As announced earlier today, you can now pre-order your iPad directly from Apple for delivery on March 16th.

The iPad 3 comes in several flavors. Black, white, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, Wi-Fi or LTE. Fortunately for your wallet, prices remain similar to what they’ve been for the last two years…

The entry level model will cost you $499, while a 64GB LTE model will set you back $829.

Go to Apple to pre-order your iPad 3 today. The site might is probably getting slammed with traffic, so don’t be surprise if it is slow or unresponsive.

Are you going to pre-order or will you wait in line? What model are you going to get?

  • pre-order. 64 wifi.

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  • Yan Kar

    i think i will wait for windows 8 tablet.
    Screen is amazing for ipad 3 but everything else will be ok for the next 4-6 month till software will take advantage

  • lolx i love their main title RESOLUTIONARY,,,

  • Preorders are going now?

  • Store still updating

  • It’s not the iPad 3 Tim cook never said that he simply called it the “new iPad”

  • I have no idea what to call this lol.

    There has been no definate name, iPad 2S, iPad 3, iPad HD, iPad Resolutionary haha

    Either way looks like a brilliant upgrade, depending on what your using it for, for me, allt he improvements are very welcome, really looking forward to playing around with that Retina display.

    For anyone that is curious, Apple has updated their ‘Australian’ site, and has listed 4G as a feature, so it is almost confirmed that it will support Telstra’s blazing fast 4G network here. No idea on pricing yet though other then that it starts at $539, correct me if im wrong, but has it ever been that cheap here? My first ipad was $700+