A Retina display seems almost confirmed to be featured on the iPad 3, as more rumors and pictures have popped up over the past few weeks. A Retina display on the iPad 3 will be of astonishing quality. Just look at your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S screen’s quality, and then picture it on the iPad. Just wow.

The guys over at Pixels on Toast have already started getting their upcoming game Food Run ready for the 2048×1536 resolution. In doing so, they have showed us what a game running on that high quality of screen looks like. And it looks amazing…

We’re not used to seeing so many pixels on such a large screen, and it should be like the iPhone 4(S)’s screen — where you can’t even see the pixels.

So when will we officially know if the iPad 3 will feature a Retina display or not? Apple is set to unveil the iPad 3 at an event in San Francisco, California March 7th. The iPad 3 is rumored to pack a Retina display, larger battery, upgraded cameras, LTE, and quad-core processor. There are also rumors that the iPad 3 will not feature a home button, but some have deemed the notion just silly.

A tablet with such a high quality display will be groundbreaking. Let’s just hope developers are quick to get their games and apps up to Retina quality.

What do you think of a tablet with such a high-quality display?


  • were games actually that pixelated on the 3gs? :/

    • The iphone 3g/3gs had a 163ppi count, the ipad 2 has 132, so looking at it from a screen with higher resolution (ie. iphone 3g game on iphone 4) it appears more pixelated then it did on the 3g screen.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Use a 3GS after using an iPhone 4 for a while… it’s depressing.

  • It allows for HD Angry Birds HD

  • Dan

    well I guess it’s an improvement if you like playing with a magnifying glass… If not, games never appear that blurry.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever used an iPhone 4/s? There is a massive difference when graphics are updated to support the display. Games that aren’t are immediately obvious.

      • Dan

        well yeah, but when I play games on my iPad 2, it doesn’t appear pixelated at all, that’s what I meant

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you need glasses! 😉 My iPad 2’s screen has always looked chunky and soft. Its only 1024×768! Compare that to 960×640 pixels on the iPhone 4’s 3.5″ screen and you realise just how low 1024×768 on a 10″ screen is. The iPad2 has a very soft picture, jagged edges (aliasing from not enough pixels) and a very visible pixel structure.

        iPad 1 & 2 – 786,432 pixels
        iPad 3 – 3,145,728 pixels

        Just a slight difference in pixel count! (exactly 4x as many to be exact)

        The iPad 3’s retina display will be instantly visible as a major improvement. Even if people don’t know WHY it looks so good they will still be wowed by it.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t you need a retina display to see how clear it is? Cause it looks clear enough on my iPad 2 right now

    • You need a display with more ppi than the picture in the article, like a desktop monitor

      • Anonymous

        Or iPhone 4/s. Looks dandy on mine but then again I’m already used to that pixel density (better even). It’ll be mind blowing on a screen 10 inches though.

    • They should have used a text based example. Reading articles on a 3Gs to 4 was night and day. And I still fin myself going back to the iPhone for web forum reading, or anything text heavy. It’s so much crisper.

  • Anonymous

    2048×1536 @ 9.7″ = 263 PPI, not 300 PPI minimum as Steve said a Retina Display would have, when held 10~12″ from your eye.

    iPhone 4/4S display is 326 PPI

    • Anonymous

      It’s calculated based on how far you would typically hold the device from you. You don’t hold an iPad 10~12″ from your face do you?

  • you know what tho, judging by the photo for the event. (finger touching the calendar app… ) I think the screen looks to be smoother than my current iPad 2, especially the text, so I’m guessing retina or similar HD screen is a definite yes and I love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely need more RAM, more powered GPU, and new CPU to handle full HD resolution than the usual iPad2

    • I agree. We saw what an underpowered processor/ram/GPU does to frame rate when used in conjunction with an HD screen on the Nexus One? I think it was the Nexus One. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • When can I pre-order!?! (we will know next Wednesday!)

    • After having my 4S my 1st Gen iPad’s screen is pathetic.

  • Well the display is nice but on the game side this means that to have a nice retina gfx in a game you will have to use 2-4x more memory depending what type texture it is so memory has to be doubled on the device too or we wont see these improved gfx in full. Also this will bloat universal app sizes even more for since you need to include the graphic sets three times to support SD, HD and this super HD type displays.

  • Anonymous

    Yep I can confirm that. Switched from the 3gs to the 4s and gave the 3gs to my girlfriend…And if I play with the 3gs now it just feels like a cheap china mockup.

    • I agree, I pulled my 3GS out after a couple weeks of using my i4S and I was like “how did I ever put up with this crap?!” There is no comparison between the 2.