Popular service Readability has finally launched its app on the App Store. Readability is a great looking web app that allows you to save web items for reading more comfortably at a later time. The new Readability app is available for both iPhone and iPad.

The app makes any webpage look more uniform and clean looking. There’s the ability to make the text bigger, share items with your friends, and more…

Upon first creating an account you’re encouraged to download the browser extension on your desktop that will allow you to mark items to read later. Readability will then sync the items to its web app, iOS app, and other compatible applications. Every item is formatted to make easier to read.

There are competitors to Readability, like Instapaper and Read it Later, but in my opinion don’t do as good of job as Readability. To me, Readability has a lot more intuitive UI and integrates in more places. You can also find Readability support in Reeder for iOS and Mac, Pulse, and more.

While the iOS app is free, you can pay a $5 a month subscription. 70% of the subscription will go to help the publishers of the content you read monthly, while 30% will go to the Readability staff.

Check out Readability’s universal iOS app on the App Store for free.

[Cult of Mac]

  • emal bazger

    well, it’s suitable for my grandpa.

  • I love it’s integration with Tweetbot.

  • I love the fact I can save something from chrome then read it on the bus on the way to work… so simple yet effective. perfect.

  • I use read it later pro all the time and have a huge list of reading; is readability somehow better than read it later?