Most of you are probably familiar with the InvisibleSHIELD by Zagg. I’ve done several reviews of these products in the past, and while I don’t like putting screen protectors on my iPhones, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the InvisibleSHIELD for iPad (read my review for more details).

I do not put screen protectors or use cases on my iPhones. It’s a matter of principle to me. If Apple went out of its way to design such a beautiful product, I see it is my duty to never alter the look and feel of the product in any way. You can call me crazy, that’s fine.

This being said, my wife is the complete opposite. Not only she doesn’t care much about the look and feel of her iPhone, but she badly needs a screen protector at all time because she’s kinda careless about her stuff – you would not believe what can happen inside her purse!

So when the folks at Zagg sent me an InvisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone 4/4S for review, I decided to use it on my wife’s iPhone as she’d be able to tell better than me how well it performs…

The InvisibleSHIELD HD is the newest addition to Zagg’s family of screen protectors. According to Zagg’s description:

The invisibleSHIELD HD Maximum Coverage is the perfect marriage of protection and clarity. The application can be more challenging, but our Nano-Memory Technology™ – exclusive to the authentic invisibleSHIELD – lets us squeeze the most possible coverage onto a device and still let it function properly. HD Maximum coverage includes our patented, award-winning invisibleSHIELD® and our exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin, and virtually indestructible HD Screen Coverage. Enjoy premium features like Advanced Clarity and a Glass-Like Surface to accentuate the sharp images and vibrant colors in the newest advanced gadget displays.

If you’ve used an InvisibleSHIELD before and experienced the orange peel texture, the InvisibleSHIELD HD should fix that.

Some background

As I mentioned above, my wife doesn’t take great care of her iPhone. She just throws it in her purse when going somewhere, without caring if there are keys or other unknown objects in there that could damage it. To her defense, she uses a pretty solid case – the OtterBox Defender – and she already has an InvisibleSHIELD front cover on her iPhone.

However, this InvisibleSHIELD was over a year old and this poor screen protector wouldn’t have looked any worse if it had gone through the Vietnam war. So when I told her I had a new screen protector for her to try out, she was pretty excited.


If you’ve installed an InvisibleSHIELD before, you’ll likely remember the installation process is fairly simple and quick.

First you have to clean up your iPhone, which I did using one of our iDB custom micro fiber cloths. Then make sure your hands are clean, and spray them with the watery solution that comes with your InvisibleSHIELD package.

Peel out the screen protector from paper backing, spray it with the solution, and apply it to your device. The water based solution is great because if you don’t get the screen protector applied correctly, you can always rearrange it until you got it perfectly set up.

Once it’s in place, just get rid of the excess water using the tool provided, and try to let your iPhone sit for a few hours so it can start curing. Zagg suggests you don’t use your iPhone for 24 hours, but realistically, who can go 24 hours without using his iPhone? Certainly not my wife, whom as soon as it was installed, grabbed her iPhone, stuck it into her purse, and went on with her day.


When I asked my wife a couple days later after installing the screen protector what she thought about it, she said it was literally night and day. The orange peel effect she had been experiencing from the beginning on her previous screen protector was nowhere to be found with the InvisibleSHIELD HD.

She also claims that the screen looks crispier and more responsive to her. Just like that, I became her hero for the day for setting her up with a new screen protector.

The InvisibleSHIELD HD comes in two flavors. The HD Maximum Coverage will protect the front, back, and the sides. It will set you back $29.99. The other option, the one I used on my wife’s iPhone, is the HD Case Friendly Screen Coverage. It has a slightly smaller size allowing for great protection when using a case that wraps over the screen a little bit such as the Bumper, making sure the case doesn’t peel the sides of the screen protector out.

If that’s something you’d be interested in, you can buy the InvisibleSHIELD HD from Zagg’s website. Make sure to enter coupon code iDB20 to get 20% off your order at check out.

  • Jimmy Wade

    A little pricey but great! I’ve used zagg since they came out and they have done a wonderful job protecting my gadgets.When I got my 4s I got the HD. IT IS THE BOMB!!! The display is just as beautiful with as without. I keep my phone in my pants pocket. Three months still looks brand new. Changed my mind.Price is GOOD.

  • Anonymous

    This screen protector was one of the worst I have ever bought and it was so hard to put on as it’s all soft and sticky. I returned mine right away and got the money back. Would recommend PowerSupport anydays.

    Also, is this article a big advertisment for Zagg?

    • Anonymous

      Are you mad?? These aren’t remotely sticky when you’ve sprayed it with solution and they go on easier than any other screen protector .. You are obviously at fault if it didn’t work for you because I applied and re-applied sevaral times using the solution and it went on simply and perfectly every single time.

    • I think you didn’t read the instructions correctly. The spray thing makes the screen protector wet, non sticky and very easy to set up and re-apply in case you mess it up, as explained in this review.

      And no, Zagg didn’t pay us for this. I thought it was clear that they gave me an InvisibleSHIELD HD, but it doesn’t affect the outcome on the review in any way, as stated in our Disclosure page

    • Gio

      same here. found cheap screen protectors on ebay much more useful. when applying zag and squeegeeing moisture out, big chance that you damage your home button by getting water in there.

  • One thing I appreciated from this kind of products it must not being seeing from any angle. In that matters, clear look crystal clear makes a great job. You can’t even see it is there even looking for it. Is really great. I don’t know about this one do the same from any angle.

  • SetMeStraight OrAmIRight

    did you say your wife uses a zagg underneath the otterbox defender? I just tried that a couple nights ago and it’s a terrible idea. the front screen protector sticks onto the otterbox inside and makes the visibility terrible.

    • You’re making me doubt. She has an OtterBox case but there is no plastic screen with it. That might be the OtterBox Commuter then.

      • SetMeStraight OrAmIRight

        indeed the commuter series won’t have the built-in screen protector as it is only a 2 piece and the defender is a three piece that does.


      • Blake Quinlan

        The built-in screen protector on my OtterBox Defender for 3GS kinda sucked, so on a friend’s recommendation, I punched the OtterBox screen protector out and used my anti-glare one in its place. I use a MagPul Field Case for casual/everyday use, but I use the OtterBox for deployments and it works great.

  • My little secret, I just buy cheap 1 to 6 cent screen protectors off of eBay. I like them SO much better than the Zagg one I had. Zagg makes your screen all grippy and you lose the smoothness and high quality feel of the glass.
    The cheap screen protectors not only keep it smooth because they are a film of hard plastic, but they keep the clarity of the screen.
    Oh, and you could buy over 1,000 of them for the same price as one Zagg!

    • Ernesto Carrillo

      Yea and about a week later u have a piece of crap screen protector. And to top it off, perfectness has to be included in instalation. If u get the tiniest lint or trash underneath it, you just lost a $0.01 screen protector. So make the math… 1 protector x 52 weeks = $0.52. Now add time and frustrateness = $ more than what u pay for a zagg! Zagg all the way. Good job sebastian.

    • Anonymous

      i liked using your ebay option too, until i accidentally dropped my phone while taking a photo from around 10 inches off the shelving area. it landed face down, screen protector did jack sh1t, i now have a 4mm long scratch on the screen. i wouldn’t ever recommend the cheap option to anyone again, you might as well not have one on there.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes you are bats**t crazy. That is why we like you. Naked iPhones are just not an option for us 99%. You 1%ers, don’t have to get your hands dirty. 🙂

  • I still prefer powersupport for my iphones and ipad =)

  • I’m the same as you Sebastien, don’t use any cases or screen protectors. I used to use a rubber InCase on my old 3GS, I took it off after about a year and there were marks on the metal trim that wouldn’t rub off. Never again. lol

  • Anonymous

    I hate the feeling of a screen protector!

    • Anonymous

      agree, Apple spend millions of $ on developing a technology which then gets compromised by the end user slapping on a 30 buck sheet of plastic. if Apple wanted that there, they’d have developed one themselves that didn’t compromise the interface…

      … or they should just use more resilient and robust glass 😛

  • used invisible shield on older devices b4…highly NOT recommended to use…..fades to yellow, and will peel off gradually, leaving ugly, sticky marks on the phone itself….which will attract dirt to stick to phone as well……..caveat emptor.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought this a few days back and thought it was interesting when I saw a review. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like “normal” screen protectors as this one is virtually “invisible” (No pun intended). And yes, it does feel like actual glass!

  • Adam Balali

    There’s an alternative company called Wrapsol that is selling a screen protector similar to the invisibleShield and the installation of it is much more simpler

    • I dunno, they tell me I have dirt trapped under it, I did everything right on previous installs it went fine, now I have bubbles remaining and almost dirt or debris trapped on adhesive side. I just installed this almost 22 hours ago. Is there anything I can do to remove it, clean it and re-apply it? I have almost half the bottle of original solution provided still. I was thinking good scotch tape might take off dirt, then re-wet it and apply it, but would I loose adhesivness or would I be able to keep the stickiness if I dont clean the iphone screen? *puzzled* please email responses to

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  • RDTY