As always prior to a huge event like this, Apple has taken their online store offline in order to update it with new products.

While Apple has not come forth and said what they will be unveiling today (and they never do), the iPad refresh is in the cards along with an updated Apple TV.

No one’s 100% sure what the arrangements will be when the store comes back online, but various reports state that the Apple TV will be available for immediate purchase

As for the iPad 3, Apple could employ their first come first serve tactics, or perhaps take a different approach, we’ll just have to wait and see.

If the Apple TV is immediately available for $99 as expected, will you buy one immediately? What about the iPad 3? What are you plans in that regard?

  • All Eyes on Japan Website….maybe it happens like last time 😀

  • JeanMarc Hanemann

    Is up and running

  • Siri servers are down too! xD

    • Kok Hean

      No, they’re not!

  • If Apple calls it the iPad HD, I’m going PC

  • Paul Flahan

    I’m planning on getting both the ATV and iPad (?). I have the OG iPad that is Jailbroken now and have been waiting for the ATV to get 1080p before I would buy one.

    If Apple comes out with a new smart cover, do you recommend getting it? What is your experience with yours Jeff?

    • I never purchased a Smart Cover, so I can’t say.