the same purpose…

      So, ground zero!

      Btw, right because they don’t release hundreds of products, trying to get rid of numbers or stuff is meaningless… They don’t have 50 different iPads every year…

  • Amazing article.. Well written. I love apple and it’s simplicity

  • MrE

    While I agree with what you wrote for the most part. I think this is a bad idea for Apple. Part of the iDevice craze/demand comes from people wanting to have the latest and greatest iDevice. I think that is one of the major reasons iDevices are in such high demand. By making everyone feel like their iDevices are all equal, a major part of the appeal and demand is lost. Haven’t you ever heard why the Xbox 360 is called the ‘Xbox 360’? It is because Microsoft knew Sony was coming out with the Playstation 3 and their research showed that people would think an ‘Xbox 2’ would be behind the PS3. So to trick the mind of the consumer, they came up with a way for you to think ‘3’ and came up with ‘Xbox 360’.

    • Idb is just mad cuz they desperately want to call it iPad 3 lol!!!

      And that they were wrong with the name prediction apple did pull a fast one I think it’s genius of them secretly we will call it Ipad 3 though ok just between us Igeeks!

      • OMG, you’re spot on! I’m so mad Apple didn’t call it “iPad 3” it will probably keep me up all night.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        OMG OMG OMG ! LOL

  • And yet we will still call it iPad 3 when someone ask which one we have

    • Yea :p

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Definitely 🙂

      Why otherwise would I pay 500+ bucks while I have the iPad 2 🙂

      • Because you either got to much money, or you are an igeek

  • I think It has to do with standardized features. Now the iPad has a retina display and macs soon to follow apple is essentially saying “this is the standard for apple devices from here on in” so essentially it’s it starting from scratch in terms of naming conventions. The dropping of “Mac” in the OSX moniker and, as stated by Sam, the next iPhone will be the same. Once all their devices have the standard “apple features” (retina display, Siri, sensors, gps etc) the minor bumps in processor speed and storage mean little to the end user.

    • They will loose all the upgraders then.
      You dnt buy a new mcbook if its processor’s speed is increased by .5ghz but you buy a 4s/3gs because it has the latest tag…4 was old 4s is new…
      Get my point..??…

      • I understand your point but there were definite core feature updates between iPhone 3G/3GS (Video and voice control etc) and iPhone 4/4S (Siri and the 8MP camera etc).

      • let’s leave siri, wud you have upgraded if 4s was call iPhone nd d only change was the camera nd d A5..??…i wouldn’t…and this is coming from a true apple fan…:|..

  • iLove that iAm an iFanBoy

  • So people if they need to refer to their ipad as a certin modle they just say ipad 3rd gen or somthin. Same with new iphone

  • Lol shame at all the iBlogs as they were WAY OFF

  • well said.^^

  • So… when’s the new iPhone come out. I want LTE on my phone.

  • So A5X is still dual core 1ghz wid the quadcore gpu, or itz quadcore on a whole..!!…

  • And i really dnt kno y people are disappointed, what did they expect from the ipad….??…
    Sd card , physical keyboard.??..yea ryt…:p

  • well if you go into an apple store and request an iPad they will always give you the latest…now if you want it cheaper, you know you go somewhere else to buy it. and it may be the ipad 1,2 or 3 but since the retail prices never change. i see why they no longer named the ipad a number or brand

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      What if I want to buy the previous model? Apple Stores still sell them, right?

  • I dont think calling it the iPad was what Steve Jobs would have wanted…..just sayin he was more clever than that.

  • Apple’s simplicity simply amazing …

  • It’s bull. Call it ipad 3 and get it over with, I mean every time there’s going to be n new ios release there going to say that it is compatible with ipad, ipad 2 and ipad. What the hell?????

    • rapid rapi

      >>there going to say that it is compatible with ipad, ipad 2 and ipad.

      iPad, iPad 2 and new iPad

      • compatible with iPad, iPad2, new iPad, newer iPad, newest iPad, newester iPad…lolz

      • Emre SÜMENGEN


      • Cloudi Windi


  • The higher the number, the dumber it sounds. Could you imagine an iPhone 10? Lol

  • Anonymous

    This is how it should have been from the beginning. Plus it has more “Swag”

  • Anonymous

    If they hadn’t dropped the suffix, iPad 9 and iPhone 14S would sound so odd.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      There’s a loooooooooooong time, until they reach 9, or 14… So

  • Anonymous

    In a way Tim Cook is putting his stamp on it. New iPad, new Apple.

    The whole keynote was pretty underwhelming to be honest.

  • I think they goes to mac series. Like iMac. Thats it. You say, “iMac 27”. Thats enuff.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Actually, that’s not enough…

      Checking for compatibility, you’d say Macbook 8,1 or iMac 5,2 etc… So..

  • Well, in the future when they decide to drop support for the older hardware, they will still need to mention iPad 2012 or iPad mid 2013 and so on…

  • I was thinking the same thing as this post. Back when iPods came out, an iPod was an iPod, not iPod 1 and iPod 2 and so on.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Back in the day they had iPod (first Gen) and iPod (2nd Gen)…

      So, how was that different from having iPad 1/2/3?

      • Yeah but they didn’t advertise it as such. The new iPad is called iPad 3rd gen but its not advertised that way. That’s what I meant.


    I doubt it’s easier to have only an “iPad’ next year…
    Just another move from Apple that they see fit, but not really for the common sense or customers.

    I’d agree, only if it was the 10th iteration, ie. iPad 10 seems meaningless. (Just like Samsung tablets)

  • I agree with Apple’s philosophy. The terms used for android are totally stupid. Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread Man, etc.

  • I agree with Apple’s philosophy. The terms used for android are totally stupid. Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread Man, etc.

  • The motors industry already use this system for years.. You don’t have an Audi A4 10 or 11 .. You have an Audi A4 ..! The diference is that you know in what year it was made…

  • I own a iPhone 4S, and I agree Apple vs Android OS & hardware Apple wins hands down. Apple is ripping us off. Apple gives us baby updates & baby hardware upgrades. They not really new upgrades, new Apple iTv now 1080p wow really that’s all. iPad3 or iPad new Retina display updated camera WOW really thats it. Where the MEMORY CARD reader or USB DRIVE. Siri should be on every iDevice the hardware shows it can handle it. Apple is purposely limiting Siri which is OVER HYPE by the way to the iPhone 4S to boost sales really. That’s so wrong & a slap in the face to all iOS or even MAC USERS. Apple still has great products compare most of the competition out there. Problem is Apple products cost way to much money to offer us so little.

    • What you have to realise is that apple make products that just work, they never claim to be cutting edge, they are almost always a year behind everyone else tech-wise. Why risk introducing new technology that hasnt been thoroughly tested
      Same goes for the yearly “upgrades” of their stuff, the average user just wants to be able to plug into iTunes and go, not spend the day downloading drivers and having headaches with compatibility…
      I agree that they over charge massively but that’s the cost of quality products.

      • I do realize that Apple loves to keeps things simple and they products to work amazingly I might add. But there practices show different. People know that Siri can and should be on all iDevices and even Macs but Apple is purposely limited it to iPhone4S. Siri was a App, now it’s a feature only for iPhone 4S. It’s those reason Apple not there product disappoints me. If I had to pay full price for a iPhone 4S I would have never got it. Lucky there are 2yr contracts to help reduce price. If the price for the cheapest Mac Book was around 800 I would can definitely consider buying one. My point is Apple products in most cases are way over price for what they offer. If you want Apple software so bad hack your PC and buy the software and run it that way cheap win win. But no most people just love that look over the software. Let’s all go to Star Bucks and do some Lame Ass work and pretend to look important. They 1500 for a Mac Book but have no Internet in there house come on. It’s like showing off a new car, then you realize the person that owns it only least it. I own a iPhone 4S and I’m a PC

  • iDevices or even Mac Books should be looked at like upgrades and not really new products. Slightly better product hardware in most cases Retina display aside with no real software update. Siri should be on every iDevice and Mac Books period. It’s only an integrated software tweak that Apple limits to the iPhone 4S. People forget Siri used to be an Free iOS App. Evi App was about to be taking down because Apple say it’s to Siri like, again this is software NOT HARDWARE. Think about that while Apple takes your money. I used to own the following iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and now iPhone 4S. I sold each one the get AN UPGRADED NEW iPhone. I own a iPhone4S and I’m a PC…

  • Anonymous

    bleh..i’ll just call it the iPad 2S…