The iPad is the world’s best selling tablet by a land-slide, selling a record 15.43 million units during Apple’s holiday quarter. Selling for $500 a pop, and more pricier for better versions, Apple racks in serious cash from their iPad sales.

According to a new study called “Tablet Adoptions and Insight Report” conducted by NDP, it found that on average iPad owners are older and richer than those who own tablets made by other manufacturers…

The study stated that “more than 40 percent of iPad owners have a household income of $100 thousand or more compared to 26 percent of non-iPad owners.” Of course, it is widely known that Android tablets are much cheaper than Apple’s iPad. The Kindle Fire for example, which sold about 6 million units in 5 months, is priced at only $200.

However, the study says as tablets become more mainstream, NDP’s findings are likely to change over time. As 2011 came to a close, the study found that “tablet buyers were 50 percent more likely to have an income under $45 thousand and 33 percent more likely to be under 34 years of age.”

With Apple’s iPad being priced at an expensive $500, Android tablets have been more compelling to those who don’t make as much money. But, as many of us can attest, the iPad is of greater quality.

Haven’t Apple’s products always been known to be used by the upper-class? But, that certainly seems to have changed in recent years.


  • I make my butlers surf the web on my iPad for me.

  • As much as I like the iPad, I must say this is a useless study to conduct.

  • Anonymous

    For your information, class has nothing to do with money !!

  • I think even the political poeple and thoose with higher status also prefer Ipad´s instead of android tablets, even the Russian president has an Ipad… I mean, quality is quality, Apple has proven that and the rest is just speaking for itself 🙂

    • Anonymous

      “even the Russian president has an Ipad” .. he had it given, it isn’t like he woke up and thought “hmmm, I needs me a new tablet, i’m gonna go get an iPad because me knows quality when me sees it”

  • Anonymous

    I hate making up statistics but if you live in a working family say 3+ people your almost guaranteed to be making over 100k/year no?

  • Anonymous

    Funny that this came up. I was in class an almost everyone in it has either a MacBook air or an iPad. Age range is from 22-30. And not rich people but from low to medium I would say. Highly educated? Yes.